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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Differential open chromatin profile and transcriptomic signature define depot-specific human subcutaneous preadipocytes: primary outcomes.
    Divoux A; Sandor K; Bojcsuk D; Talukder A; Li X; Balint BL; Osborne TF; Smith SR
    Clin Epigenetics; 2018 Nov; 10(1):148. PubMed ID: 30477572
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  • 2. Fat Distribution in Women Is Associated With Depot-Specific Transcriptomic Signatures and Chromatin Structure.
    Divoux A; Sandor K; Bojcsuk D; Yi F; Hopf ME; Smith JS; Balint BL; Osborne TF; Smith SR
    J Endocr Soc; 2020 Jun; 4(6):bvaa042. PubMed ID: 32500109
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  • 3. Genome-wide mapping of histone H3 lysine 4 trimethylation in Eucalyptus grandis developing xylem.
    Hussey SG; Mizrachi E; Groover A; Berger DK; Myburg AA
    BMC Plant Biol; 2015 May; 15():117. PubMed ID: 25957781
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  • 4. Identification of chromatin-accessible domains in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis-derived hepatocellular carcinoma.
    Dechassa ML; Tryndyak V; de Conti A; Xiao W; Beland FA; Pogribny IP
    Mol Carcinog; 2018 Aug; 57(8):978-987. PubMed ID: 29603380
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  • 5. Distinct subpopulations of human subcutaneous adipose tissue precursor cells revealed by single-cell RNA sequencing.
    Divoux A; Whytock KL; Halasz L; Hopf ME; Sparks LM; Osborne TF; Smith SR
    Am J Physiol Cell Physiol; 2024 Apr; 326(4):C1248-C1261. PubMed ID: 38581663
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  • 6. Genome-wide MNase hypersensitivity assay unveils distinct classes of open chromatin associated with H3K27me3 and DNA methylation in Arabidopsis thaliana.
    Zhao H; Zhang W; Zhang T; Lin Y; Hu Y; Fang C; Jiang J
    Genome Biol; 2020 Feb; 21(1):24. PubMed ID: 32014062
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  • 7. Aberrant overexpression of HOTAIR inhibits abdominal adipogenesis through remodelling of genome-wide DNA methylation and transcription.
    Kuo FC; Huang YC; Yen MR; Lee CH; Hsu KF; Yang HY; Wu LW; Lu CH; Hsu YJ; Chen PY
    Mol Metab; 2022 Jun; 60():101473. PubMed ID: 35292404
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  • 8. Characterization of the accessible genome in the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum.
    Ruiz JL; Tena JJ; Bancells C; Cortés A; Gómez-Skarmeta JL; Gómez-Díaz E
    Nucleic Acids Res; 2018 Oct; 46(18):9414-9431. PubMed ID: 30016465
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  • 9. Epigenetic modifications underlie the differential adipogenic potential of preadipocytes derived from human subcutaneous fat tissue.
    Kubota Y; Nagano H; Kosaka K; Ogata H; Nakayama A; Yokoyama M; Murata K; Akita S; Kuriyama M; Furuyama N; Kuroda M; Tanaka T; Mitsukawa N
    Am J Physiol Cell Physiol; 2021 Sep; 321(3):C596-C606. PubMed ID: 34319829
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  • 10. Transcriptional and DNA Methylation Signatures of Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue and Adipose-Derived Stem Cells in PCOS Women.
    Divoux A; Erdos E; Whytock K; Osborne TF; Smith SR
    Cells; 2022 Mar; 11(5):. PubMed ID: 35269469
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  • 11. Genomic Features of Open Chromatin Regions (OCRs) in Wild Soybean and Their Effects on Gene Expressions.
    Huang MK; Zhang L; Zhou LM; Yung WS; Li MW; Lam HM
    Genes (Basel); 2021 Apr; 12(5):. PubMed ID: 33923056
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  • 12. Combined analysis of dissimilar promoter accessibility and gene expression profiles identifies tissue-specific genes and actively repressed networks.
    Starks RR; Biswas A; Jain A; Tuteja G
    Epigenetics Chromatin; 2019 Feb; 12(1):16. PubMed ID: 30795793
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  • 13. Adipose-Derived Stem Cells and Ceiling Culture-Derived Preadipocytes Cultured from Subcutaneous Fat Tissue Differ in Their Epigenetic Characteristics and Osteogenic Potential.
    Sasahara Y; Kubota Y; Kosaka K; Adachi N; Yamaji Y; Nagano H; Akita S; Kuroda M; Tanaka T; Bujo H; Mitsukawa N
    Plast Reconstr Surg; 2019 Sep; 144(3):644-655. PubMed ID: 31461020
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  • 14. Human adipose tissue H3K4me3 histone mark in adipogenic, lipid metabolism and inflammatory genes is positively associated with BMI and HOMA-IR.
    Castellano-Castillo D; Denechaud PD; Fajas L; Moreno-Indias I; Oliva-Olivera W; Tinahones F; Queipo-Ortuño MI; Cardona F
    PLoS One; 2019; 14(4):e0215083. PubMed ID: 30958852
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  • 15. Integration of ATAC-seq and RNA-seq identifies human alpha cell and beta cell signature genes.
    Ackermann AM; Wang Z; Schug J; Naji A; Kaestner KH
    Mol Metab; 2016 Mar; 5(3):233-244. PubMed ID: 26977395
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  • 16. Distinct features of H3K4me3 and H3K27me3 chromatin domains in pre-implantation embryos.
    Liu X; Wang C; Liu W; Li J; Li C; Kou X; Chen J; Zhao Y; Gao H; Wang H; Zhang Y; Gao Y; Gao S
    Nature; 2016 Sep; 537(7621):558-562. PubMed ID: 27626379
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  • 17. An Atlas of Promoter Chromatin Modifications and HiChIP Regulatory Interactions in Human Subcutaneous Adipose-Derived Stem Cells.
    Halasz L; Divoux A; Sandor K; Erdos E; Daniel B; Smith SR; Osborne TF
    Int J Mol Sci; 2023 Dec; 25(1):. PubMed ID: 38203607
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  • 18. Integration of ATAC-seq and RNA-seq Unravels Chromatin Accessibility during Sex Reversal in Orange-Spotted Grouper (
    Wu X; Yang Y; Zhong C; Guo Y; Wei T; Li S; Lin H; Liu X
    Int J Mol Sci; 2020 Apr; 21(8):. PubMed ID: 32316525
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  • 19. H3K4 tri-methylation breadth at transcription start sites impacts the transcriptome of systemic lupus erythematosus.
    Zhang Z; Shi L; Dawany N; Kelsen J; Petri MA; Sullivan KE
    Clin Epigenetics; 2016; 8():14. PubMed ID: 26839600
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  • 20. Identification of H4K20me3- and H3K4me3-associated RNAs using CARIP-Seq expands the transcriptional and epigenetic networks of embryonic stem cells.
    Kurup JT; Kidder BL
    J Biol Chem; 2018 Sep; 293(39):15120-15135. PubMed ID: 30115682
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