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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Ru(bpy)
    Feng Y; Sun F; Wang N; Lei J; Ju H
    Anal Chem; 2017 Jul; 89(14):7659-7666. PubMed ID: 28640589
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  • 2. Dual-Ligand Ruthenium Coordination Polymer-Derived Self-Enhanced Electrochemiluminescent Emitters for Sensitive Detection of Procalcitonin.
    Bu S; Song L; Ding Y; Yang Y; Liang Y; Chai Y; Zhang P; Fu Y; Yuan R
    Anal Chem; 2024 Jul; 96(26):10809-10816. PubMed ID: 38886176
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  • 3. Highly sensitive biosensor for specific miRNA detection based on cascade signal amplification and magnetic electrochemiluminescence nanoparticles.
    Li J; Chen C; Luo F; Lin Z; Wang J; Huang A; Sun Y; Qiu B
    Anal Chim Acta; 2024 Feb; 1288():342123. PubMed ID: 38220270
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  • 4. Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Quantum Dots as Electrochemiluminescence-Emitting Species for Sensitive Detection of KRAS G12C Mutation via PET-RAFT.
    Ma L; Kang L; Sun Y; Liu J; Yang H; Miao M
    Chemistry; 2023 Nov; 29(65):e202301602. PubMed ID: 37622405
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  • 5. A smartphone-assisted electrochemiluminescent detection of miRNA-21 in situ using Ru(bpy)
    Zheng K; Pan J; Yu Z; Yi C; Li MJ
    Talanta; 2024 Feb; 268(Pt 1):125310. PubMed ID: 37866303
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  • 6. Tetrahedral DNA nanostructure enhanced toehold-mediated strand displacement for highly sensitive electrochemiluminescence assay of CA125.
    Zhang W; Wang W; Yu Y
    Bioelectrochemistry; 2024 Feb; 155():108572. PubMed ID: 37738863
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  • 7. Coreactant-free strong Ru(bpy)
    Wang X; Jia C; Wang S; Dong Y
    Talanta; 2024 Apr; 270():125584. PubMed ID: 38142614
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  • 8. A spatial-potential resolved bipolar electrode electrochemiluminescence biosensor based on polarity conversion for dual-mode detection of miRNA-122 and CEA.
    Li H; Cai Q; Li Z; Jie G; Zhou H
    Biosens Bioelectron; 2024 Jul; 255():116258. PubMed ID: 38555769
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  • 9. Using tungsten oxide quantum-dot enhanced electrochemiluminescence to measure thrombin activity and screen its inhibitors.
    Zhang J; Xu D; Deng Z; Tan X; Guo D; Qiao Y; Li Y; Hou X; Wang S; Zhang J
    Talanta; 2024 Jan; 267():125267. PubMed ID: 37801928
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  • 10. Dynamic Mapping of Electrochemiluminescence Reactivity in Space: Application to Bead-Based Assays.
    Han D; Fang D; Valenti G; Paolucci F; Kanoufi F; Jiang D; Sojic N
    Anal Chem; 2023 Oct; 95(42):15700-15706. PubMed ID: 37815364
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  • 11. A novel and efficient electrochemiluminescence sensing strategy for the determination of trimethylamine oxide in seafood.
    Gao W; Yang H; Zhang Y; Gao D; Wu C
    Talanta; 2024 Mar; 269():125409. PubMed ID: 37992485
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  • 12. Promoting effect of TiVC MXene on cathodic electrogenerated chemiluminescence of Ru(bpy)
    Yao H; Wang X; Dong Y; Ye M
    Mikrochim Acta; 2024 Mar; 191(4):206. PubMed ID: 38498074
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  • 13. High -Sensitive Detection of Malachite Green Based on Surface-Enhanced Electrochemiluminescence.
    Wang D; Shen L; Liu W; Cao X; Wang Q
    J Fluoresc; 2024 Jan; ():. PubMed ID: 38193951
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  • 14. Highly specific and sensitive sandwich-type electrochemiluminescence biosensor for HPV16 DNA detection based on the base-stacking effect and bovine serum albumin carrier platform.
    Cheng L; He Y; Yang Y; Su C; He H; You M; Chen J; Lin Z; Hong G
    Biosens Bioelectron; 2023 Dec; 241():115706. PubMed ID: 37757512
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  • 15. Nanoconfined Cathodic Electrochemiluminescence for Self-Sensitized Bioimaging of Membrane Protein.
    Yu S; Hu X; Pan J; Lei J; Ju H
    Anal Chem; 2023 Nov; 95(45):16593-16599. PubMed ID: 37902983
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  • 16. Electrochemiluminescence enhanced by molecular engineering linear π-conjugated polymer: An ingenious ECL emitter for the construction of exosome sensing platform.
    Huang Y; Zhang S; Chen S; Chen Y; Cheng L; Dai H; Gao L
    Talanta; 2024 Sep; 277():126405. PubMed ID: 38870758
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  • 17. A polymer dot-based NADH-sensitive electrochemiluminescence biosensor for analysis of metabolites in serum.
    Wang N; Cao X; Sun D; Li X; Tian G; Feng J; Wei P
    Talanta; 2024 Jan; 267():125149. PubMed ID: 37690417
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  • 18. Enhancing electrochemiluminescence by modifying Fe
    Wu Q; Tian L; Shan X; Yang S; Li H; Li C; Lu J
    Talanta; 2024 Feb; 268(Pt 2):125393. PubMed ID: 37944418
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  • 19. Electrophoretic deposition of Ru(bpy)
    Yang W; Xu J; Yao Q; Xu X; Chen X; Ni J; Wang Q; Lin Z
    Biosens Bioelectron; 2024 Mar; 247():115967. PubMed ID: 38147716
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  • 20. Ligand-induced Assembly of Copper Nanoclusters with Enhanced Electrochemical Excitation and Radiative Transition for Electrochemiluminescence.
    Sun Q; Ning Z; Yang E; Yin F; Wu G; Zhang Y; Shen Y
    Angew Chem Int Ed Engl; 2023 Oct; 62(44):e202312053. PubMed ID: 37698462
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