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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 21. [Nrf2 and Keap1 Abnormalities in 104 Lung Adenocarcinoma Cases and Association with Clinicopathologic Features].
    Xiao Y; Zhu X; Gu Y; Chen S; Liang L; Cao B
    Zhongguo Fei Ai Za Zhi; 2018 Mar; 21(3):241-250. PubMed ID: 29587953
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  • 22. Dysfunctional KEAP1-NRF2 interaction in non-small-cell lung cancer.
    Singh A; Misra V; Thimmulappa RK; Lee H; Ames S; Hoque MO; Herman JG; Baylin SB; Sidransky D; Gabrielson E; Brock MV; Biswal S
    PLoS Med; 2006 Oct; 3(10):e420. PubMed ID: 17020408
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  • 23. NRF2 Activation Promotes Aggressive Lung Cancer and Associates with Poor Clinical Outcomes.
    Singh A; Daemen A; Nickles D; Jeon SM; Foreman O; Sudini K; Gnad F; Lajoie S; Gour N; Mitzner W; Chatterjee S; Choi EJ; Ravishankar B; Rappaport A; Patil N; McCleland M; Johnson L; Acquaah-Mensah G; Gabrielson E; Biswal S; Hatzivassiliou G
    Clin Cancer Res; 2021 Feb; 27(3):877-888. PubMed ID: 33077574
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  • 24. STK11/LKB1 and KEAP1 mutations in non-small cell lung cancer: Prognostic rather than predictive?
    Di Federico A; De Giglio A; Parisi C; Gelsomino F
    Eur J Cancer; 2021 Nov; 157():108-113. PubMed ID: 34500370
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  • 25. Co-occurrence of targetable mutations in Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients harboring MAP2K1 mutations.
    Scheffler M; Holzem A; Kron A; Nogova L; Ihle MA; von Levetzow C; Fassunke J; Wömpner C; Bitter E; Koleczko S; Abdulla DSY; Michels S; Fischer R; Riedel R; Weber JP; Westphal T; Gerigk U; Kern J; Kaminsky B; Randerath W; Kambartel KO; Merkelbach-Bruse S; Büttner R; Wolf J
    Lung Cancer; 2020 Jun; 144():40-48. PubMed ID: 32361034
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  • 26. KEAP1/NRF2 (NFE2L2) mutations in NSCLC - Fuel for a superresistant phenotype?
    Dempke WCM; Reck M
    Lung Cancer; 2021 Sep; 159():10-17. PubMed ID: 34303275
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  • 27. Survival analysis for non-squamous NSCLC patients harbored STK11 or KEAP1 mutation receiving atezolizumab.
    Shang X; Li Z; Sun J; Zhao C; Lin J; Wang H
    Lung Cancer; 2021 Apr; 154():105-112. PubMed ID: 33640623
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  • 28. A Transcriptomic Approach Outperforms Mutational Analysis to Identify KEAP1/NFE2L2 Pathway Activation in Patients With NSCLC.
    Hijazo-Pechero S; Muñoz-Pinedo C; Nadal E
    J Thorac Oncol; 2023 Nov; 18(11):1431-1433. PubMed ID: 37879763
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  • 29. KEAP1-Mutant NSCLC: The Catastrophic Failure of a Cell-Protecting Hub.
    Scalera S; Mazzotta M; Cortile C; Krasniqi E; De Maria R; Cappuzzo F; Ciliberto G; Maugeri-Saccà M
    J Thorac Oncol; 2022 Jun; 17(6):751-757. PubMed ID: 35351670
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  • 30. KEAP1-NFE2L2-Mutant NSCLC and Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors: A Large Database Analysis.
    Zhang C; Zhang C; Li J; Wang H
    J Thorac Oncol; 2020 Jun; 15(6):e85-e86. PubMed ID: 32471565
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  • 31. Co-occurring KEAP1 and TP53 mutations in lung squamous cell carcinoma induced primary resistance to thoracic radiotherapy: A case report.
    Nishimura R; Yoshida T; Torasawa M; Kashihara T; Ohe Y
    Thorac Cancer; 2023 Jan; 14(2):206-209. PubMed ID: 36453575
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  • 32. K-ras Mutation Subtypes in NSCLC and Associated Co-occuring Mutations in Other Oncogenic Pathways.
