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  • 1. Relationships of MMP-9, E-cadherin, and VEGF expression with clinicopathological features and response to chemosensitivity in gastric cancer.
    Gao H; Lan X; Li S; Xue Y
    Tumour Biol; 2017 May; 39(5):1010428317698368. PubMed ID: 28459196
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  • 2. Treatment with low-dose interferon-alpha restores the balance between matrix metalloproteinase-9 and E-cadherin expression in human transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder.
    Slaton JW; Karashima T; Perrotte P; Inoue K; Kim SJ; Izawa J; Kedar D; McConkey DJ; Millikan R; Sweeney P; Yoshikawa C; Shuin T; Dinney CP
    Clin Cancer Res; 2001 Sep; 7(9):2840-53. PubMed ID: 11555602
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  • 3. Expression of vascular endothelial growth factor, matrix metalloproteinase-9 and E-cadherin in the process of lymph node metastasis in oesophageal cancer.
    Sato F; Shimada Y; Watanabe G; Uchida S; Makino T; Imamura M
    Br J Cancer; 1999 Jul; 80(9):1366-72. PubMed ID: 10424737
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  • 4. Expression of matrix metalloproteinase-9 mRNA and vascular endothelial growth factor protein in gastric carcinoma and its relationship to its pathological features and prognosis.
    Yang Q; Ye ZY; Zhang JX; Tao HQ; Li SG; Zhao ZS
    Anat Rec (Hoboken); 2010 Dec; 293(12):2012-9. PubMed ID: 21089052
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  • 5. MMP-2 together with MMP-9 overexpression correlated with lymph node metastasis and poor prognosis in early gastric carcinoma.
    Yao Z; Yuan T; Wang H; Yao S; Zhao Y; Liu Y; Jin S; Chu J; Xu Y; Zhou W; Yang S; Liu Y
    Tumour Biol; 2017 Jun; 39(6):1010428317700411. PubMed ID: 28621235
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  • 6. [Expressions of TGIF, MMP9 and VEGF proteins and their clinicopathological relationship in gastric cancer].
    Hu ZL; Wen JF; Shen M; Liu Y
    Zhong Nan Da Xue Xue Bao Yi Xue Ban; 2006 Feb; 31(1):70-4. PubMed ID: 16562680
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  • 7. [Expressions of receptor-binding cancer antigen expressed on SiSo cells, vascular endothelial growth factor, and matrix metalloproteinase-9 in cervical carcinoma and correlation thereof with the invasion and metastasis of the cancerous tissues].
    Liu R; Pu DM; Cheng YX; Yin L
    Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi; 2007 May; 87(19):1326-9. PubMed ID: 17727777
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  • 8. SPARC expression is negatively correlated with clinicopathological factors of gastric cancer and inhibits malignancy of gastric cancer cells.
    Zhang J; Wang P; Zhu J; Wang W; Yin J; Zhang C; Chen Z; Sun L; Wan Y; Wang X; Chen G; Liu Y
    Oncol Rep; 2014 May; 31(5):2312-20. PubMed ID: 24676680
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  • 9. Overexpression of Bmi-1 contributes to the invasion and metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma by increasing the expression of matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)‑2, MMP-9 and vascular endothelial growth factor via the PTEN/PI3K/Akt pathway.
    Li X; Yang Z; Song W; Zhou L; Li Q; Tao K; Zhou J; Wang X; Zheng Z; You N; Dou K; Li H
    Int J Oncol; 2013 Sep; 43(3):793-802. PubMed ID: 23807724
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  • 10. Association between the expression of T-cadherin and vascular endothelial growth factor and the prognosis of patients with gastric cancer.
    Wei B; Shi H; Lu X; Shi A; Cheng Y; Dong L
    Mol Med Rep; 2015 Aug; 12(2):2075-81. PubMed ID: 25847144
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  • 11. Relationships between clinical behavior of laryngeal squamous cell carcinomas and expression of VEGF, MMP-9 and E-cadherin.
    Akdeniz O; Akduman D; Haksever M; Ozkarakas H; Müezzinoglu B
    Asian Pac J Cancer Prev; 2013; 14(9):5301-10. PubMed ID: 24175817
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  • 12. Expression analysis and clinical significance of eIF4E, VEGF-C, E-cadherin and MMP-2 in colorectal adenocarcinoma.
    Gao M; Zhang X; Li D; He P; Tian W; Zeng B
    Oncotarget; 2016 Dec; 7(51):85502-85514. PubMed ID: 27907907
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  • 13. Imbalance between expression of matrix metalloproteinase-9 and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1 in invasiveness and metastasis of human gastric carcinoma.
    Zhang S; Li L; Lin JY; Lin H
    World J Gastroenterol; 2003 May; 9(5):899-904. PubMed ID: 12717827
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  • 14. Clinicopathological significance of E-cadherin, VEGF, and MMPs in gastric cancer.
    Zhou Y; Li G; Wu J; Zhang Z; Wu Z; Fan P; Hao T; Zhang X; Li M; Zhang F; Li Q; Lu B; Qiao L
    Tumour Biol; 2010 Dec; 31(6):549-58. PubMed ID: 20563765
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  • 15. Expression of E-cadherin, beta-catenin, CD44s and CD44v6 in gastric adenocarcinoma: relationship with lymph node metastasis.
    Joo M; Lee HK; Kang YK
    Anticancer Res; 2003; 23(2B):1581-8. PubMed ID: 12820426
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  • 16. [Relationship between bFGF mRNA and MMP-9 mRNA expression in gastric carcinoma and their clinicopathological features as well as patients survival].
    Zhao ZS; Yao GY; Ru GQ; Ma J; Ruan J
    Zhonghua Wai Ke Za Zhi; 2005 Feb; 43(3):169-72. PubMed ID: 15842896
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  • 17. Significance of MMP-9 and VEGF-C expression in North Indian women with breast cancer diagnosis.
    Thammineni KL; Thakur GK; Kaur N; Banerjee BD
    Mol Cell Biochem; 2019 Jul; 457(1-2):93-103. PubMed ID: 30993496
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  • 18. The prognostic value of angiogenesis and metastasis-related genes for progression of transitional cell carcinoma of the renal pelvis and ureter.
    Inoue K; Kamada M; Slaton JW; Fukata S; Yoshikawa C; Tamboli P; Dinney CP; Shuin T
    Clin Cancer Res; 2002 Jun; 8(6):1863-70. PubMed ID: 12060629
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  • 19. The expression of CXCR4 and its relationship with matrix metalloproteinase-9/vascular endothelial growth factor in esophageal squamous cell cancer.
    Lu CL; Ji Y; Ge D; Guo J; Ding JY
    Dis Esophagus; 2011 May; 24(4):283-90. PubMed ID: 21087342
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  • 20. Clinicopathological correlation of keratinocyte growth factor and matrix metalloproteinase-9 expression in human gastric cancer.
    Zhang Q; Wang P; Shao M; Chen SW; Xu ZF; Xu F; Yang ZY; Liu BY; Gu QL; Zhang WJ; Li Y
    Tumori; 2015; 101(5):566-71. PubMed ID: 26350198
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