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  • 1. Concomitant high expression of survivin and vascular endothelial growth factor-C is strongly associated with metastatic status of lymph nodes in papillary thyroid carcinoma.
    Selemetjev S; Savin S; Paunovic I; Tatic S; Cvejic D
    J Cancer Res Ther; 2018; 14(Supplement):S114-S119. PubMed ID: 29578160
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  • 2. Coexpressed High Levels of VEGF-C and Active MMP-9 Are Associated With Lymphatic Spreading and Local Invasiveness of Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma.
    Šelemetjev S; Ðoric I; Paunovic I; Tatic S; Cvejic D
    Am J Clin Pathol; 2016 Nov; 146(5):594-602. PubMed ID: 27806941
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  • 3. Co-regulatory potential of vascular endothelial growth factor-A and vascular endothelial growth factor-C in thyroid carcinoma.
    Salajegheh A; Pakneshan S; Rahman A; Dolan-Evans E; Zhang S; Kwong E; Gopalan V; Lo CY; Smith RA; Lam AK
    Hum Pathol; 2013 Oct; 44(10):2204-12. PubMed ID: 23845470
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  • 4. Increased expression of vascular endothelial growth factor C in papillary thyroid carcinoma correlates with cervical lymph node metastases.
    Yu XM; Lo CY; Chan WF; Lam KY; Leung P; Luk JM
    Clin Cancer Res; 2005 Nov; 11(22):8063-9. PubMed ID: 16299237
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  • 5. Relationship between protein expression of VEGF-C, MMP-2 and lymph node metastasis in papillary thyroid cancer.
    Tian X; Cong M; Zhou W; Zhu J; Liu Q
    J Int Med Res; 2008; 36(4):699-703. PubMed ID: 18652765
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  • 6. Evaluation of survivin expression and its prognostic value in papillary thyroid carcinoma.
    Selemetjev S; Dencic TI; Marecko I; Jankovic J; Paunovic I; Savin S; Cvejic D
    Pathol Res Pract; 2014 Jan; 210(1):30-4. PubMed ID: 24199968
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  • 7. Thymosin beta 10 correlates with lymph node metastases of papillary thyroid carcinoma.
    Zhang XJ; Su YR; Liu D; Xu DB; Zeng MS; Chen WK
    J Surg Res; 2014 Dec; 192(2):487-93. PubMed ID: 24974154
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  • 8. Survivin regulates the expression of VEGF-C in lymphatic metastasis of breast cancer.
    Cai X; Ma S; Gu M; Zu C; Qu W; Zheng X
    Diagn Pathol; 2012 May; 7():52. PubMed ID: 22607367
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  • 9. Changes in the expression pattern of apoptotic molecules (galectin-3, Bcl-2, Bax, survivin) during progression of thyroid malignancy and their clinical significance.
    Selemetjev SA; Savin SB; Paunovic IR; Tatic SB; Cvejic D
    Wien Klin Wochenschr; 2015 May; 127(9-10):337-44. PubMed ID: 25471003
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  • 10. NONHSAT076754 aids ultrasonography in predicting lymph node metastasis and promotes migration and invasion of papillary thyroid cancer cells.
    Xia S; Wang C; Ni X; Ni Z; Dong Y; Zhan W
    Oncotarget; 2017 Jan; 8(2):2293-2306. PubMed ID: 27906682
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  • 11. Role of survivin in the pathogenesis of papillary thyroid carcinoma.
    Li JY; Shi J; Sang JF; Yao YZ; Wang XC; Su L
    Genet Mol Res; 2015 Nov; 14(4):15102-11. PubMed ID: 26634473
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  • 12. VEGF-D expression and lymph vessels play an important role for lymph node metastasis in papillary thyroid carcinoma.
    Yasuoka H; Nakamura Y; Zuo H; Tang W; Takamura Y; Miyauchi A; Nakamura M; Mori I; Kakudo K
    Mod Pathol; 2005 Aug; 18(8):1127-33. PubMed ID: 15803188
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  • 13. Preoperative serum VEGF-C but not VEGF-A level is correlated with lateral neck metastasis in papillary thyroid carcinoma.
    Jang JY; Kim DS; Park HY; Shin SC; Cha W; Lee JC; Wang SG; Lee BJ
    Head Neck; 2019 Aug; 41(8):2602-2609. PubMed ID: 30843635
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  • 14. VEGF-C and COX-2 expression in papillary thyroid cancer.
    Siironen P; Ristimäki A; Narko K; Nordling S; Louhimo J; Andersson S; Haapiainen R; Haglund C
    Endocr Relat Cancer; 2006 Jun; 13(2):465-73. PubMed ID: 16728574
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  • 15. [Expression and significance of VEGF, VEGF-C, and VEGF-D in papillary thyroid carcinoma].
    Jiang HG; Gao M; Tang WP; Li FH; Cai QZ
    Ai Zheng; 2005 Sep; 24(9):1136-9. PubMed ID: 16159441
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  • 16. Vascular endothelial growth factor-C gene expression in papillary and follicular thyroid carcinomas.
    Fellmer PT; Sato K; Tanaka R; Okamoto T; Kato Y; Kobayashi M; Shibuya M; Obara T
    Surgery; 1999 Dec; 126(6):1056-61; discussion 1061-2. PubMed ID: 10598188
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  • 17. Nitric oxide in papillary thyroid carcinoma: induction of vascular endothelial growth factor D and correlation with lymph node metastasis.
    Nakamura Y; Yasuoka H; Zuo H; Takamura Y; Miyauchi A; Nakamura M; Kakudo K
    J Clin Endocrinol Metab; 2006 Apr; 91(4):1582-5. PubMed ID: 16418215
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  • 18. Expression of TGF-β1, SNAI1 and MMP-9 is associated with lymph node metastasis in papillary thyroid carcinoma.
    Wang N; Jiang R; Yang JY; Tang C; Yang L; Xu M; Jiang QF; Liu ZM
    J Mol Histol; 2014 Aug; 45(4):391-9. PubMed ID: 24276590
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  • 19. Cervical Lymph Node Metastases of Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma, in the Central and Lateral Compartments, in Children and Adolescents: Predictive Factors.
    Spinelli C; Tognetti F; Strambi S; Morganti R; Massimino M; Collini P
    World J Surg; 2018 Aug; 42(8):2444-2453. PubMed ID: 29383423
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  • 20. Overexpression of HIF-1α, metallothionein and SLUG is associated with high TNM stage and lymph node metastasis in papillary thyroid carcinoma.
    Wang N; Dong CR; Jiang R; Tang C; Yang L; Jiang QF; Chen GG; Liu ZM
    Int J Clin Exp Pathol; 2014; 7(1):322-30. PubMed ID: 24427353
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