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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. TWEAK/Fn14 interaction induces proliferation and migration in human airway smooth muscle cells via activating the NF-κB pathway.
    Zhu C; Zhang L; Liu Z; Li C; Bai Y
    J Cell Biochem; 2018 Apr; 119(4):3528-3536. PubMed ID: 29143982
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  • 2. A major role of TWEAK/Fn14 axis as a therapeutic target for post-angioplasty restenosis.
    Méndez-Barbero N; Gutierrez-Muñoz C; Madrigal-Matute J; Mínguez P; Egido J; Michel JB; Martín-Ventura JL; Esteban V; Blanco-Colio LM
    EBioMedicine; 2019 Aug; 46():274-289. PubMed ID: 31395500
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  • 3. TWEAK activation of the non-canonical NF-κB signaling pathway differentially regulates melanoma and prostate cancer cell invasion.
    Armstrong CL; Galisteo R; Brown SA; Winkles JA
    Oncotarget; 2016 Dec; 7(49):81474-81492. PubMed ID: 27821799
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  • 4. TWEAK/Fn14 promotes pro-inflammatory cytokine secretion in hepatic stellate cells via NF-κB/STAT3 pathways.
    Wang A; Zhang F; Xu H; Xu M; Cao Y; Wang C; Xu Y; Su M; Zhang M; Zhuge Y
    Mol Immunol; 2017 Jul; 87():67-75. PubMed ID: 28411440
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  • 5. Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) Receptor Expression Determines Keratinocyte Fate upon Stimulation with TNF-Like Weak Inducer of Apoptosis.
    Wang X; Cheng D; Hu G; Liang L; Tan F; Xiao T; Xiao S; Xia Y
    Mediators Inflamm; 2019; 2019():2945083. PubMed ID: 31885495
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  • 6. Src Promotes Metastasis of Human Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Cells through Fn14-Mediated NF-κB Signaling.
    Wang W; Liu F; Wang C; Wang C; Tang Y; Jiang Z
    Med Sci Monit; 2018 Mar; 24():1282-1294. PubMed ID: 29500337
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  • 7. Identification of aurintricarboxylic acid as a selective inhibitor of the TWEAK-Fn14 signaling pathway in glioblastoma cells.
    Roos A; Dhruv HD; Mathews IT; Inge LJ; Tuncali S; Hartman LK; Chow D; Millard N; Yin HH; Kloss J; Loftus JC; Winkles JA; Berens ME; Tran NL
    Oncotarget; 2017 Feb; 8(7):12234-12246. PubMed ID: 28103571
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  • 8. TRAF3IP2 mediates TWEAK/TWEAKR-induced pro-fibrotic responses in cultured cardiac fibroblasts and the heart.
    Das NA; Carpenter AJ; Yoshida T; Kumar SA; Gautam S; Mostany R; Izadpanah R; Kumar A; Mummidi S; Siebenlist U; Chandrasekar B
    J Mol Cell Cardiol; 2018 Aug; 121():107-123. PubMed ID: 29981796
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  • 9. The TNF-like weak inducer of the apoptosis/fibroblast growth factor-inducible molecule 14 axis mediates histamine and platelet-activating factor-induced subcutaneous vascular leakage and anaphylactic shock.
    Mendez-Barbero N; Yuste-Montalvo A; Nuñez-Borque E; Jensen BM; Gutiérrez-Muñoz C; Tome-Amat J; Garrido-Arandia M; Díaz-Perales A; Ballesteros-Martinez C; Laguna JJ; Beitia JM; Poulsen LK; Cuesta-Herranz J; Blanco-Colio LM; Esteban V
    J Allergy Clin Immunol; 2020 Feb; 145(2):583-596.e6. PubMed ID: 31679818
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  • 10. The tumor necrosis factor-like weak inducer of apoptosis (TWEAK)-fibroblast growth factor-inducible 14 (Fn14) signaling system regulates glioma cell survival via NFkappaB pathway activation and BCL-XL/BCL-W expression.
