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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

- a resource for Precision Medicine *

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  • 1. Actionable gene-based classification toward precision medicine in gastric cancer.
    Ichikawa H; Nagahashi M; Shimada Y; Hanyu T; Ishikawa T; Kameyama H; Kobayashi T; Sakata J; Yabusaki H; Nakagawa S; Sato N; Hirata Y; Kitagawa Y; Tanahashi T; Yoshida K; Nakanishi R; Oki E; Vuzman D; Lyle S; Takabe K; Ling Y; Okuda S; Akazawa K; Wakai T
    Genome Med; 2017 Oct; 9(1):93. PubMed ID: 29089060
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  • 2. Deep Targeted Sequencing and Its Potential Implication for Cancer Therapy in Chinese Patients with Gastric Adenocarcinoma.
    Yu P; Wang Y; Yu Y; Wang A; Huang L; Zhang Y; Liu W; Wu H; Yao M; Du YA; Cheng X
    Oncologist; 2021 May; 26(5):e756-e768. PubMed ID: 33511732
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  • 3. Genomic and transcriptomic profiling indicates the prognosis significance of mutational signature for TMB-high subtype in Chinese patients with gastric cancer.
    Cheng Y; Bu D; Zhang Q; Sun R; Lyle S; Zhao G; Dong L; Li H; Zhao Y; Yu J; Hao X
    J Adv Res; 2023 Sep; 51():121-134. PubMed ID: 36351537
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  • 4. Clinical characteristics and prognostic significance of TCGA and ACRG classification in gastric cancer among the Chinese population.
    Wang Q; Xie Q; Liu Y; Guo H; Ren Y; Li J; Zhao Q
    Mol Med Rep; 2020 Aug; 22(2):828-840. PubMed ID: 32468041
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  • 5. Mutational landscape of gastric cancer and clinical application of genomic profiling based on target next-generation sequencing.
    Cai H; Jing C; Chang X; Ding D; Han T; Yang J; Lu Z; Hu X; Liu Z; Wang J; Shang L; Wu S; Meng P; Lin L; Zhao J; Nie M; Yin K
    J Transl Med; 2019 Jun; 17(1):189. PubMed ID: 31164161
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  • 6. The Transcriptomic Landscape of Gastric Cancer: Insights into Epstein-Barr Virus Infected and Microsatellite Unstable Tumors.
    Gullo I; Carvalho J; Martins D; Lemos D; Monteiro AR; Ferreira M; Das K; Tan P; Oliveira C; Carneiro F; Oliveira P
    Int J Mol Sci; 2018 Jul; 19(7):. PubMed ID: 30018250
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  • 7. Clinical genomic profiling to identify actionable alterations for investigational therapies in patients with diverse sarcomas.
    Groisberg R; Hong DS; Holla V; Janku F; Piha-Paul S; Ravi V; Benjamin R; Kumar Patel S; Somaiah N; Conley A; Ali SM; Schrock AB; Ross JS; Stephens PJ; Miller VA; Sen S; Herzog C; Meric-Bernstam F; Subbiah V
    Oncotarget; 2017 Jun; 8(24):39254-39267. PubMed ID: 28424409
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  • 8. Genomic landscape of colorectal cancer in Japan: clinical implications of comprehensive genomic sequencing for precision medicine.
    Nagahashi M; Wakai T; Shimada Y; Ichikawa H; Kameyama H; Kobayashi T; Sakata J; Yagi R; Sato N; Kitagawa Y; Uetake H; Yoshida K; Oki E; Kudo SE; Izutsu H; Kodama K; Nakada M; Tse J; Russell M; Heyer J; Powers W; Sun R; Ring JE; Takabe K; Protopopov A; Ling Y; Okuda S; Lyle S
    Genome Med; 2016 Dec; 8(1):136. PubMed ID: 28007036
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  • 9. Distribution of somatic mutations of cancer-related genes according to microsatellite instability status in Korean gastric cancer.
    Park J; Yoo HM; Jang W; Shin S; Kim M; Kim Y; Lee SW; Kim JG
    Medicine (Baltimore); 2017 Jun; 96(25):e7224. PubMed ID: 28640116
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  • 10. Molecular characterization of ctDNA from Chinese patients with advanced gastric adenocarcinoma reveals actionable alterations for targeted and immune therapy.
