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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Innate immune sensing of cytosolic chromatin fragments through cGAS promotes senescence.
    Glück S; Guey B; Gulen MF; Wolter K; Kang TW; Schmacke NA; Bridgeman A; Rehwinkel J; Zender L; Ablasser A
    Nat Cell Biol; 2017 Sep; 19(9):1061-1070. PubMed ID: 28759028
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  • 2. Autolysosomal degradation of cytosolic chromatin fragments antagonizes oxidative stress-induced senescence.
    Han X; Chen H; Gong H; Tang X; Huang N; Xu W; Tai H; Zhang G; Zhao T; Gong C; Wang S; Yang Y; Xiao H
    J Biol Chem; 2020 Apr; 295(14):4451-4463. PubMed ID: 32047109
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  • 3. Cellular senescence and senescence-associated secretory phenotype via the cGAS-STING signaling pathway in cancer.
    Loo TM; Miyata K; Tanaka Y; Takahashi A
    Cancer Sci; 2020 Feb; 111(2):304-311. PubMed ID: 31799772
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  • 4. Topoisomerase 1 cleavage complex enables pattern recognition and inflammation during senescence.
    Zhao B; Liu P; Fukumoto T; Nacarelli T; Fatkhutdinov N; Wu S; Lin J; Aird KM; Tang HY; Liu Q; Speicher DW; Zhang R
    Nat Commun; 2020 Feb; 11(1):908. PubMed ID: 32075966
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  • 5. cGAS-STING mediates cytoplasmic mitochondrial-DNA-induced inflammatory signal transduction during accelerated senescence of pancreatic β-cells induced by metabolic stress.
    Hu H; Zhao R; He Q; Cui C; Song J; Guo X; Zang N; Yang M; Zou Y; Yang J; Li J; Wang L; Xia L; Wang L; He F; Hou X; Yan F; Chen L
    FASEB J; 2022 May; 36(5):e22266. PubMed ID: 35357035
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  • 6. Cytoplasmic chromatin triggers inflammation in senescence and cancer.
    Dou Z; Ghosh K; Vizioli MG; Zhu J; Sen P; Wangensteen KJ; Simithy J; Lan Y; Lin Y; Zhou Z; Capell BC; Xu C; Xu M; Kieckhaefer JE; Jiang T; Shoshkes-Carmel M; Tanim KMAA; Barber GN; Seykora JT; Millar SE; Kaestner KH; Garcia BA; Adams PD; Berger SL
    Nature; 2017 Oct; 550(7676):402-406. PubMed ID: 28976970
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  • 7. TXNRD1 drives the innate immune response in senescent cells with implications for age-associated inflammation.
    Hao X; Zhao B; Towers M; Liao L; Monteiro EL; Xu X; Freeman C; Peng H; Tang HY; Havas A; Kossenkov AV; Berger SL; Adams PD; Speicher DW; Schultz D; Marmorstein R; Zaret KS; Zhang R
    Nat Aging; 2024 Feb; 4(2):185-197. PubMed ID: 38267705
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  • 8. cGAS is essential for cellular senescence.
    Yang H; Wang H; Ren J; Chen Q; Chen ZJ
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2017 Jun; 114(23):E4612-E4620. PubMed ID: 28533362
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  • 9. Innate immunosensing of DNA in cellular senescence.
    Glück S; Ablasser A
    Curr Opin Immunol; 2019 Feb; 56():31-36. PubMed ID: 30296662
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  • 10. The innate immune sensor Toll-like receptor 2 controls the senescence-associated secretory phenotype.
    Hari P; Millar FR; Tarrats N; Birch J; Quintanilla A; Rink CJ; Fernández-Duran I; Muir M; Finch AJ; Brunton VG; Passos JF; Morton JP; Boulter L; Acosta JC
    Sci Adv; 2019 Jun; 5(6):eaaw0254. PubMed ID: 31183403
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  • 11. Conserved strategies for pathogen evasion of cGAS-STING immunity.
    Eaglesham JB; Kranzusch PJ
    Curr Opin Immunol; 2020 Oct; 66():27-34. PubMed ID: 32339908
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  • 12. The cGAS-STING Pathway: Novel Perspectives in Liver Diseases.
    Xu D; Tian Y; Xia Q; Ke B
    Front Immunol; 2021; 12():682736. PubMed ID: 33995425
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  • 13. Molecular mechanisms and cellular functions of cGAS-STING signalling.
    Hopfner KP; Hornung V
    Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol; 2020 Sep; 21(9):501-521. PubMed ID: 32424334
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  • 14. Regulation of cGAS and STING signaling during inflammation and infection.
    Chauvin SD; Stinson WA; Platt DJ; Poddar S; Miner JJ
    J Biol Chem; 2023 Jul; 299(7):104866. PubMed ID: 37247757
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  • 15. A non-canonical cGAS-STING-PERK pathway facilitates the translational program critical for senescence and organ fibrosis.
    Zhang D; Liu Y; Zhu Y; Zhang Q; Guan H; Liu S; Chen S; Mei C; Chen C; Liao Z; Xi Y; Ouyang S; Feng XH; Liang T; Shen L; Xu P
    Nat Cell Biol; 2022 May; 24(5):766-782. PubMed ID: 35501370
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  • 16. Mitochondrial (mt)DNA-cyclic GMP-AMP synthase (cGAS)-stimulator of interferon genes (STING) signaling promotes pyroptosis of macrophages via interferon regulatory factor (IRF)7/IRF3 activation to aggravate lung injury during severe acute pancreatitis.
    Peng Y; Yang Y; Li Y; Shi T; Xu N; Liu R; Luan Y; Yao Y; Yin C
    Cell Mol Biol Lett; 2024 Apr; 29(1):61. PubMed ID: 38671352
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  • 17. cGAS is activated by DNA in a length-dependent manner.
    Luecke S; Holleufer A; Christensen MH; Jønsson KL; Boni GA; Sørensen LK; Johannsen M; Jakobsen MR; Hartmann R; Paludan SR
    EMBO Rep; 2017 Oct; 18(10):1707-1715. PubMed ID: 28801534
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  • 18. Human plasmacytoid dentritic cells elicit a Type I Interferon response by sensing DNA via the cGAS-STING signaling pathway.
    Bode C; Fox M; Tewary P; Steinhagen A; Ellerkmann RK; Klinman D; Baumgarten G; Hornung V; Steinhagen F
    Eur J Immunol; 2016 Jul; 46(7):1615-21. PubMed ID: 27125983
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  • 19. The cGas-Sting Signaling Pathway Is Required for the Innate Immune Response Against Ectromelia Virus.
    Cheng WY; He XB; Jia HJ; Chen GH; Jin QW; Long ZL; Jing ZZ
    Front Immunol; 2018; 9():1297. PubMed ID: 29963044
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  • 20. Attenuation of cGAS/STING activity during mitosis.
    Uhlorn BL; Gamez ER; Li S; Campos SK
    Life Sci Alliance; 2020 Sep; 3(9):. PubMed ID: 32661021
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