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  • 1. Role of ferroptosis in hepatocellular carcinoma.
    Nie J; Lin B; Zhou M; Wu L; Zheng T
    J Cancer Res Clin Oncol; 2018 Dec; 144(12):2329-2337. PubMed ID: 30167889
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  • 2. PLAG1 interacts with GPX4 to conquer vulnerability to sorafenib induced ferroptosis through a PVT1/miR-195-5p axis-dependent manner in hepatocellular carcinoma.
    Li J; Li Y; Wang D; Liao R; Wu Z
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2024 May; 43(1):143. PubMed ID: 38745179
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  • 3. Sigma-1 receptor protects against ferroptosis in hepatocellular carcinoma cells.
    Bai T; Lei P; Zhou H; Liang R; Zhu R; Wang W; Zhou L; Sun Y
    J Cell Mol Med; 2019 Nov; 23(11):7349-7359. PubMed ID: 31507082
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  • 4. ABCC5 facilitates the acquired resistance of sorafenib through the inhibition of SLC7A11-induced ferroptosis in hepatocellular carcinoma.
    Huang W; Chen K; Lu Y; Zhang D; Cheng Y; Li L; Huang W; He G; Liao H; Cai L; Tang Y; Zhao L; Pan M
    Neoplasia; 2021 Dec; 23(12):1227-1239. PubMed ID: 34768109
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  • 5. Epigenetic regulation of ferroptosis via ETS1/miR-23a-3p/ACSL4 axis mediates sorafenib resistance in human hepatocellular carcinoma.
    Lu Y; Chan YT; Tan HY; Zhang C; Guo W; Xu Y; Sharma R; Chen ZS; Zheng YC; Wang N; Feng Y
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2022 Jan; 41(1):3. PubMed ID: 34980204
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  • 6. Dihydroartemisinin induces ferroptosis of hepatocellular carcinoma via inhibiting ATF4-xCT pathway.
    Ji J; Cheng Z; Zhang J; Wu J; Xu X; Guo C; Feng J
    J Cell Mol Med; 2024 Apr; 28(8):e18335. PubMed ID: 38652216
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  • 7. Galectin-1-mediated MET/AXL signaling enhances sorafenib resistance in hepatocellular carcinoma by escaping ferroptosis.
    Hsu TW; Su YH; Chen HA; Liao PH; Shen SC; Tsai KY; Wang TH; Chen A; Huang CY; Shibu MA; Wang WY; Shen SC
    Aging (Albany NY); 2023 Jul; 15(13):6503-6525. PubMed ID: 37433225
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  • 8. Activation of the p62-Keap1-NRF2 pathway protects against ferroptosis in hepatocellular carcinoma cells.
    Sun X; Ou Z; Chen R; Niu X; Chen D; Kang R; Tang D
    Hepatology; 2016 Jan; 63(1):173-84. PubMed ID: 26403645
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  • 9. Loss of LncRNA DUXAP8 synergistically enhanced sorafenib induced ferroptosis in hepatocellular carcinoma via SLC7A11 de-palmitoylation.
    Shi Z; Li Z; Jin B; Ye W; Wang L; Zhang S; Zheng J; Lin Z; Chen B; Liu F; Zhang B; Ding X; Yang Z; Shan Y; Yu Z; Wang Y; Chen J; Chen Q; Roberts LR; Chen G
    Clin Transl Med; 2023 Jun; 13(6):e1300. PubMed ID: 37337470
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  • 10. From synergy to resistance: Navigating the complex relationship between sorafenib and ferroptosis in hepatocellular carcinoma.
    Wang Z; Zhou C; Zhang Y; Tian X; Wang H; Wu J; Jiang S
    Biomed Pharmacother; 2024 Jan; 170():116074. PubMed ID: 38147732
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  • 11. Sorafenib induces mitochondrial dysfunction and exhibits synergistic effect with cysteine depletion by promoting HCC cells ferroptosis.
    Li Y; Xia J; Shao F; Zhou Y; Yu J; Wu H; Du J; Ren X
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun; 2021 Jan; 534():877-884. PubMed ID: 33162029
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  • 12. SLC27A5 promotes sorafenib-induced ferroptosis in hepatocellular carcinoma by downregulating glutathione reductase.
    Xu FL; Wu XH; Chen C; Wang K; Huang LY; Xia J; Liu Y; Shan XF; Tang N
    Cell Death Dis; 2023 Jan; 14(1):22. PubMed ID: 36635256
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  • 13. Implications of Withaferin A for the metastatic potential and drug resistance in hepatocellular carcinoma cells via Nrf2-mediated EMT and ferroptosis.
    Zhang Y; Tan Y; Liu S; Yin H; Duan J; Fan L; Zhao X; Jiang B
    Toxicol Mech Methods; 2023 Jan; 33(1):47-55. PubMed ID: 35592903
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  • 14. Loss of GABARAPL1 confers ferroptosis resistance to cancer stem-like cells in hepatocellular carcinoma.
    Du X; Qi Z; Xu J; Guo M; Zhang X; Yu Z; Cao X; Xia J
    Mol Oncol; 2022 Oct; 16(20):3703-3719. PubMed ID: 36062307
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  • 15. GSTZ1 sensitizes hepatocellular carcinoma cells to sorafenib-induced ferroptosis via inhibition of NRF2/GPX4 axis.
    Wang Q; Bin C; Xue Q; Gao Q; Huang A; Wang K; Tang N
    Cell Death Dis; 2021 Apr; 12(5):426. PubMed ID: 33931597
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  • 16. Targeting fatty acid synthase modulates sensitivity of hepatocellular carcinoma to sorafenib via ferroptosis.
    Li Y; Yang W; Zheng Y; Dai W; Ji J; Wu L; Cheng Z; Zhang J; Li J; Xu X; Wu J; Yang M; Feng J; Guo C
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2023 Jan; 42(1):6. PubMed ID: 36604718
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  • 17. Macropinocytosis is an alternative pathway of cysteine acquisition and mitigates sorafenib-induced ferroptosis in hepatocellular carcinoma.
    Byun JK; Lee S; Kang GW; Lee YR; Park SY; Song IS; Yun JW; Lee J; Choi YK; Park KG
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2022 Mar; 41(1):98. PubMed ID: 35287706
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  • 18. DN200434, an orally available inverse agonist of estrogen-related receptor ╬│, induces ferroptosis in sorafenib-resistant hepatocellular carcinoma.
    Kim DH; Kim MJ; Kim NY; Lee S; Byun JK; Yun JW; Lee J; Jin J; Kim J; Chin J; Cho SJ; Lee IK; Choi YK; Park KG
    BMB Rep; 2022 Nov; 55(11):547-552. PubMed ID: 36016501
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  • 19. IGF2BP3-NRF2 axis regulates ferroptosis in hepatocellular carcinoma.
    Lu Z; Yang H; Shao Y; Sun W; Jiang Y; Li J
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun; 2022 Oct; 627():103-110. PubMed ID: 36030651
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  • 20. The retinoblastoma (Rb) protein regulates ferroptosis induced by sorafenib in human hepatocellular carcinoma cells.
    Louandre C; Marcq I; Bouhlal H; Lachaier E; Godin C; Saidak Z; Fran├žois C; Chatelain D; Debuysscher V; Barbare JC; Chauffert B; Galmiche A
    Cancer Lett; 2015 Jan; 356(2 Pt B):971-7. PubMed ID: 25444922
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