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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Knockdown of PLK1 inhibits invasion and promotes apoptosis in glioma cells through regulating autophagy.
    Wu ZY; Wei N
    Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci; 2018 May; 22(9):2723-2733. PubMed ID: 29771424
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  • 2. Long noncoding RNA ENST00000413528 sponges microRNA-593-5p to modulate human glioma growth via polo-like kinase 1.
    Zhang R; Wei RL; Du W; Zhang LW; Du T; Geng YD; Wei XT
    CNS Neurosci Ther; 2019 Aug; 25(8):842-854. PubMed ID: 30924320
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  • 3. TPX2 promotes cell proliferation and migration via PLK1 in OC.
    Ma S; Rong X; Gao F; Yang Y; Wei L
    Cancer Biomark; 2018; 22(3):443-451. PubMed ID: 29865033
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  • 4. Polo-like kinase 1 is overexpressed in colorectal cancer and participates in the migration and invasion of colorectal cancer cells.
    Han DP; Zhu QL; Cui JT; Wang PX; Qu S; Cao QF; Zong YP; Feng B; Zheng MH; Lu AG
    Med Sci Monit; 2012 Jun; 18(6):BR237-46. PubMed ID: 22648245
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  • 5. Impact of iASPP on chemoresistance through PLK1 and autophagy in ovarian clear cell carcinoma.
    Chan KK; Wong OG; Wong ES; Chan KK; Ip PP; Tse KY; Cheung AN
    Int J Cancer; 2018 Sep; 143(6):1456-1469. PubMed ID: 29663364
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  • 6. Histone acetyltransferase inhibitor II induces apoptosis in glioma cell lines via the p53 signaling pathway.
    Xu LX; Li ZH; Tao YF; Li RH; Fang F; Zhao H; Li G; Li YH; Wang J; Feng X; Pan J
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2014 Dec; 33(1):108. PubMed ID: 25523932
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  • 7. Comprehensive analysis of differentially expressed genes associated with PLK1 in bladder cancer.
    Zhang Z; Zhang G; Gao Z; Li S; Li Z; Bi J; Liu X; Li Z; Kong C
    BMC Cancer; 2017 Dec; 17(1):861. PubMed ID: 29246203
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  • 8. PLK1 inhibitor facilitates the suppressing effect of temozolomide on human brain glioma stem cells.
    Liu N; Hu G; Wang H; Li Z; Guo Z
    J Cell Mol Med; 2018 Nov; 22(11):5300-5310. PubMed ID: 30133120
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  • 9. Clinicopathological significance of Polo-like kinase 1 (PLK1) expression in human malignant glioma.
    Cheng MW; Wang BC; Weng ZQ; Zhu XW
    Acta Histochem; 2012 Sep; 114(5):503-9. PubMed ID: 22000864
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  • 10. Dual PLK1 and STAT3 inhibition promotes glioblastoma cells apoptosis through MYC.
    Wang H; Tao Z; Feng M; Li X; Deng Z; Zhao G; Yin H; Pan T; Chen G; Feng Z; Li Y; Zhou Y
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun; 2020 Dec; 533(3):368-375. PubMed ID: 32962858
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  • 11. Effect of PLK1 inhibition on cisplatin-resistant gastric cancer cells.
    Chen Z; Chai Y; Zhao T; Li P; Zhao L; He F; Lang Y; Qin J; Ju H
    J Cell Physiol; 2019 May; 234(5):5904-5914. PubMed ID: 30488440
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  • 12. Regulation of cell apoptosis and proliferation in pancreatic cancer through PI3K/Akt pathway via Polo-like kinase 1.
    Mao Y; Xi L; Li Q; Cai Z; Lai Y; Zhang X; Yu C
    Oncol Rep; 2016 Jul; 36(1):49-56. PubMed ID: 27220401
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  • 13. Knockdown of ILK inhibits glioma development via upregulation of E-cadherin and downregulation of cyclin D1.
    Zheng K; Wang G; Li C; Shan X; Liu H
    Oncol Rep; 2015 Jul; 34(1):272-8. PubMed ID: 25998224
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  • 14. Misregulation of polo-like protein kinase 1, P53 and P21WAF1 in epithelial ovarian cancer suggests poor prognosis.
    Zhang R; Shi H; Ren F; Liu H; Zhang M; Deng Y; Li X
    Oncol Rep; 2015 Mar; 33(3):1235-42. PubMed ID: 25592872
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  • 15. [Effects of FPR2 gene silencing on the proliferation, migration and invasion of human glioma U87 cells].
    Liu L; Li X; Shi J; Li L; Wang J; Luo ZZ
    Zhonghua Zhong Liu Za Zhi; 2018 Sep; 40(9):659-666. PubMed ID: 30293389
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  • 16. Knockdown of HDAC1 expression suppresses invasion and induces apoptosis in glioma cells.
    Wang XQ; Bai HM; Li ST; Sun H; Min LZ; Tao BB; Zhong J; Li B
    Oncotarget; 2017 Jul; 8(29):48027-48040. PubMed ID: 28624794
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  • 17. Knockdown long non-coding RNA PEG10 inhibits proliferation, migration and invasion of glioma cell line U251 by regulating miR-506.
    Liang J; Liu N; Xin H
    Gen Physiol Biophys; 2019 Jul; 38(4):295-304. PubMed ID: 31241046
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  • 18. Effects of Long Form of CAPON Overexpression on Glioma Cell Proliferation are Dependent on AKT/mTOR/P53 Signaling.
    Liang D; Song Y; Fan G; Ji D; Zhang T; Nie E; Liu X; Liang J; Yu R; Gao S
    Int J Med Sci; 2019; 16(4):614-622. PubMed ID: 31171914
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  • 19. Polo-like kinase 1 is overexpressed in renal cancer and participates in the proliferation and invasion of renal cancer cells.
    Zhang G; Zhang Z; Liu Z
    Tumour Biol; 2013 Jun; 34(3):1887-94. PubMed ID: 23494182
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  • 20. ZEB2 mediates multiple pathways regulating cell proliferation, migration, invasion, and apoptosis in glioma.
    Qi S; Song Y; Peng Y; Wang H; Long H; Yu X; Li Z; Fang L; Wu A; Luo W; Zhen Y; Zhou Y; Chen Y; Mai C; Liu Z; Fang W
    PLoS One; 2012; 7(6):e38842. PubMed ID: 22761708
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