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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Diagnosis of EGFR exon21 L858R point mutation as lung cancer biomarker by electrochemical DNA biosensor based on reduced graphene oxide /functionalized ordered mesoporous carbon/Ni-oxytetracycline metallopolymer nanoparticles modified pencil graphite electrode.
    Shoja Y; Kermanpur A; Karimzadeh F
    Biosens Bioelectron; 2018 Aug; 113():108-115. PubMed ID: 29753165
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  • 2. A new strategy to design label-free electrochemical biosensor for ultrasensitive diagnosis of CYFRA 21-1 as a biomarker for detection of non-small cell lung cancer.
    Jafari-Kashi A; Rafiee-Pour HA; Shabani-Nooshabadi M
    Chemosphere; 2022 Aug; 301():134636. PubMed ID: 35447211
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  • 3. Ultrasensitive DNA sensor based on gold nanoparticles/reduced graphene oxide/glassy carbon electrode.
    Benvidi A; Firouzabadi AD; Moshtaghiun SM; Mazloum-Ardakani M; Tezerjani MD
    Anal Biochem; 2015 Sep; 484():24-30. PubMed ID: 25988596
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  • 4. Electrochemical label-free and sensitive nanobiosensing of DNA hybridization by graphene oxide modified pencil graphite electrode.
    Ahour F; Shamsi A
    Anal Biochem; 2017 Sep; 532():64-71. PubMed ID: 28606426
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  • 5. Detection of Oxytetracycline Using an Electrochemical Label-Free Aptamer-Based Biosensor.
    Akbarzadeh S; Khajehsharifi H; Hajihosseini S
    Biosensors (Basel); 2022 Jun; 12(7):. PubMed ID: 35884270
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  • 6. Graphene electrode modified with electrochemically reduced graphene oxide for label-free DNA detection.
    Li B; Pan G; Avent ND; Lowry RB; Madgett TE; Waines PL
    Biosens Bioelectron; 2015 Oct; 72():313-9. PubMed ID: 26002015
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  • 7. DNA biosensors based on gold nanoparticles-modified graphene oxide for the detection of breast cancer biomarkers for early diagnosis.
    Saeed AA; Sánchez JLA; O'Sullivan CK; Abbas MN
    Bioelectrochemistry; 2017 Dec; 118():91-99. PubMed ID: 28802177
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  • 8. Electrochemical monitoring of biointeraction by graphene-based material modified pencil graphite electrode.
    Eksin E; Zor E; Erdem A; Bingol H
    Biosens Bioelectron; 2017 Jun; 92():207-214. PubMed ID: 28214748
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  • 9. Detection of Aeromonas hydrophila DNA oligonucleotide sequence using a biosensor design based on Ceria nanoparticles decorated reduced graphene oxide and Fast Fourier transform square wave voltammetry.
    Jafari S; Faridbod F; Norouzi P; Dezfuli AS; Ajloo D; Mohammadipanah F; Ganjali MR
    Anal Chim Acta; 2015 Oct; 895():80-8. PubMed ID: 26454462
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  • 10. An electrochemical DNA biosensor fabricated from graphene decorated with graphitic nanospheres.
    Raja Jamaluddin RZA; Tan LL; Chong KF; Heng LY
    Nanotechnology; 2020 Nov; 31(48):485501. PubMed ID: 32748805
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  • 11. A novel electrochemical DNA biosensor based on a modified magnetic bar carbon paste electrode with Fe3O4NPs-reduced graphene oxide/PANHS nanocomposite.
    Jahanbani S; Benvidi A
    Mater Sci Eng C Mater Biol Appl; 2016 Nov; 68():1-8. PubMed ID: 27523989
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  • 12. A highly sensitive electrochemical biosensor for catechol using conducting polymer reduced graphene oxide-metal oxide enzyme modified electrode.
    Sethuraman V; Muthuraja P; Anandha Raj J; Manisankar P
    Biosens Bioelectron; 2016 Oct; 84():112-9. PubMed ID: 26751827
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  • 13. Determination of miRNAs in serum of cancer patients with a label- and enzyme-free voltammetric biosensor in a single 30-min step.
    Zouari M; Campuzano S; Pingarrón JM; Raouafi N
    Mikrochim Acta; 2020 Jul; 187(8):444. PubMed ID: 32661767
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  • 14. Label-free electrochemical DNA biosensor for guanine and adenine by ds-DNA/poly(L-cysteine)/Fe
    Arvand M; Sanayeei M; Hemmati S
    Biosens Bioelectron; 2018 Apr; 102():70-79. PubMed ID: 29156408
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  • 15. Comparison of impedimetric detection of DNA hybridization on the various biosensors based on modified glassy carbon electrodes with PANHS and nanomaterials of RGO and MWCNTs.
    Benvidi A; Tezerjani MD; Jahanbani S; Mazloum Ardakani M; Moshtaghioun SM
    Talanta; 2016 Jan; 147():621-7. PubMed ID: 26592654
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  • 16. ε-MnO
    Abdel-Aal FAM; Rageh AH; Said MI; Saleh GA
    Anal Chim Acta; 2018 Dec; 1038():29-40. PubMed ID: 30278905
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  • 17. One-pot ionic liquid-assisted synthesis of highly dispersed PtPd nanoparticles/reduced graphene oxide composites for nonenzymatic glucose detection.
    Li M; Bo X; Zhang Y; Han C; Guo L
    Biosens Bioelectron; 2014 Jun; 56():223-30. PubMed ID: 24508545
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  • 18. Functionalized gold nanoparticles/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites for ultrasensitive electrochemical sensing of mercury ions based on thymine-mercury-thymine structure.
    Wang N; Lin M; Dai H; Ma H
    Biosens Bioelectron; 2016 May; 79():320-6. PubMed ID: 26720921
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  • 19. Graphene oxide modified single-use electrodes and their application for voltammetric miRNA analysis.
    Isin D; Eksin E; Erdem A
    Mater Sci Eng C Mater Biol Appl; 2017 Jun; 75():1242-1249. PubMed ID: 28415412
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  • 20. Electrochemical DNA Biosensor Based on Immobilization of a Non-Modified ssDNA Using Phosphoramidate-Bonding Strategy and Pencil Graphite Electrode Modified with AuNPs/CB and Self-Assembled Cysteamine Monolayer.
    Moustakim H; Mohammadi H; Amine A
    Sensors (Basel); 2022 Dec; 22(23):. PubMed ID: 36502122
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