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  • 1. Outcomes in adolescents and young adults with Hodgkin lymphoma treated on US cooperative group protocols: An adult intergroup (E2496) and Children's Oncology Group (COG AHOD0031) comparative analysis.
    Henderson TO; Parsons SK; Wroblewski KE; Chen L; Hong F; Smith SM; McNeer JL; Advani RH; Gascoyne RD; Constine LS; Horning S; Bartlett NL; Shah B; Connors JM; Leonard JI; Kahl BS; Kelly KM; Schwartz CL; Li H; Friedberg JW; Friedman DL; Gordon LI; Evens AM
    Cancer; 2018 Jan; 124(1):136-144. PubMed ID: 28902390
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  • 2. Randomized Phase III Trial Comparing ABVD Plus Radiotherapy With the Stanford V Regimen in Patients With Stages I or II Locally Extensive, Bulky Mediastinal Hodgkin Lymphoma: A Subset Analysis of the North American Intergroup E2496 Trial.
    Advani RH; Hong F; Fisher RI; Bartlett NL; Robinson KS; Gascoyne RD; Wagner H; Stiff PJ; Cheson BD; Stewart DA; Gordon LI; Kahl BS; Friedberg JW; Blum KA; Habermann TM; Tuscano JM; Hoppe RT; Horning SJ
    J Clin Oncol; 2015 Jun; 33(17):1936-42. PubMed ID: 25897153
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  • 3. Adolescents and young adults with classical Hodgkin lymphoma in northern Tunisia: insights from an adult single-institutional study.
    Zawati I; Adouni O; Finetti P; Manai M; Manai M; Gamoudi A; Birnbaum D; Bertucci F; Mezlini A
    Cancer Radiother; 2020 Jun; 24(3):206-214. PubMed ID: 32171674
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  • 4. Randomized phase III trial of ABVD versus Stanford V with or without radiation therapy in locally extensive and advanced-stage Hodgkin lymphoma: an intergroup study coordinated by the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (E2496).
    Gordon LI; Hong F; Fisher RI; Bartlett NL; Connors JM; Gascoyne RD; Wagner H; Stiff PJ; Cheson BD; Gospodarowicz M; Advani R; Kahl BS; Friedberg JW; Blum KA; Habermann TM; Tuscano JM; Hoppe RT; Horning SJ
    J Clin Oncol; 2013 Feb; 31(6):684-91. PubMed ID: 23182987
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  • 5. Long-Term Follow-Up of Contemporary Treatment in Early-Stage Hodgkin Lymphoma: Updated Analyses of the German Hodgkin Study Group HD7, HD8, HD10, and HD11 Trials.
    Sasse S; Bröckelmann PJ; Goergen H; Plütschow A; Müller H; Kreissl S; Buerkle C; Borchmann S; Fuchs M; Borchmann P; Diehl V; Engert A
    J Clin Oncol; 2017 Jun; 35(18):1999-2007. PubMed ID: 28418763
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  • 6. The efficacy and tolerability of adriamycin, bleomycin, vinblastine, dacarbazine and Stanford V in older Hodgkin lymphoma patients: a comprehensive analysis from the North American intergroup trial E2496.
    Evens AM; Hong F; Gordon LI; Fisher RI; Bartlett NL; Connors JM; Gascoyne RD; Wagner H; Gospodarowicz M; Cheson BD; Stiff PJ; Advani R; Miller TP; Hoppe RT; Kahl BS; Horning SJ
    Br J Haematol; 2013 Apr; 161(1):76-86. PubMed ID: 23356491
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  • 7. PET-guided omission of radiotherapy in early-stage unfavourable Hodgkin lymphoma (GHSG HD17): a multicentre, open-label, randomised, phase 3 trial.
    Borchmann P; Plütschow A; Kobe C; Greil R; Meissner J; Topp MS; Ostermann H; Dierlamm J; Mohm J; Thiemer J; Sökler M; Kerkhoff A; Ahlborn M; Halbsguth TV; Martin S; Keller U; Balabanov S; Pabst T; Vogelhuber M; Hüttmann A; Wilhelm M; Zijlstra JM; Moccia A; Kuhnert G; Bröckelmann PJ; von Tresckow B; Fuchs M; Klimm B; Rosenwald A; Eich H; Baues C; Marnitz S; Hallek M; Diehl V; Dietlein M; Engert A
    Lancet Oncol; 2021 Feb; 22(2):223-234. PubMed ID: 33539742
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  • 8. Intensified treatment of patients with early stage, unfavourable Hodgkin lymphoma: long-term follow-up of a randomised, international phase 3 trial of the German Hodgkin Study Group (GHSG HD14).
    Gillessen S; Plütschow A; Fuchs M; Markova J; Greil R; Topp MS; Meissner J; Zijlstra JM; Eichenauer DA; Bröckelmann PJ; Diehl V; Borchmann P; Engert A; von Tresckow B
    Lancet Haematol; 2021 Apr; 8(4):e278-e288. PubMed ID: 33770483
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  • 9. Outcome of Patients With Early-Stage Infradiaphragmatic Hodgkin Lymphoma: A Comprehensive Analysis From the German Hodgkin Study Group.
