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  • 1. Bispecific antibodies in haematological malignancies.
    Viardot A; Bargou R
    Cancer Treat Rev; 2018 Apr; 65():87-95. PubMed ID: 29635163
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  • 2. Bispecific Antibodies in Hematologic Malignancies: When, to Whom, and How Should Be Best Used?
    Demichelis-Gómez R; Pérez-Sámano D; Bourlon C
    Curr Oncol Rep; 2019 Feb; 21(2):17. PubMed ID: 30715609
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  • 3. Concepts in immuno-oncology: tackling B cell malignancies with CD19-directed bispecific T cell engager therapies.
    Viardot A; Locatelli F; Stieglmaier J; Zaman F; Jabbour E
    Ann Hematol; 2020 Oct; 99(10):2215-2229. PubMed ID: 32856140
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  • 4. [Cancer therapy using bispecific antibodies].
    Kadowaki N
    Rinsho Ketsueki; 2018; 59(10):1942-1947. PubMed ID: 30305495
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  • 5. Clinical Development and Therapeutic Applications of Bispecific Antibodies for Hematologic Malignancies.
    Hays P
    Cancer Treat Res; 2022; 183():287-315. PubMed ID: 35551665
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  • 6. Redirecting T cells to hematological malignancies with bispecific antibodies.
    Velasquez MP; Bonifant CL; Gottschalk S
    Blood; 2018 Jan; 131(1):30-38. PubMed ID: 29118005
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  • 7. A tetravalent bispecific TandAb (CD19/CD3), AFM11, efficiently recruits T cells for the potent lysis of CD19(+) tumor cells.
    Reusch U; Duell J; Ellwanger K; Herbrecht C; Knackmuss SH; Fucek I; Eser M; McAleese F; Molkenthin V; Gall FL; Topp M; Little M; Zhukovsky EA
    MAbs; 2015; 7(3):584-604. PubMed ID: 25875246
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  • 8. Treatment of hematological malignancies with T cell redirected bispecific antibodies: current status and future needs.
    Foster LH; Lum LG
    Expert Opin Biol Ther; 2019 Jul; 19(7):707-720. PubMed ID: 31081696
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  • 9. Blinatumomab: a CD19/CD3 bispecific T cell engager (BiTE) with unique anti-tumor efficacy.
    Goebeler ME; Bargou R
    Leuk Lymphoma; 2016 May; 57(5):1021-32. PubMed ID: 27050240
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  • 10. Blinatumomab for the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
    Kaplan JB; Grischenko M; Giles FJ
    Invest New Drugs; 2015 Dec; 33(6):1271-9. PubMed ID: 26383529
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  • 11. Bispecific, T-Cell-Recruiting Antibodies in B-Cell Malignancies.
    Lejeune M; Köse MC; Duray E; Einsele H; Beguin Y; Caers J
    Front Immunol; 2020; 11():762. PubMed ID: 32457743
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  • 12. Blinatumomab, a Bispecific T-cell Engager (BiTE(®)) for CD-19 Targeted Cancer Immunotherapy: Clinical Pharmacology and Its Implications.
    Zhu M; Wu B; Brandl C; Johnson J; Wolf A; Chow A; Doshi S
    Clin Pharmacokinet; 2016 Oct; 55(10):1271-1288. PubMed ID: 27209293
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  • 13. Blinatumomab: Bridging the Gap in Adult Relapsed/Refractory B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.
    Folan SA; Rexwinkle A; Autry J; Bryan JC
    Clin Lymphoma Myeloma Leuk; 2016 Aug; 16 Suppl():S2-5. PubMed ID: 27521320
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  • 14. Bispecific Antibodies for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Treatment.
    Bock AM; Nowakowski GS; Wang Y
    Curr Treat Options Oncol; 2022 Feb; 23(2):155-170. PubMed ID: 35182296
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  • 15. T-cell responses against CD19+ pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia mediated by bispecific T-cell engager (BiTE) are regulated contrarily by PD-L1 and CD80/CD86 on leukemic blasts.
    Feucht J; Kayser S; Gorodezki D; Hamieh M; Döring M; Blaeschke F; Schlegel P; Bösmüller H; Quintanilla-Fend L; Ebinger M; Lang P; Handgretinger R; Feuchtinger T
    Oncotarget; 2016 Nov; 7(47):76902-76919. PubMed ID: 27708227
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  • 16. [Bispecific antibodies in onco-hematology: Applications and perspectives].
    Barrière S; El-Ghazzi N; Garcia M; Guièze R
    Bull Cancer; 2021 Oct; 108(10S):S195-S204. PubMed ID: 34920803
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  • 17. The BiTE (bispecific T-cell engager) platform: Development and future potential of a targeted immuno-oncology therapy across tumor types.
    Einsele H; Borghaei H; Orlowski RZ; Subklewe M; Roboz GJ; Zugmaier G; Kufer P; Iskander K; Kantarjian HM
    Cancer; 2020 Jul; 126(14):3192-3201. PubMed ID: 32401342
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  • 18. Blinatumomab for the treatment of B-cell lymphoma.
    Oak E; Bartlett NL
    Expert Opin Investig Drugs; 2015 May; 24(5):715-24. PubMed ID: 25739952
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  • 19. Increase of PD-L1 expressing B-precursor ALL cells in a patient resistant to the CD19/CD3-bispecific T cell engager antibody blinatumomab.
    Köhnke T; Krupka C; Tischer J; Knösel T; Subklewe M
    J Hematol Oncol; 2015 Oct; 8():111. PubMed ID: 26449653
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  • 20. Bispecific antibodies and trispecific immunocytokines for targeting the immune system against cancer: preparing for the future.
    Fournier P; Schirrmacher V
    BioDrugs; 2013 Feb; 27(1):35-53. PubMed ID: 23329400
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