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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. KDM3 epigenetically controls tumorigenic potentials of human colorectal cancer stem cells through Wnt/β-catenin signalling.
    Li J; Yu B; Deng P; Cheng Y; Yu Y; Kevork K; Ramadoss S; Ding X; Li X; Wang CY
    Nat Commun; 2017 Apr; 8():15146. PubMed ID: 28440295
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  • 2. IOX1 Suppresses Wnt Target Gene Transcription and Colorectal Cancer Tumorigenesis through Inhibition of KDM3 Histone Demethylases.
    Hoyle RG; Wang H; Cen Y; Zhang Y; Li J
    Mol Cancer Ther; 2021 Jan; 20(1):191-202. PubMed ID: 33203729
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  • 3. The epigenetic regulator Mll1 is required for Wnt-driven intestinal tumorigenesis and cancer stemness.
    Grinat J; Heuberger J; Vidal RO; Goveas N; Kosel F; Berenguer-Llergo A; Kranz A; Wulf-Goldenberg A; Behrens D; Melcher B; Sauer S; Vieth M; Batlle E; Stewart AF; Birchmeier W
    Nat Commun; 2020 Dec; 11(1):6422. PubMed ID: 33349639
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  • 4. Histone Demethylase JMJD2D Interacts With β-Catenin to Induce Transcription and Activate Colorectal Cancer Cell Proliferation and Tumor Growth in Mice.
    Peng K; Kou L; Yu L; Bai C; Li M; Mo P; Li W; Yu C
    Gastroenterology; 2019 Mar; 156(4):1112-1126. PubMed ID: 30472235
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  • 5. JARID1B promotes colorectal cancer proliferation and Wnt/β-catenin signaling via decreasing CDX2 level.
    Huang D; Xiao F; Hao H; Hua F; Luo Z; Huang Z; Li Q; Chen S; Cheng X; Zhang X; Fang W; Hu X; Liu F
    Cell Commun Signal; 2020 Oct; 18(1):169. PubMed ID: 33109187
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  • 6. SMYD3 controls a Wnt-responsive epigenetic switch for ASCL2 activation and cancer stem cell maintenance.
    Wang T; Wu H; Liu S; Lei Z; Qin Z; Wen L; Liu K; Wang X; Guo Y; Liu Q; Liu L; Wang J; Lin L; Mao C; Zhu X; Xiao H; Bian X; Chen D; Xu C; Wang B
    Cancer Lett; 2018 Aug; 430():11-24. PubMed ID: 29746925
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  • 7. Histone demethylase JMJD1A promotes colorectal cancer growth and metastasis by enhancing Wnt/β-catenin signaling.
    Peng K; Su G; Ji J; Yang X; Miao M; Mo P; Li M; Xu J; Li W; Yu C
    J Biol Chem; 2018 Jul; 293(27):10606-10619. PubMed ID: 29802196
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  • 8. JMJD2C promotes colorectal cancer metastasis via regulating histone methylation of MALAT1 promoter and enhancing β-catenin signaling pathway.
    Wu X; Li R; Song Q; Zhang C; Jia R; Han Z; Zhou L; Sui H; Liu X; Zhu H; Yang L; Wang Y; Ji Q; Li Q
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2019 Oct; 38(1):435. PubMed ID: 31665047
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  • 9. Wnt-Induced Stabilization of KDM4C Is Required for Wnt/β-Catenin Target Gene Expression and Glioblastoma Tumorigenesis.
    Chen Y; Fang R; Yue C; Chang G; Li P; Guo Q; Wang J; Zhou A; Zhang S; Fuller GN; Shi X; Huang S
    Cancer Res; 2020 Mar; 80(5):1049-1063. PubMed ID: 31888886
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  • 10. TRIB3 Interacts With β-Catenin and TCF4 to Increase Stem Cell Features of Colorectal Cancer Stem Cells and Tumorigenesis.
