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  • 1. Inflammatory stress promotes the development of obesity-related chronic kidney disease via CD36 in mice.
    Yang P; Xiao Y; Luo X; Zhao Y; Zhao L; Wang Y; Wu T; Wei L; Chen Y
    J Lipid Res; 2017 Jul; 58(7):1417-1427. PubMed ID: 28536108
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  • 2. Palmitate aggravates proteinuria-induced cell death and inflammation via CD36-inflammasome axis in the proximal tubular cells of obese mice.
    Li LC; Yang JL; Lee WC; Chen JB; Lee CT; Wang PW; Vaghese Z; Chen WY
    Am J Physiol Renal Physiol; 2018 Dec; 315(6):F1720-F1731. PubMed ID: 30230367
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  • 3. Inhibitory Antibodies against PCSK9 Reduce Surface CD36 and Mitigate Diet-Induced Renal Lipotoxicity.
    Byun JH; Lebeau PF; Platko K; Carlisle RE; Faiyaz M; Chen J; MacDonald ME; Makda Y; Yousof T; Lynn EG; Dickhout JG; Krepinsky JC; Weaver F; Igdoura SA; Seidah NG; Austin RC
    Kidney360; 2022 Aug; 3(8):1394-1410. PubMed ID: 36176646
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  • 4. CD36 in chronic kidney disease: novel insights and therapeutic opportunities.
    Yang X; Okamura DM; Lu X; Chen Y; Moorhead J; Varghese Z; Ruan XZ
    Nat Rev Nephrol; 2017 Dec; 13(12):769-781. PubMed ID: 28919632
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  • 5. Obesity induces preadipocyte CD36 expression promoting inflammation via the disruption of lysosomal calcium homeostasis and lysosome function.
    Luo X; Li Y; Yang P; Chen Y; Wei L; Yu T; Xia J; Ruan XZ; Zhao L; Chen Y
    EBioMedicine; 2020 Jun; 56():102797. PubMed ID: 32516742
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  • 6. Loss of CD36 protects against diet-induced obesity but results in impaired muscle stem cell function, delayed muscle regeneration and hepatic steatosis.
    Verpoorten S; Sfyri P; Scully D; Mitchell R; Tzimou A; Mougios V; Patel K; Matsakas A
    Acta Physiol (Oxf); 2020 Mar; 228(3):e13395. PubMed ID: 31599493
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  • 7. Empagliflozin Ameliorates Free Fatty Acid Induced-Lipotoxicity in Renal Proximal Tubular Cells via the PPARγ/CD36 Pathway in Obese Mice.
    Huang CC; Chou CA; Chen WY; Yang JL; Lee WC; Chen JB; Lee CT; Li LC
    Int J Mol Sci; 2021 Nov; 22(22):. PubMed ID: 34830289
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  • 8. Long-chain fatty acid activates hepatocytes through CD36 mediated oxidative stress.
    Liu J; Yang P; Zuo G; He S; Tan W; Zhang X; Su C; Zhao L; Wei L; Chen Y; Ruan X; Chen Y
    Lipids Health Dis; 2018 Jul; 17(1):153. PubMed ID: 30016988
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  • 9. Nifedipine Exacerbates Lipogenesis in the Kidney via KIM-1, CD36, and SREBP Upregulation: Implications from an Animal Model for Human Study.
    Lin YC; Wang JC; Wu MS; Lin YF; Chen CR; Chen CY; Chen KC; Peng CC
    Int J Mol Sci; 2020 Jun; 21(12):. PubMed ID: 32575412
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  • 10. Chronic inflammation aggravates metabolic disorders of hepatic fatty acids in high-fat diet-induced obese mice.
    Zhao L; Zhong S; Qu H; Xie Y; Cao Z; Li Q; Yang P; Varghese Z; Moorhead JF; Chen Y; Ruan XZ
    Sci Rep; 2015 May; 5():10222. PubMed ID: 25974206
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  • 11. Lipoprotein receptor SR-B1 deficiency enhances adipose tissue inflammation and reduces susceptibility to hepatic steatosis during diet-induced obesity in mice.
