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  • 1. Herbal formula Huang Qin Ge Gen Tang enhances 5-fluorouracil antitumor activity through modulation of the E2F1/TS pathway.
    Liu H; Liu H; Zhou Z; Parise RA; Chu E; Schmitz JC
    Cell Commun Signal; 2018 Feb; 16(1):7. PubMed ID: 29458395
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  • 2. Melatonin-mediated downregulation of thymidylate synthase as a novel mechanism for overcoming 5-fluorouracil associated chemoresistance in colorectal cancer cells.
    Sakatani A; Sonohara F; Goel A
    Carcinogenesis; 2019 May; 40(3):422-431. PubMed ID: 30590435
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  • 3. Microbial metabolite sodium butyrate enhances the anti-tumor efficacy of 5-fluorouracil against colorectal cancer by modulating PINK1/Parkin signaling and intestinal flora.
    Li Y; He P; Chen Y; Hu J; Deng B; Liu C; Yu B; Dong W
    Sci Rep; 2024 Jun; 14(1):13063. PubMed ID: 38844824
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  • 4. Broccoli extracellular vesicles enhance the therapeutic effects and restore the chemosensitivity of 5-fluorouracil on colon cancer.
    Cao Y; Hou L; Li M; Zhang J; Wang L; Liu C; Luo T; Yan L; Zheng L
    Food Chem Toxicol; 2024 Apr; 186():114563. PubMed ID: 38442787
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  • 5. Albendazole inhibits colon cancer progression and therapy resistance by targeting ubiquitin ligase RNF20.
    Fatima I; Ahmad R; Barman S; Gowrikumar S; Pravoverov K; Primeaux M; Fisher KW; Singh AB; Dhawan P
    Br J Cancer; 2024 Apr; 130(6):1046-1058. PubMed ID: 38278978
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  • 6. Review of 5-FU resistance mechanisms in colorectal cancer: clinical significance of attenuated on-target effects.
    Gmeiner WH; Okechukwu CC
    Cancer Drug Resist; 2023; 6(2):257-272. PubMed ID: 37457133
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  • 7. Effectiveness of a Controlled 5-FU Delivery Based on FZD10 Antibody-Conjugated Liposomes in Colorectal Cancer In vitro Models.
    Scavo MP; Cutrignelli A; Depalo N; Fanizza E; Laquintana V; Gasparini G; Giannelli G; Denora N
    Pharmaceutics; 2020 Jul; 12(7):. PubMed ID: 32664186
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  • 8. Medicinal Plants in the Prevention and Treatment of Colon Cancer.
    Aiello P; Sharghi M; Mansourkhani SM; Ardekan AP; Jouybari L; Daraei N; Peiro K; Mohamadian S; Rezaei M; Heidari M; Peluso I; Ghorat F; Bishayee A; Kooti W
    Oxid Med Cell Longev; 2019; 2019():2075614. PubMed ID: 32377288
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  • 9. Autophagy-dependent ferroptosis drives tumor-associated macrophage polarization via release and uptake of oncogenic KRAS protein.
    Dai E; Han L; Liu J; Xie Y; Kroemer G; Klionsky DJ; Zeh HJ; Kang R; Wang J; Tang D
    Autophagy; 2020 Nov; 16(11):2069-2083. PubMed ID: 31920150
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  • 10. Xiaoyaosan slows cancer progression and ameliorates gut dysbiosis in mice with chronic restraint stress and colorectal cancer xenografts.
    Zhang Z; Shao S; Zhang Y; Jia R; Hu X; Liu H; Sun M; Zhang B; Li Q; Wang Y
    Biomed Pharmacother; 2020 Dec; 132():110916. PubMed ID: 33113425
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  • 11. A Chinese Herbal Formula Suppresses Colorectal Cancer Migration and Vasculogenic Mimicry Through ROS/HIF-1
    Zong S; Tang Y; Li W; Han S; Shi Q; Ruan X; Hou F
    Front Pharmacol; 2020; 11():705. PubMed ID: 32499699
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  • 12. Ancient Chinese Medicine Herbal Formula Huanglian Jiedu Decoction as a Neoadjuvant Treatment of Chemotherapy by Improving Diarrhea and Tumor Response.
    Chan YT; Cheung F; Zhang C; Fu B; Tan HY; Norimoto H; Wang N; Feng Y
    Front Pharmacol; 2020; 11():252. PubMed ID: 32210825
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  • 13. A new herbal formula BP10A exerted an antitumor effect and enhanced anticancer effect of irinotecan and oxaliplatin in the colon cancer PDTX model.
    Kim J; Kim HY; Hong S; Shin S; Kim YA; Kim NS; Bang OS
    Biomed Pharmacother; 2019 Aug; 116():108987. PubMed ID: 31112870
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  • 14. Jianpi Jiedu decoction, a traditional Chinese medicine formula, inhibits tumorigenesis, metastasis, and angiogenesis through the mTOR/HIF-1α/VEGF pathway.
    Peng W; Zhang S; Zhang Z; Xu P; Mao D; Huang S; Chen B; Zhang C; Zhang S
    J Ethnopharmacol; 2018 Oct; 224():140-148. PubMed ID: 29852266
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  • 15. Scutellaria baicalensis enhances 5-fluorouracil-based chemotherapy via inhibition of proliferative signaling pathways.
    Liu H; Liu H; Zhou Z; Chung J; Zhang G; Chang J; Parise RA; Chu E; Schmitz JC
    Cell Commun Signal; 2023 Jun; 21(1):147. PubMed ID: 37337282
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  • 16. Research progress of traditional Chinese medicine as sensitizer in reversing chemoresistance of colorectal cancer.
    Lin X; Yang X; Yang Y; Zhang H; Huang X
    Front Oncol; 2023; 13():1132141. PubMed ID: 36994201
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  • 17. Sodium New Houttuyfonate Inhibits Cancer-Promoting
    Jia F; Yu Q; Zhao L; Shen Y; Guo H; He F
    Cancers (Basel); 2022 Dec; 14(24):. PubMed ID: 36551597
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  • 18. Efficacy of jianpi huatan granule in reducing colorectal cancer metastasis and recurrence after radical resection and adjuvant chemotherapy: Study protocol for a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicentre trial.
    Li L; Qu Q; Cui N; Cai L; Zou J; Wu J; Hao T; Wu Y
    Front Pharmacol; 2022; 13():944475. PubMed ID: 36176445
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  • 19. Traditional Chinese medicine reverses cancer multidrug resistance and its mechanism.
    Wei J; Liu Z; He J; Liu Q; Lu Y; He S; Yuan B; Zhang J; Ding Y
    Clin Transl Oncol; 2022 Mar; 24(3):471-482. PubMed ID: 34643878
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  • 20. Recent Updates on Mechanisms of Resistance to 5-Fluorouracil and Reversal Strategies in Colon Cancer Treatment.
    Azwar S; Seow HF; Abdullah M; Faisal Jabar M; Mohtarrudin N
    Biology (Basel); 2021 Aug; 10(9):. PubMed ID: 34571731
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