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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Gasdermin D mediates the pathogenesis of neonatal-onset multisystem inflammatory disease in mice.
    Xiao J; Wang C; Yao JC; Alippe Y; Xu C; Kress D; Civitelli R; Abu-Amer Y; Kanneganti TD; Link DC; Mbalaviele G
    PLoS Biol; 2018 Nov; 16(11):e3000047. PubMed ID: 30388107
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  • 2. Gasdermin D is an executor of pyroptosis and required for interleukin-1β secretion.
    He WT; Wan H; Hu L; Chen P; Wang X; Huang Z; Yang ZH; Zhong CQ; Han J
    Cell Res; 2015 Dec; 25(12):1285-98. PubMed ID: 26611636
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  • 3. Progressive waves of IL-1β release by primary human monocytes via sequential activation of vesicular and gasdermin D-mediated secretory pathways.
    Semino C; Carta S; Gattorno M; Sitia R; Rubartelli A
    Cell Death Dis; 2018 Oct; 9(11):1088. PubMed ID: 30352992
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  • 4. Nlrp3 inflammasome activation and Gasdermin D-driven pyroptosis are immunopathogenic upon gastrointestinal norovirus infection.
    Dubois H; Sorgeloos F; Sarvestani ST; Martens L; Saeys Y; Mackenzie JM; Lamkanfi M; van Loo G; Goodfellow I; Wullaert A
    PLoS Pathog; 2019 Apr; 15(4):e1007709. PubMed ID: 31017981
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  • 5. Active Caspase-1 Induces Plasma Membrane Pores That Precede Pyroptotic Lysis and Are Blocked by Lanthanides.
    Russo HM; Rathkey J; Boyd-Tressler A; Katsnelson MA; Abbott DW; Dubyak GR
    J Immunol; 2016 Aug; 197(4):1353-67. PubMed ID: 27385778
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  • 6. The Inflammasome Drives GSDMD-Independent Secondary Pyroptosis and IL-1 Release in the Absence of Caspase-1 Protease Activity.
    Schneider KS; Groß CJ; Dreier RF; Saller BS; Mishra R; Gorka O; Heilig R; Meunier E; Dick MS; Ćiković T; Sodenkamp J; Médard G; Naumann R; Ruland J; Kuster B; Broz P; Groß O
    Cell Rep; 2017 Dec; 21(13):3846-3859. PubMed ID: 29281832
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  • 7. Gasdermin D plays a key role as a pyroptosis executor of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis in humans and mice.
    Xu B; Jiang M; Chu Y; Wang W; Chen D; Li X; Zhang Z; Zhang D; Fan D; Nie Y; Shao F; Wu K; Liang J
    J Hepatol; 2018 Apr; 68(4):773-782. PubMed ID: 29273476
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  • 8. Protective effect of Ketone musk on LPS/ATP-induced pyroptosis in J774A.1 cells through suppressing NLRP3/GSDMD pathway.
    He C; Zhao Y; Jiang X; Liang X; Yin L; Yin Z; Geng Y; Zhong Z; Song X; Zou Y; Li L; Zhang W; Lv C
    Int Immunopharmacol; 2019 Jun; 71():328-335. PubMed ID: 30952097
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  • 9. Emerging insights into molecular mechanisms underlying pyroptosis and functions of inflammasomes in diseases.
    Lu F; Lan Z; Xin Z; He C; Guo Z; Xia X; Hu T
    J Cell Physiol; 2020 Apr; 235(4):3207-3221. PubMed ID: 31621910
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  • 10. Cleavage of GSDMD by inflammatory caspases determines pyroptotic cell death.
    Shi J; Zhao Y; Wang K; Shi X; Wang Y; Huang H; Zhuang Y; Cai T; Wang F; Shao F
    Nature; 2015 Oct; 526(7575):660-5. PubMed ID: 26375003
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  • 11. Baicalin attenuates hepatic injury in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis cell model by suppressing inflammasome-dependent GSDMD-mediated cell pyroptosis.
    Shi H; Zhang Y; Xing J; Liu L; Qiao F; Li J; Chen Y
    Int Immunopharmacol; 2020 Apr; 81():106195. PubMed ID: 32028242
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  • 12. Thrombin receptor PAR4 drives canonical NLRP3 inflammasome signaling in the heart.
    Fender AC; Kleeschulte S; Stolte S; Leineweber K; Kamler M; Bode J; Li N; Dobrev D
    Basic Res Cardiol; 2020 Jan; 115(2):10. PubMed ID: 31912235
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  • 13. Gasdermin D Promotes AIM2 Inflammasome Activation and Is Required for Host Protection against
    Zhu Q; Zheng M; Balakrishnan A; Karki R; Kanneganti TD
    J Immunol; 2018 Dec; 201(12):3662-3668. PubMed ID: 30404813
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  • 14. The Pyroptotic Cell Death Effector Gasdermin D Is Activated by Gout-Associated Uric Acid Crystals but Is Dispensable for Cell Death and IL-1β Release.
    Rashidi M; Simpson DS; Hempel A; Frank D; Petrie E; Vince A; Feltham R; Murphy J; Chatfield SM; Salvesen GS; Murphy JM; Wicks IP; Vince JE
    J Immunol; 2019 Aug; 203(3):736-748. PubMed ID: 31209100
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  • 15. Current status of understanding the pathogenesis and management of patients with NOMID/CINCA.
    Goldbach-Mansky R
    Curr Rheumatol Rep; 2011 Apr; 13(2):123-31. PubMed ID: 21538043
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  • 16. Extrinsic and intrinsic apoptosis activate pannexin-1 to drive NLRP3 inflammasome assembly.
    Chen KW; Demarco B; Heilig R; Shkarina K; Boettcher A; Farady CJ; Pelczar P; Broz P
    EMBO J; 2019 May; 38(10):. PubMed ID: 30902848
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  • 17. Glucose regulates hypoxia-induced NLRP3 inflammasome activation in macrophages.
    Watanabe S; Usui-Kawanishi F; Karasawa T; Kimura H; Kamata R; Komada T; Inoue Y; Mise N; Kasahara T; Takahashi M
    J Cell Physiol; 2020 Oct; 235(10):7554-7566. PubMed ID: 32115713
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  • 18. The zebrafish NLRP3 inflammasome has functional roles in ASC-dependent interleukin-1β maturation and gasdermin E-mediated pyroptosis.
    Li JY; Wang YY; Shao T; Fan DD; Lin AF; Xiang LX; Shao JZ
    J Biol Chem; 2020 Jan; 295(4):1120-1141. PubMed ID: 31852739
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  • 19. SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid suppresses host pyroptosis by blocking Gasdermin D cleavage.
    Ma J; Zhu F; Zhao M; Shao F; Yu D; Ma J; Zhang X; Li W; Qian Y; Zhang Y; Jiang D; Wang S; Xia P
    EMBO J; 2021 Sep; 40(18):e108249. PubMed ID: 34296442
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  • 20. Gasdermin D Protects from Melioidosis through Pyroptosis and Direct Killing of Bacteria.
    Wang J; Deobald K; Re F
    J Immunol; 2019 Jun; 202(12):3468-3473. PubMed ID: 31036765
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