    Rivera K; Quiñones V; Amigo L; Santander N; Salas-Pérez F; Xavier A; Fernández-Galilea M; Carrasco G; Cabrera D; Arrese M; Busso D; Andia ME; Rigotti A
    Biochim Biophys Acta Mol Cell Biol Lipids; 2021 Jun; 1866(6):158909. PubMed ID: 33631309
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  • 12. Astragaloside IV inhibits palmitate-mediated oxidative stress and fibrosis in human glomerular mesangial cells via downregulation of CD36 expression.
    Su Y; Chen Q; Ma K; Ju Y; Ji T; Wang Z; Li W; Li W
    Pharmacol Rep; 2019 Apr; 71(2):319-329. PubMed ID: 30826573
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  • 13. CD36 and Na/K-ATPase-α1 form a proinflammatory signaling loop in kidney.
    Kennedy DJ; Chen Y; Huang W; Viterna J; Liu J; Westfall K; Tian J; Bartlett DJ; Tang WH; Xie Z; Shapiro JI; Silverstein RL
    Hypertension; 2013 Jan; 61(1):216-24. PubMed ID: 23172921
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  • 14. CD36 regulates oxidative stress and inflammation in hypercholesterolemic CKD.
    Okamura DM; Pennathur S; Pasichnyk K; López-Guisa JM; Collins S; Febbraio M; Heinecke J; Eddy AA
    J Am Soc Nephrol; 2009 Mar; 20(3):495-505. PubMed ID: 19211715
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  • 15. Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) reduces intestinal fatty acid uptake and chylomicron formation in HFD-fed mice associated with the inhibition of DHHC7-mediated CD36 palmitoylation and the downstream ERK pathway.
    Zhang F; Fu Y; Wang J; Lang L; Liang S; Zhang S; Wang L; Gao P; Shu G; Zhu C; Wu R; Jiang Q; Wang S
    Food Funct; 2024 May; 15(9):5000-5011. PubMed ID: 38618651
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  • 16. Delayed Exercise Training Improves Obesity-Induced Chronic Kidney Disease by Activating AMPK Pathway in High-Fat Diet-Fed Mice.
    Juszczak F; Vlassembrouck M; Botton O; Zwakhals T; Decarnoncle M; Tassin A; Caron N; Declèves AE
    Int J Mol Sci; 2020 Dec; 22(1):. PubMed ID: 33396267
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  • 17. Silymarin protects against renal injury through normalization of lipid metabolism and mitochondrial biogenesis in high fat-fed mice.
    Bin Feng ; Meng R; Bin Huang ; Bi Y; Shen S; Zhu D
    Free Radic Biol Med; 2017 Sep; 110():240-249. PubMed ID: 28625483
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  • 18. High-fat diet promotes renal injury by inducing oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction.
    Sun Y; Ge X; Li X; He J; Wei X; Du J; Sun J; Li X; Xun Z; Liu W; Zhang H; Wang ZY; Li YC
    Cell Death Dis; 2020 Oct; 11(10):914. PubMed ID: 33099578
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  • 19. Cluster Differentiating 36 (CD36) Deficiency Attenuates Obesity-Associated Oxidative Stress in the Heart.
    Gharib M; Tao H; Fungwe TV; Hajri T
    PLoS One; 2016; 11(5):e0155611. PubMed ID: 27195707
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  • 20. Hematopoietic cell-restricted deletion of CD36 reduces high-fat diet-induced macrophage infiltration and improves insulin signaling in adipose tissue.
    Nicholls HT; Kowalski G; Kennedy DJ; Risis S; Zaffino LA; Watson N; Kanellakis P; Watt MJ; Bobik A; Bonen A; Febbraio M; Lancaster GI; Febbraio MA
    Diabetes; 2011 Apr; 60(4):1100-10. PubMed ID: 21378177
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