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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. SkQ1 Regulates Expression of Nrf2, ARE-Controlled Genes Encoding Antioxidant Enzymes, and Their Activity in Cerebral Cortex under Oxidative Stress.
    Vnukov VV; Gutsenko OI; Milyutina NP; Kornienko IV; Ananyan AA; Plotnikov AA; Panina SB
    Biochemistry (Mosc); 2017 Aug; 82(8):942-952. PubMed ID: 28941462
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  • 2. Influence of SkQ1 on Expression of Nrf2 Gene, ARE-Controlled Genes of Antioxidant Enzymes and Their Activity in Rat Blood Leukocytes under Oxidative Stress.
    Vnukov VV; Gutsenko OI; Milutina NP; Kornienko IV; Ananyan AA; Danilenko AO; Panina SB; Plotnikov AA; Makarenko MS
    Biochemistry (Mosc); 2015 Dec; 80(12):1598-605. PubMed ID: 26638685
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  • 3. Influence of SkQ1 on Expression of Nrf2 Transcription Factor Gene, ARE-Controlled Genes of Antioxidant Enzymes and Their Activity in Rat Blood Leukocytes.
    Vnukov VV; Gutsenko OI; Milutina NP; Ananyan AA; Danilenko AO; Panina SB; Kornienko IV
    Biochemistry (Mosc); 2015 May; 80(5):586-91. PubMed ID: 26071777
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  • 4. SkQ1 Controls CASP3 Gene Expression and Caspase-3-Like Activity in the Brain of Rats under Oxidative Stress.
    Panina SB; Gutsenko OI; Milyutina NP; Kornienko IV; Ananyan AA; Gvaldin DY; Plotnikov AA; Vnukov VV
    Biochemistry (Mosc); 2018 Oct; 83(10):1245-1254. PubMed ID: 30472961
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  • 5. The role of Nrf2-Keap1 signaling pathway in the antioxidant defense response induced by PAHs in the calm Ruditapes philippinarum.
    Wang H; Pan L; Si L; Miao J
    Fish Shellfish Immunol; 2018 Sep; 80():325-334. PubMed ID: 29920381
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  • 6. Copper exposure induces oxidative injury, disturbs the antioxidant system and changes the Nrf2/ARE (CuZnSOD) signaling in the fish brain: protective effects of myo-inositol.
    Jiang WD; Liu Y; Hu K; Jiang J; Li SH; Feng L; Zhou XQ
    Aquat Toxicol; 2014 Oct; 155():301-13. PubMed ID: 25087001
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  • 7. Geniposide protects against acute alcohol-induced liver injury in mice via up-regulating the expression of the main antioxidant enzymes.
    Wang J; Zhang Y; Liu R; Li X; Cui Y; Qu L
    Can J Physiol Pharmacol; 2015 Apr; 93(4):261-7. PubMed ID: 25730420
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  • 8. Mammary gene expression and activity of antioxidant enzymes and oxidative indicators in the blood, milk, mammary tissue and ruminal fluid of dairy cows fed flax meal.
    Schogor AL; Palin MF; Santos GT; Benchaar C; Lacasse P; Petit HV
    Br J Nutr; 2013 Nov; 110(10):1743-50. PubMed ID: 23578516
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  • 9. Pro-oxidant activity of aluminum in the rat hippocampus: gene expression of antioxidant enzymes after melatonin administration.
    Gómez M; Esparza JL; Nogués MR; Giralt M; Cabré M; Domingo JL
    Free Radic Biol Med; 2005 Jan; 38(1):104-11. PubMed ID: 15589378
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  • 10. Glutathione peroxidase 2, the major cigarette smoke-inducible isoform of GPX in lungs, is regulated by Nrf2.
    Singh A; Rangasamy T; Thimmulappa RK; Lee H; Osburn WO; Brigelius-Flohé R; Kensler TW; Yamamoto M; Biswal S
    Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol; 2006 Dec; 35(6):639-50. PubMed ID: 16794261
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  • 11. DJ-1 upregulates anti-oxidant enzymes and attenuates hypoxia/re-oxygenation-induced oxidative stress by activation of the nuclear factor erythroid 2-like 2 signaling pathway.
    Yan YF; Yang WJ; Xu Q; Chen HP; Huang XS; Qiu LY; Liao ZP; Huang QR
    Mol Med Rep; 2015 Sep; 12(3):4734-4742. PubMed ID: 26081287
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  • 12. Protective effect of low molecular-weight seleno-aminopolysaccharides against H
    Wen ZS; Ma L; Xiang XW; Tang Z; Guan RF; Qu YL
    Int J Biol Macromol; 2018 Jun; 112():745-753. PubMed ID: 29410059
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  • 13. Effects of maduramicin on adult zebrafish (Danio rerio): Acute toxicity, tissue damage and oxidative stress.
    Ni H; Peng L; Gao X; Ji H; Ma J; Li Y; Jiang S
    Ecotoxicol Environ Saf; 2019 Jan; 168():249-259. PubMed ID: 30388543
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  • 14. Blackberry extract attenuates oxidative stress through up-regulation of Nrf2-dependent antioxidant enzymes in carbon tetrachloride-treated rats.
    Cho BO; Ryu HW; Jin CH; Choi DS; Kang SY; Kim DS; Byun MW; Jeong IY
    J Agric Food Chem; 2011 Nov; 59(21):11442-8. PubMed ID: 21888405
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  • 15. Oxidative stress and gene expression of antioxidant enzymes in the streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats under hyperbaric oxygen exposure.
    Matsunami T; Sato Y; Sato T; Ariga S; Shimomura T; Yukawa M
    Int J Clin Exp Pathol; 2009 Nov; 3(2):177-88. PubMed ID: 20126586
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  • 16. Nuclear factor E2-related factor 2-dependent myocardiac cytoprotection against oxidative and electrophilic stress.
    Zhu H; Jia Z; Misra BR; Zhang L; Cao Z; Yamamoto M; Trush MA; Misra HP; Li Y
    Cardiovasc Toxicol; 2008; 8(2):71-85. PubMed ID: 18463988
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  • 17. Acetyl-l-carnitine prevents homocysteine-induced suppression of Nrf2/Keap1 mediated antioxidation in human lens epithelial cells.
    Yang SP; Yang XZ; Cao GP
    Mol Med Rep; 2015 Jul; 12(1):1145-50. PubMed ID: 25776802
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  • 18. Cloning and mRNA expression of antioxidant enzymes in the Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas in response to cadmium exposure.
    Jo PG; Choi YK; Choi CY
    Comp Biochem Physiol C Toxicol Pharmacol; 2008 May; 147(4):460-9. PubMed ID: 18337187
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  • 19. An in vitro approach to assess the neurotoxicity of valproic acid-induced oxidative stress in cerebellum and cerebral cortex of young rats.
    Chaudhary S; Parvez S
    Neuroscience; 2012 Dec; 225():258-68. PubMed ID: 22960313
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  • 20. Melatonin reduces oxidative stress and increases gene expression in the cerebral cortex and cerebellum of aluminum-exposed rats.
    Esparza JL; Gómez M; Rosa Nogués M; Paternain JL; Mallol J; Domingo JL
    J Pineal Res; 2005 Sep; 39(2):129-36. PubMed ID: 16098089
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