    Tran NL; McDonough WS; Savitch BA; Sawyer TF; Winkles JA; Berens ME
    J Biol Chem; 2005 Feb; 280(5):3483-92. PubMed ID: 15611130
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  • 11. Out of the TWEAKlight: Elucidating the Role of Fn14 and TWEAK in Acute Kidney Injury.
    Sanz AB; Ruiz-Andres O; Sanchez-Niño MD; Ruiz-Ortega M; Ramos AM; Ortiz A
    Semin Nephrol; 2016 May; 36(3):189-98. PubMed ID: 27339384
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  • 12. LncRNA Snhg3 contributes to dysfunction of cerebral microvascular cells in intracerebral hemorrhage rats by activating the TWEAK/Fn14/STAT3 pathway.
    Zhang J; Dong B; Hao J; Yi S; Cai W; Luo Z
    Life Sci; 2019 Nov; 237():116929. PubMed ID: 31610210
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  • 13. Fibroblast growth factor-inducible 14 mediates macrophage infiltration in heart to promote pressure overload-induced cardiac dysfunction.
    Unudurthi SD; Nassal DM; Patel NJ; Thomas E; Yu J; Pierson CG; Bansal SS; Mohler PJ; Hund TJ
    Life Sci; 2020 Apr; 247():117440. PubMed ID: 32070706
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  • 14. ABCA1 inhibits PDGF-induced proliferation and migration of rat airway smooth muscle cell through blocking TLR2/NF-κB/NFATc1 signaling.
    Cheng W; Yan K; Chen Y; Zhang W; Ji Z; Dang C
    J Cell Biochem; 2018 Sep; 119(9):7388-7396. PubMed ID: 29775222
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  • 15. TWEAK/Fn14 promotes the proliferation and collagen synthesis of rat cardiac fibroblasts via the NF-кB pathway.
    Chen HN; Wang DJ; Ren MY; Wang QL; Sui SJ
    Mol Biol Rep; 2012 Aug; 39(8):8231-41. PubMed ID: 22555979
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  • 16. Fibroblast growth factor inducible (Fn14)-specific antibodies concomitantly display signaling pathway-specific agonistic and antagonistic activity.
    Salzmann S; Seher A; Trebing J; Weisenberger D; Rosenthal A; Siegmund D; Wajant H
    J Biol Chem; 2013 May; 288(19):13455-66. PubMed ID: 23532848
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  • 17. FGF-inducible 14-kDa protein (Fn14) is regulated via the RhoA/ROCK kinase pathway in cardiomyocytes and mediates nuclear factor-kappaB activation by TWEAK.
    Chorianopoulos E; Heger T; Lutz M; Frank D; Bea F; Katus HA; Frey N
    Basic Res Cardiol; 2010 Mar; 105(2):301-13. PubMed ID: 19629561
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  • 18. Tumor Necrosis Factor-Like Weak Inducer of Apoptosis (TWEAK)/Fibroblast Growth Factor-Inducible 14 (Fn14) Axis in Cardiovascular Diseases: Progress and Challenges.
    Méndez-Barbero N; Gutiérrez-Muñoz C; Blázquez-Serra R; Martín-Ventura JL; Blanco-Colio LM
    Cells; 2020 Feb; 9(2):. PubMed ID: 32053869
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  • 19. SFRP5 Partially Inhibits the Proliferation and Migration of Airway Smooth Muscle Cells in Children with Asthma by Regulating the Wnt/β-Catenin Signaling Pathway.
    Yuan Y; Zhu H; Huang S; Zhang Y; Shen Y
    Discov Med; 2024 Feb; 36(181):323-331. PubMed ID: 38409837
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  • 20. Controversies in TWEAK-Fn14 signaling in skeletal muscle atrophy and regeneration.
    Pascoe AL; Johnston AJ; Murphy RM
    Cell Mol Life Sci; 2020 Sep; 77(17):3369-3381. PubMed ID: 32200423
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