    Zhang M; Qi C; Wang Z; Chen H; Zhao X; Zhang X; Zhou Y; Gao C; Bai Y; Jia S; Ji J
    J Mol Med (Berl); 2021 Sep; 99(9):1311-1321. PubMed ID: 34057552
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  • 11. Clinicopathological features of tumor mutation burden, Epstein-Barr virus infection, microsatellite instability and PD-L1 status in Chinese patients with gastric cancer.
    Zhang L; Wang Y; Li Z; Lin D; Liu Y; Zhou L; Wang D; Wu A; Li Z
    Diagn Pathol; 2021 May; 16(1):38. PubMed ID: 33933102
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  • 12. Somatic mutational profiles of stage II and III gastric cancer according to tumor microenvironment immune type.
    Koh J; Nam SK; Roh H; Kim J; Lee BC; Kim JW; Ahn SH; Park DJ; Kim HH; Park KU; Chung JH; Kim WH; Lee HS
    Genes Chromosomes Cancer; 2019 Jan; 58(1):12-22. PubMed ID: 30239046
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  • 13. A multi-institutional study to evaluate the feasibility of next-generation sequencing and genomic analysis using formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded biopsies of gastric cancer.
    Kanda M; Terashima M; Kinoshita T; Yabusaki H; Tokunaga M; Kodera Y
    Gastric Cancer; 2023 Jan; 26(1):108-115. PubMed ID: 36369312
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  • 14. Genomics Study of Gastric Cancer and Its Molecular Subtypes.
    Yuen ST; Leung SY
    Adv Exp Med Biol; 2016; 908():419-39. PubMed ID: 27573784
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  • 15. A novel genomic classification system of gastric cancer via integrating multidimensional genomic characteristics.
    Wang H; Ding Y; Chen Y; Jiang J; Chen Y; Lu J; Kong M; Mo F; Huang Y; Zhao W; Fang P; Chen X; Teng X; Xu N; Lu Y; Yu X; Li Z; Zhang J; Wang H; Bao X; Zhou D; Chi Y; Zhou T; Zhou Z; Chen S; Teng L
    Gastric Cancer; 2021 Nov; 24(6):1227-1241. PubMed ID: 34095982
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  • 16. Molecular classification of gastric cancer.
    Chia NY; Tan P
    Ann Oncol; 2016 May; 27(5):763-9. PubMed ID: 26861606
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  • 17. Prospective comprehensive genomic profiling of advanced gastric carcinoma cases reveals frequent clinically relevant genomic alterations and new routes for targeted therapies.
    Ali SM; Sanford EM; Klempner SJ; Rubinson DA; Wang K; Palma NA; Chmielecki J; Yelensky R; Palmer GA; Morosini D; Lipson D; Catenacci DV; Braiteh F; Erlich R; Stephens PJ; Ross JS; Ou SH; Miller VA
    Oncologist; 2015 May; 20(5):499-507. PubMed ID: 25882375
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  • 18. Genomic alterations and molecular subtypes of gastric cancers in Asians.
    Ye XS; Yu C; Aggarwal A; Reinhard C
    Chin J Cancer; 2016 May; 35():42. PubMed ID: 27160712
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  • 19. High PD-L1 expression in gastric cancer (GC) patients and correlation with molecular features.
    Liu X; Choi MG; Kim K; Kim KM; Kim ST; Park SH; Cristescu R; Peter S; Lee J
    Pathol Res Pract; 2020 Apr; 216(4):152881. PubMed ID: 32089413
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  • 20. Unique Genomic Alterations and Microbial Profiles Identified in Patients With Gastric Cancer of African, European, and Asian Ancestry: A Novel Path for Precision Oncology.
    Abate M; Walch H; Arora K; Vanderbilt CM; Fei T; Drebin H; Shimada S; Maio A; Kemel Y; Stadler ZK; Schmeltz J; Sihag S; Ku GY; Gu P; Tang L; Vardhana S; Berger MF; Brennan MF; Schultz ND; Strong VE
    Ann Surg; 2023 Oct; 278(4):506-518. PubMed ID: 37436885
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