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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Lung cancer targeted therapy: Folate and transferrin dual targeted, glutathione responsive nanocarriers for the delivery of cisplatin.
    Tan S; Wang G
    Biomed Pharmacother; 2018 Jun; 102():55-63. PubMed ID: 29549729
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  • 2. Co-delivery of cisplatin and paclitaxel by folic acid conjugated amphiphilic PEG-PLGA copolymer nanoparticles for the treatment of non-small lung cancer.
    He Z; Huang J; Xu Y; Zhang X; Teng Y; Huang C; Wu Y; Zhang X; Zhang H; Sun W
    Oncotarget; 2015 Dec; 6(39):42150-68. PubMed ID: 26517524
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  • 3. RGD peptide-modified, paclitaxel prodrug-based, dual-drugs loaded, and redox-sensitive lipid-polymer nanoparticles for the enhanced lung cancer therapy.
    Wang G; Wang Z; Li C; Duan G; Wang K; Li Q; Tao T
    Biomed Pharmacother; 2018 Oct; 106():275-284. PubMed ID: 29966971
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  • 4. Targeted hepatocellular carcinoma therapy: transferrin modified, self-assembled polymeric nanomedicine for co-delivery of cisplatin and doxorubicin.
    Zhang X; Li J; Yan M
    Drug Dev Ind Pharm; 2016 Oct; 42(10):1590-9. PubMed ID: 26942448
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  • 5. Transferrin and tocopheryl-polyethylene glycol-succinate dual ligands decorated, cisplatin loaded nano-sized system for the treatment of lung cancer.
    Xu G; Chen Y; Shan R; Wu X; Chen L
    Biomed Pharmacother; 2018 Mar; 99():354-362. PubMed ID: 29358128
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  • 6. Anti-tumor efficacy of polymer-platinum(II) complex micelles fabricated from folate conjugated PEG-graft-α,β-poly [(N-amino acidyl)-aspartamide] and cis-dichlorodiammine platinum(II) in tumor-bearing mice.
    Xue Y; Tang X; Huang J; Zhang X; Yu J; Zhang Y; Gui S
    Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces; 2011 Jul; 85(2):280-8. PubMed ID: 21435846
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  • 7. A Novel Folic Acid Receptor-Targeted Drug Delivery System Based on Curcumin-Loaded β-Cyclodextrin Nanoparticles for Cancer Treatment.
    Hong W; Guo F; Yu N; Ying S; Lou B; Wu J; Gao Y; Ji X; Wang H; Li A; Wang G; Yang G
    Drug Des Devel Ther; 2021; 15():2843-2855. PubMed ID: 34234415
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  • 8. Co-delivery of doxorubicin and pH-sensitive curcumin prodrug by transferrin-targeted nanoparticles for breast cancer treatment.
    Cui T; Zhang S; Sun H
    Oncol Rep; 2017 Feb; 37(2):1253-1260. PubMed ID: 28075466
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  • 9. Combination Therapy of Lung Cancer Using Layer-by-Layer Cisplatin Prodrug and Curcumin Co-Encapsulated Nanomedicine.
    Hong Y; Che S; Hui B; Wang X; Zhang X; Ma H
    Drug Des Devel Ther; 2020; 14():2263-2274. PubMed ID: 32606596
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  • 10. Synergistic Antitumor Efficacy Mediated by Liposomal Co-Delivery of Polymeric Micelles of Vinorelbine and Cisplatin in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.
    Wang S; Gou J; Wang Y; Tan X; Zhao L; Jin X; Tang X
    Int J Nanomedicine; 2021; 16():2357-2372. PubMed ID: 33790554
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  • 11. Transferrin and folic acid co-modified bufalin-loaded nanoliposomes: preparation, characterization, and application in anticancer activity.
    Chen Q; Liu J
    Int J Nanomedicine; 2018; 13():6009-6018. PubMed ID: 30323588
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  • 12. Delivery of baicalein and paclitaxel using self-assembled nanoparticles: synergistic antitumor effect in vitro and in vivo.
    Wang W; Xi M; Duan X; Wang Y; Kong F
    Int J Nanomedicine; 2015; 10():3737-50. PubMed ID: 26045664
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  • 13. Lung cancer gene therapy: Transferrin and hyaluronic acid dual ligand-decorated novel lipid carriers for targeted gene delivery.
    Zhang B; Zhang Y; Yu D
    Oncol Rep; 2017 Feb; 37(2):937-944. PubMed ID: 27959442
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  • 14. Folate-modified doxorubicin-loaded nanoparticles for tumor-targeted therapy.
    Wu G; Wang Z; Bian X; Du X; Wei C
    Pharm Biol; 2014 Aug; 52(8):978-82. PubMed ID: 25017652
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  • 15. Targeted Delivery of Cisplatin-Derived Nanoprecursors via a Biomimetic Yeast Microcapsule for Tumor Therapy by the Oral Route.
    Zhou X; Ling K; Liu M; Zhang X; Ding J; Dong Y; Liang Z; Li J; Zhang J
    Theranostics; 2019; 9(22):6568-6586. PubMed ID: 31588236
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  • 16. Preparation and biodistribution of 188Re-labeled folate conjugated human serum albumin magnetic cisplatin nanoparticles (188Re-folate-CDDP/HSA MNPs) in vivo.
    Tang QS; Chen DZ; Xue WQ; Xiang JY; Gong YC; Zhang L; Guo CQ
    Int J Nanomedicine; 2011; 6():3077-85. PubMed ID: 22163161
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  • 17. Transferrin-Decorated Protein-Lipid Hybrid Nanoparticle Efficiently Delivers Cisplatin and Docetaxel for Targeted Lung Cancer Treatment.
    Mao K; Zhang W; Yu L; Yu Y; Liu H; Zhang X
    Drug Des Devel Ther; 2021; 15():3475-3486. PubMed ID: 34413632
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  • 18. Synergistic Combination Chemotherapy of Lung Cancer: Cisplatin and Doxorubicin Conjugated Prodrug Loaded, Glutathione and pH Sensitive Nanocarriers.
    Jin Y; Wang Y; Liu X; Zhou J; Wang X; Feng H; Liu H
    Drug Des Devel Ther; 2020; 14():5205-5215. PubMed ID: 33268983
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  • 19. Hemocompatibility of folic-acid-conjugated amphiphilic PEG-PLGA copolymer nanoparticles for co-delivery of cisplatin and paclitaxel: treatment effects for non-small-cell lung cancer.
    He Z; Shi Z; Sun W; Ma J; Xia J; Zhang X; Chen W; Huang J
    Tumour Biol; 2016 Jun; 37(6):7809-21. PubMed ID: 26695149
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  • 20. Pulmonary delivery by exploiting doxorubicin and cisplatin co-loaded nanoparticles for metastatic lung cancer therapy.
    Xu C; Wang Y; Guo Z; Chen J; Lin L; Wu J; Tian H; Chen X
    J Control Release; 2019 Feb; 295():153-163. PubMed ID: 30586598
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