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  • 1. Branched peptides integrate into self-assembled nanostructures and enhance biomechanics of peptidic hydrogels.
    Pugliese R; Fontana F; Marchini A; Gelain F
    Acta Biomater; 2018 Jan; 66():258-271. PubMed ID: 29128535
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  • 2. Synthesis and characterization of designed BMHP1-derived self-assembling peptides for tissue engineering applications.
    Silva D; Natalello A; Sanii B; Vasita R; Saracino G; Zuckermann RN; Doglia SM; Gelain F
    Nanoscale; 2013 Jan; 5(2):704-18. PubMed ID: 23223865
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  • 3. Self-assembling peptides cross-linked with genipin: resilient hydrogels and self-standing electrospun scaffolds for tissue engineering applications.
    Pugliese R; Maleki M; Zuckermann RN; Gelain F
    Biomater Sci; 2018 Dec; 7(1):76-91. PubMed ID: 30475373
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  • 4. BMHP1-derived self-assembling peptides: hierarchically assembled structures with self-healing propensity and potential for tissue engineering applications.
    Gelain F; Silva D; Caprini A; Taraballi F; Natalello A; Villa O; Nam KT; Zuckermann RN; Doglia SM; Vescovi A
    ACS Nano; 2011 Mar; 5(3):1845-59. PubMed ID: 21314189
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  • 5. Fabrication of nanofibrous electrospun scaffolds from a heterogeneous library of co- and self-assembling peptides.
    Maleki M; Natalello A; Pugliese R; Gelain F
    Acta Biomater; 2017 Mar; 51():268-278. PubMed ID: 28093364
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  • 6. Cross-Linked Self-Assembling Peptides and Their Post-Assembly Functionalization via One-Pot and In Situ Gelation System.
    Pugliese R; Gelain F
    Int J Mol Sci; 2020 Jun; 21(12):. PubMed ID: 32549405
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  • 7. Characterisation of minimalist co-assembled fluorenylmethyloxycarbonyl self-assembling peptide systems for presentation of multiple bioactive peptides.
    Horgan CC; Rodriguez AL; Li R; Bruggeman KF; Stupka N; Raynes JK; Day L; White JW; Williams RJ; Nisbet DR
    Acta Biomater; 2016 Jul; 38():11-22. PubMed ID: 27131571
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  • 8. Functional Self-Assembling Peptide Nanofiber Hydrogels Designed for Nerve Degeneration.
    Sun Y; Li W; Wu X; Zhang N; Zhang Y; Ouyang S; Song X; Fang X; Seeram R; Xue W; He L; Wu W
    ACS Appl Mater Interfaces; 2016 Jan; 8(3):2348-59. PubMed ID: 26720334
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  • 9.
    Ciulla MG; Marchini A; Gazzola J; Forouharshad M; Pugliese R; Gelain F
    ACS Appl Bio Mater; 2024 Mar; 7(3):1723-1734. PubMed ID: 38346174
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  • 10. Temporally controlled growth factor delivery from a self-assembling peptide hydrogel and electrospun nanofibre composite scaffold.
    Bruggeman KF; Wang Y; Maclean FL; Parish CL; Williams RJ; Nisbet DR
    Nanoscale; 2017 Sep; 9(36):13661-13669. PubMed ID: 28876347
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  • 11. Amino acid composition of nanofibrillar self-assembling peptide hydrogels affects responses of periodontal tissue cells in vitro.
    Koch F; Wolff A; Mathes S; Pieles U; Saxer SS; Kreikemeyer B; Peters K
    Int J Nanomedicine; 2018; 13():6717-6733. PubMed ID: 30425485
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  • 12. Boosted Cross-Linking and Characterization of High-Performing Self-Assembling Peptides.
    Ciulla MG; Pugliese R; Gelain F
    Nanomaterials (Basel); 2022 Jan; 12(3):. PubMed ID: 35159664
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  • 13. Rational design of charged peptides that self-assemble into robust nanofibers as immune-functional scaffolds.
    Zhang H; Park J; Jiang Y; Woodrow KA
    Acta Biomater; 2017 Jun; 55():183-193. PubMed ID: 28365480
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  • 14. Biocompatibility of functionalized designer self-assembling nanofiber scaffolds containing FRM motif for neural stem cells.
    Zou Z; Liu T; Li J; Li P; Ding Q; Peng G; Zheng Q; Zeng X; Wu Y; Guo X
    J Biomed Mater Res A; 2014 May; 102(5):1286-93. PubMed ID: 23703883
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  • 15. Controlling network topology and mechanical properties of co-assembling peptide hydrogels.
    Boothroyd S; Saiani A; Miller AF
    Biopolymers; 2014 Jun; 101(6):669-80. PubMed ID: 26819975
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    Liu L; Wu Y; Tao H; Jia Z; Li X; Wang D; He Q; Ruan D
    Zhongguo Xiu Fu Chong Jian Wai Ke Za Zhi; 2016 Apr; 30(4):491-8. PubMed ID: 27411281
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  • 17. Low-power microwaves: a cell-compatible physical treatment to enhance the mechanical properties of self-assembling peptides.
    Ciulla MG; Marchini A; Gazzola J; Sambrotta M; Gelain F
    Nanoscale; 2023 Oct; 15(38):15840-15854. PubMed ID: 37747054
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  • 18. New bioactive motifs and their use in functionalized self-assembling peptides for NSC differentiation and neural tissue engineering.
    Gelain F; Cigognini D; Caprini A; Silva D; Colleoni B; Donegá M; Antonini S; Cohen BE; Vescovi A
    Nanoscale; 2012 Apr; 4(9):2946-57. PubMed ID: 22476090
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  • 19. Self-assembling peptides optimize the post-traumatic milieu and synergistically enhance the effects of neural stem cell therapy after cervical spinal cord injury.
    Zweckberger K; Ahuja CS; Liu Y; Wang J; Fehlings MG
    Acta Biomater; 2016 Sep; 42():77-89. PubMed ID: 27296842
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  • 20. Modelling and analysis of early aggregation events of BMHP1-derived self-assembling peptides.
    Saracino GA; Gelain F
    J Biomol Struct Dyn; 2014; 32(5):759-75. PubMed ID: 23730849
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