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  • 1. Frailty status but not age predicts complications in elderly cancer patients: a follow-up study.
    Ørum M; Gregersen M; Jensen K; Meldgaard P; Damsgaard EMS
    Acta Oncol; 2018 Nov; 57(11):1458-1466. PubMed ID: 30280625
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  • 2. Baseline comprehensive geriatric assessment is associated with toxicity and survival in elderly metastatic breast cancer patients receiving single-agent chemotherapy: results from the OMEGA study of the Dutch breast cancer trialists' group.
    Hamaker ME; Seynaeve C; Wymenga AN; van Tinteren H; Nortier JW; Maartense E; de Graaf H; de Jongh FE; Braun JJ; Los M; Schrama JG; van Leeuwen-Stok AE; de Groot SM; Smorenburg CH
    Breast; 2014 Feb; 23(1):81-7. PubMed ID: 24314824
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  • 3. The effect of geriatric intervention in frail elderly patients receiving chemotherapy for colorectal cancer: a randomized trial (GERICO).
    Lund CM; Vistisen KK; Dehlendorff C; Rønholt F; Johansen JS; Nielsen DL
    BMC Cancer; 2017 Jun; 17(1):448. PubMed ID: 28659138
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  • 4. Effect of comprehensive geriatric assessment for frail elderly patients operated for colorectal cancer-the colorectal cancer frailty study: study protocol for a randomized, controlled, multicentre trial.
    Normann M; Ekerstad N; Angenete E; Prytz M
    Trials; 2022 Nov; 23(1):948. PubMed ID: 36397083
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  • 5. A 10-Item Frailty Index Based on a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (FI-CGA-10) in Older Adults with Cancer: Development and Construct Validation.
    Nishijima TF; Shimokawa M; Esaki T; Morita M; Toh Y; Muss HB
    Oncologist; 2021 Oct; 26(10):e1751-e1760. PubMed ID: 34216413
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  • 6. Use of comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) to define frailty in geriatric oncology: Searching for the best threshold. Cross-sectional study of 418 old patients with cancer evaluated in the Geriatric Frailty Clinic (G.F.C.) of Toulouse (France).
    Bréchemier D; Sourdet S; Girard P; Steinmeyer Z; Mourey L; Gérard S; Balardy L
    J Geriatr Oncol; 2019 Nov; 10(6):944-950. PubMed ID: 30956134
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  • 7. Comprehensive geriatric assessment predicts mortality and adverse outcomes in hospitalized older adults.
    Avelino-Silva TJ; Farfel JM; Curiati JA; Amaral JR; Campora F; Jacob-Filho W
    BMC Geriatr; 2014 Dec; 14():129. PubMed ID: 25464932
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  • 8. Acute care of severely frail elderly patients in a CGA-unit is associated with less functional decline than conventional acute care.
    Ekerstad N; Dahlin Ivanoff S; Landahl S; Östberg G; Johansson M; Andersson D; Husberg M; Alwin J; Karlson BW
    Clin Interv Aging; 2017; 12():1239-1249. PubMed ID: 28848332
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  • 9. Association of Deficits Identified by Geriatric Assessment With Deterioration of Health-Related Quality of Life in Patients Treated for Head and Neck Cancer.
    de Vries J; Bras L; Sidorenkov G; Festen S; Steenbakkers RJHM; Langendijk JA; Witjes MJH; van der Laan BFAM; de Bock GH; Halmos GB
    JAMA Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg; 2021 Dec; 147(12):1089-1099. PubMed ID: 34673914
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  • 10. Comorbidity, disability and geriatric syndromes in elderly breast cancer survivors. Results of a single-center experience.
    Gironés R; Torregrosa D; Díaz-Beveridge R
    Crit Rev Oncol Hematol; 2010 Mar; 73(3):236-45. PubMed ID: 19748793
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  • 11. Physicians' judgement and comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) select different patients as fit for chemotherapy.
    Wedding U; Ködding D; Pientka L; Steinmetz HT; Schmitz S
    Crit Rev Oncol Hematol; 2007 Oct; 64(1):1-9. PubMed ID: 17613243
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  • 12. Experience of multidisciplinary assessment of elderly patients with cancer in a French general hospital during 1 year: a new model care study.
    Bouzereau V; Le Caer F; Guardiola E; Scavennec C; Barriere JR; Chaix L; Le Caer H
    J Geriatr Oncol; 2013 Oct; 4(4):394-401. PubMed ID: 24472485
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  • 13. Follow-up of elderly patients with urogenital cancers: Evaluation of geriatric care needs and related actions.
    Monfardini S; Morlino S; Valdagni R; Catanzaro M; Tafa A; Bortolato B; Petralia G; Bonetto E; Villa E; Picozzi S; Locatelli MC; Galetti G; Millul A; Albanese Y; Bianchi E; Panzarino C; Gerardi F; Beghi E
    J Geriatr Oncol; 2017 Jul; 8(4):289-295. PubMed ID: 28292646
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  • 14. Impaired mobility, depressed mood, cognitive impairment and polypharmacy are independently associated with disability in older cancer outpatients: The prospective Physical Frailty in Elderly Cancer patients (PF-EC) cohort study.
    Pamoukdjian F; Aparicio T; Zelek L; Boubaya M; Caillet P; François V; de Decker L; Lévy V; Sebbane G; Paillaud E
    J Geriatr Oncol; 2017 May; 8(3):190-195. PubMed ID: 28236586
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  • 15. Geriatric Assessment Predicts Survival and Competing Mortality in Elderly Patients with Early Colorectal Cancer: Can It Help in Adjuvant Therapy Decision-Making?
    Antonio M; Saldaña J; Carmona-Bayonas A; Navarro V; Tebé C; Nadal M; Formiga F; Salazar R; Borràs JM
    Oncologist; 2017 Aug; 22(8):934-943. PubMed ID: 28487465
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  • 16. Comprehensive geriatric assessment in female elderly patients with Alzheimer disease and other types of dementia.
    Riccio D; Solinas A; Astara G; Mantovani G
    Arch Gerontol Geriatr; 2007; 44 Suppl 1():343-53. PubMed ID: 17317473
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  • 17. Frailty as a predictor of outcomes in patients undergoing head and neck cancer surgery.
    Goldstein DP; Sklar MC; de Almeida JR; Gilbert R; Gullane P; Irish J; Brown D; Higgins K; Enepekides D; Xu W; Su J; Alibhai SMH
    Laryngoscope; 2020 May; 130(5):E340-E345. PubMed ID: 31418866
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  • 18. Geriatric risk model for older patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (GERIAD): a prospective multicenter cohort study.
    Yhim HY; Park Y; Kim JA; Shin HJ; Do YR; Moon JH; Kim MK; Lee WS; Kim DS; Lee MW; Choi YS; Jeong SH; Kim KH; Kim J; Lee CH; Song GY; Yang DH; Kwak JY
    Korean J Intern Med; 2024 May; 39(3):501-512. PubMed ID: 38287501
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  • 19. Positive effects on activities of daily living one year after receiving comprehensive geriatric assessment - results from the randomised controlled study CGA-Swed.
    Wilhelmson K; Andersson Hammar I; Westgård T; Holmquist Henrikson L; Dahlin-Ivanoff S
    BMC Geriatr; 2022 Mar; 22(1):180. PubMed ID: 35240988
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  • 20. Impact of geriatric assessment on the management of older adults with head and neck cancer: A pilot study.
    Neve M; Jameson MB; Govender S; Hartopeanu C
    J Geriatr Oncol; 2016 Nov; 7(6):457-462. PubMed ID: 27313080
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