    Hua F; Shang S; Yang YW; Zhang HZ; Xu TL; Yu JJ; Zhou DD; Cui B; Li K; Lv XX; Zhang XW; Liu SS; Yu JM; Wang F; Zhang C; Huang B; Hu ZW
    Gastroenterology; 2019 Feb; 156(3):708-721.e15. PubMed ID: 30365932
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  • 11. Wnt/β-catenin signalling induces MLL to create epigenetic changes in salivary gland tumours.
    Wend P; Fang L; Zhu Q; Schipper JH; Loddenkemper C; Kosel F; Brinkmann V; Eckert K; Hindersin S; Holland JD; Lehr S; Kahn M; Ziebold U; Birchmeier W
    EMBO J; 2013 Jul; 32(14):1977-89. PubMed ID: 23736260
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  • 12. Enterotoxigenic
    Liu QQ; Li CM; Fu LN; Wang HL; Tan J; Wang YQ; Sun DF; Gao QY; Chen YX; Fang JY
    Gut Microbes; 2020 Nov; 12(1):1788900. PubMed ID: 32684087
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  • 13. Harnessing stemness and PD-L1 expression by AT-rich interaction domain-containing protein 3B in colorectal cancer.
    Liao TT; Lin CC; Jiang JK; Yang SH; Teng HW; Yang MH
    Theranostics; 2020; 10(14):6095-6112. PubMed ID: 32483441
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  • 14. hSETD1A regulates Wnt target genes and controls tumor growth of colorectal cancer cells.
    Salz T; Li G; Kaye F; Zhou L; Qiu Y; Huang S
    Cancer Res; 2014 Feb; 74(3):775-86. PubMed ID: 24247718
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  • 15. PCGF1 promotes epigenetic activation of stemness markers and colorectal cancer stem cell enrichment.
    Ji G; Zhou W; Du J; Zhou J; Wu D; Zhao M; Yang L; Hao A
    Cell Death Dis; 2021 Jun; 12(7):633. PubMed ID: 34148069
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  • 16. The H3K4-Methyl Epigenome Regulates Leukemia Stem Cell Oncogenic Potential.
    Wong SH; Goode DL; Iwasaki M; Wei MC; Kuo HP; Zhu L; Schneidawind D; Duque-Afonso J; Weng Z; Cleary ML
    Cancer Cell; 2015 Aug; 28(2):198-209. PubMed ID: 26190263
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  • 17. Epigenetic demethylation of sFRPs, with emphasis on sFRP4 activation, leading to Wnt signalling suppression and histone modifications in breast, prostate, and ovary cancer stem cells.
    Deshmukh A; Arfuso F; Newsholme P; Dharmarajan A
    Int J Biochem Cell Biol; 2019 Apr; 109():23-32. PubMed ID: 30710752
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  • 18. Tankyrase Inhibitors Target Colorectal Cancer Stem Cells via AXIN-Dependent Downregulation of c-KIT Tyrosine Kinase.
    Jang MK; Mashima T; Seimiya H
    Mol Cancer Ther; 2020 Mar; 19(3):765-776. PubMed ID: 31907221
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  • 19. miR-942 promotes cancer stem cell-like traits in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma through activation of Wnt/β-catenin signalling pathway.
    Ge C; Wu S; Wang W; Liu Z; Zhang J; Wang Z; Li R; Zhang Z; Li Z; Dong S; Wang Y; Xue Y; Yang J; Tan Q; Wang Z; Song X
    Oncotarget; 2015 May; 6(13):10964-77. PubMed ID: 25844602
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  • 20. Glioblastoma initiating cells are sensitive to histone demethylase inhibition due to epigenetic deregulation.
    Mallm JP; Windisch P; Biran A; Gal Z; Schumacher S; Glass R; Herold-Mende C; Meshorer E; Barbus M; Rippe K
    Int J Cancer; 2020 Mar; 146(5):1281-1292. PubMed ID: 31456217
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