    Scheffler M; Ihle MA; Hein R; Merkelbach-Bruse S; Scheel AH; Siemanowski J; Brägelmann J; Kron A; Abedpour N; Ueckeroth F; Schüller M; Koleczko S; Michels S; Fassunke J; Pasternack H; Heydt C; Serke M; Fischer R; Schulte W; Gerigk U; Nogova L; Ko YD; Abdulla DSY; Riedel R; Kambartel KO; Lorenz J; Sauerland I; Randerath W; Kaminsky B; Hagmeyer L; Grohé C; Eisert A; Frank R; Gogl L; Schaepers C; Holzem A; Hellmich M; Thomas RK; Peifer M; Sos ML; Büttner R; Wolf J
    J Thorac Oncol; 2019 Apr; 14(4):606-616. PubMed ID: 30605727
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  • 33. Comparative bioinformatic analysis of KRAS, STK11 and KEAP1 (co-)mutations in non-small cell lung cancer with a special focus on KRAS G12C.
    Boeschen M; Kuhn CK; Wirtz H; Seyfarth HJ; Frille A; Lordick F; Hacker UT; Obeck U; Stiller M; Bläker H; von Laffert M
    Lung Cancer; 2023 Oct; 184():107361. PubMed ID: 37699269
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  • 34. An integrative investigation on significant mutations and their down-stream pathways in lung squamous cell carcinoma reveals CUL3/KEAP1/NRF2 relevant subtypes.
    Liu Z; Deng M; Wu L; Zhang S
    Mol Med; 2020 May; 26(1):48. PubMed ID: 32434476
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  • 35. Concurrent TP53 Mutations Facilitate Resistance Evolution in EGFR-Mutant Lung Adenocarcinoma.
    Vokes NI; Chambers E; Nguyen T; Coolidge A; Lydon CA; Le X; Sholl L; Heymach JV; Nishino M; Van Allen EM; Jänne PA
    J Thorac Oncol; 2022 Jun; 17(6):779-792. PubMed ID: 35331964
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  • 36. Modification of platinum sensitivity by KEAP1/NRF2 signals in non-small cell lung cancer.
    Tian Y; Wu K; Liu Q; Han N; Zhang L; Chu Q; Chen Y
    J Hematol Oncol; 2016 Sep; 9(1):83. PubMed ID: 27601007
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  • 37. The prognostic impact of KRAS, TP53, STK11 and KEAP1 mutations and their influence on the NLR in NSCLC patients treated with immunotherapy.
    Proulx-Rocray F; Routy B; Nassabein R; Belkaid W; Tran-Thanh D; Malo J; Tonneau M; Ouarzadi OE; Florescu M; Tehfe M; Blais N
    Cancer Treat Res Commun; 2023; 37():100767. PubMed ID: 37832364
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  • 38. Keap1 Inhibits Metastatic Properties of NSCLC Cells by Stabilizing Architectures of F-Actin and Focal Adhesions.
    Wu B; Yang S; Sun H; Sun T; Ji F; Wang Y; Xu L; Zhou D
    Mol Cancer Res; 2018 Mar; 16(3):508-516. PubMed ID: 29330291
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  • 39. Integrated analysis of patients with KEAP1/NFE2L2/CUL3 mutations in lung adenocarcinomas.
    Jin X; Zheng Y; Chen Z; Wang F; Bi G; Li M; Liang J; Sui Q; Bian Y; Hu Z; Qiao Y; Xu S
    Cancer Med; 2021 Dec; 10(23):8673-8692. PubMed ID: 34617407
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  • 40. Expression of insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor (IGF-1R) predicts poor responses to epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) tyrosine kinase inhibitors in non-small cell lung cancer patients harboring activating EGFR mutations.
    Yeo CD; Park KH; Park CK; Lee SH; Kim SJ; Yoon HK; Lee YS; Lee EJ; Lee KY; Kim TJ
    Lung Cancer; 2015 Mar; 87(3):311-7. PubMed ID: 25617986
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