    Sasse S; Goergen H; Plütschow A; Böll B; Eichenauer DA; Fuchs M; Behringer K; Zijlstra JM; Greil R; Markova J; Topp MS; Meissner J; Neubauer A; Baues C; Engert A; Borchmann P; von Tresckow B
    J Clin Oncol; 2018 Sep; 36(25):2603-2611. PubMed ID: 29989855
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  • 10. US Intergroup Trial of Response-Adapted Therapy for Stage III to IV Hodgkin Lymphoma Using Early Interim Fluorodeoxyglucose-Positron Emission Tomography Imaging: Southwest Oncology Group S0816.
    Press OW; Li H; Schöder H; Straus DJ; Moskowitz CH; LeBlanc M; Rimsza LM; Bartlett NL; Evens AM; Mittra ES; LaCasce AS; Sweetenham JW; Barr PM; Fanale MA; Knopp MV; Noy A; Hsi ED; Cook JR; Lechowicz MJ; Gascoyne RD; Leonard JP; Kahl BS; Cheson BD; Fisher RI; Friedberg JW
    J Clin Oncol; 2016 Jun; 34(17):2020-7. PubMed ID: 27069074
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  • 11. Contribution of involved-field radiotherapy to survival in patients with relapsed or refractory Hodgkin lymphoma undergoing autologous stem cell transplantation.
    Eroglu C; Kaynar L; Orhan O; Keklik M; Sahin C; Yildiz OG; Mentes S; Kurnaz F; Aslan D; Sivgin S; Soyuer S; Eser B; Cetin M; Unal A
    Am J Clin Oncol; 2015 Feb; 38(1):68-73. PubMed ID: 23563207
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  • 12. Modification of initial therapy in early and advanced Hodgkin lymphoma, based on interim PET/CT is beneficial: a prospective multicentre trial of 355 patients.
    Dann EJ; Bairey O; Bar-Shalom R; Mashiach T; Barzilai E; Kornberg A; Akria L; Tadmor T; Filanovsky K; Abadi U; Kagna O; Ruchlemer R; Abdah-Bortnyak R; Goldschmidt N; Epelbaum R; Horowitz NA; Lavie D; Ben-Yehuda D; Shpilberg O; Paltiel O
    Br J Haematol; 2017 Sep; 178(5):709-718. PubMed ID: 28589704
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  • 13. BEACOPP chemotherapy is a highly effective regimen in children and adolescents with high-risk Hodgkin lymphoma: a report from the Children's Oncology Group.
    Kelly KM; Sposto R; Hutchinson R; Massey V; McCarten K; Perkins S; Lones M; Villaluna D; Weiner M
    Blood; 2011 Mar; 117(9):2596-603. PubMed ID: 21079154
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  • 14. Outcomes in intermediate-risk pediatric lymphocyte-predominant Hodgkin lymphoma: A report from the Children's Oncology Group.
    Marks LJ; Pei Q; Bush R; Buxton A; Appel B; Kelly KM; Schwartz CL; Friedman DL
    Pediatr Blood Cancer; 2018 Dec; 65(12):e27375. PubMed ID: 30277639
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  • 15. Survival improvement of young patients, aged 16-23, with Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) during the last three decades.
    Koumarianou AA; Xiros N; Papageorgiou E; Pectasides D; Economopoulos T
    Anticancer Res; 2007; 27(2):1191-7. PubMed ID: 17465262
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  • 16. [Feasibility study of application of international prognostic score on prediction of prognosis for advanced Hodgkin's lymphoma].
    Fu XH; Wang SS; Huang Y; Wang B; Huang HQ; Zhang L; Sun XF; Xu RH; Lin TY
    Ai Zheng; 2006 Aug; 25(8):1013-8. PubMed ID: 16965685
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  • 17. ABVD or BEACOPP
    Fermé C; Thomas J; Brice P; Casasnovas O; Vranovsky A; Bologna S; Lugtenburg PJ; Bouabdallah R; Carde P; Sebban C; Eghbali H; Salles G; van Imhoff GW; Thyss A; Noordijk EM; Reman O; Lybeert MLM; Janvier M; Spina M; Audhuy B; Raemaekers JMM; Delarue R; Anglaret B; de Weerdt O; Marjanovic Z; Tersteeg RJHA; de Jong D; Brière J; Henry-Amar M; ;
    Eur J Cancer; 2017 Aug; 81():45-55. PubMed ID: 28601705
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  • 18. [Hodgkin's lymphoma in adolescents: where to treat it--in an adult or pediatric institution?].
    Müller J; Molnár Z; Illés A; Csóka M; Jakab Z; Deák B; Schneider T; Várady E; Rosta A; Simon Z; Keresztes K; Gergely L; Kovács G
    Orv Hetil; 2008 Nov; 149(47):2221-7. PubMed ID: 19004744
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  • 19. Dose-intensive response-based chemotherapy and radiation therapy for children and adolescents with newly diagnosed intermediate-risk hodgkin lymphoma: a report from the Children's Oncology Group Study AHOD0031.
    Friedman DL; Chen L; Wolden S; Buxton A; McCarten K; FitzGerald TJ; Kessel S; De Alarcon PA; Chen AR; Kobrinsky N; Ehrlich P; Hutchison RE; Constine LS; Schwartz CL
    J Clin Oncol; 2014 Nov; 32(32):3651-8. PubMed ID: 25311218
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  • 20. Combined modality treatment: Outcome in patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma.
    Yadav BS; Sharma SC; Malhotra P; Prakash G
    J Cancer Res Ther; 2020; 16(1):1-6. PubMed ID: 32362601
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