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  • 1. Hypermethylation of DMTN promotes the metastasis of colorectal cancer cells by regulating the actin cytoskeleton through Rac1 signaling activation.
    Ye YP; Jiao HL; Wang SY; Xiao ZY; Zhang D; Qiu JF; Zhang LJ; Zhao YL; Li TT; Li-Liang ; Liao WT; Ding YQ
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2018 Dec; 37(1):299. PubMed ID: 30514346
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  • 2. ARHGEF7 promotes metastasis of colorectal adenocarcinoma by regulating the motility of cancer cells.
    Lei X; Deng L; Liu D; Liao S; Dai H; Li J; Rong J; Wang Z; Huang G; Tang C; Xu C; Xiao B; Li T
    Int J Oncol; 2018 Nov; 53(5):1980-1996. PubMed ID: 30132516
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  • 3. CSRP2 suppresses colorectal cancer progression
    Chen L; Long X; Duan S; Liu X; Chen J; Lan J; Liu X; Huang W; Geng J; Zhou J
    Theranostics; 2020; 10(24):11063-11079. PubMed ID: 33042270
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  • 4. OVOL2, an Inhibitor of WNT Signaling, Reduces Invasive Activities of Human and Mouse Cancer Cells and Is Down-regulated in Human Colorectal Tumors.
    Ye GD; Sun GB; Jiao P; Chen C; Liu QF; Huang XL; Zhang R; Cai WY; Li SN; Wu JF; Liu YJ; Wu RS; Xie YY; Chan EC; Liou YC; Li BA
    Gastroenterology; 2016 Mar; 150(3):659-671.e16. PubMed ID: 26619963
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  • 5. miR-4775 promotes colorectal cancer invasion and metastasis via the Smad7/TGFβ-mediated epithelial to mesenchymal transition.
    Zhao S; Sun H; Jiang W; Mi Y; Zhang D; Wen Y; Cheng D; Tang H; Wu S; Yu Y; Liu X; Cui W; Zhang M; Sun X; Zhou Z; Peng Z; Yan D
    Mol Cancer; 2017 Jan; 16(1):12. PubMed ID: 28095858
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  • 6. Two distinct mTORC2-dependent pathways converge on Rac1 to drive breast cancer metastasis.
    Morrison Joly M; Williams MM; Hicks DJ; Jones B; Sanchez V; Young CD; Sarbassov DD; Muller WJ; Brantley-Sieders D; Cook RS
    Breast Cancer Res; 2017 Jun; 19(1):74. PubMed ID: 28666462
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  • 7. COPS5 and LASP1 synergistically interact to downregulate 14-3-3σ expression and promote colorectal cancer progression via activating PI3K/AKT pathway.
    Zhou R; Shao Z; Liu J; Zhan W; Gao Q; Pan Z; Wu L; Xu L; Ding Y; Zhao L
    Int J Cancer; 2018 May; 142(9):1853-1864. PubMed ID: 29226323
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  • 8. Downregulation of miR-199b is associated with distant metastasis in colorectal cancer via activation of SIRT1 and inhibition of CREB/KISS1 signaling.
    Shen ZL; Wang B; Jiang KW; Ye CX; Cheng C; Yan YC; Zhang JZ; Yang Y; Gao ZD; Ye YJ; Wang S
    Oncotarget; 2016 Jun; 7(23):35092-105. PubMed ID: 27145368
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  • 9. Olfactomedin 1 negatively regulates NF-κB signalling and suppresses the growth and metastasis of colorectal cancer cells.
    Shi W; Ye Z; Zhuang L; Li Y; Shuai W; Zuo Z; Mao X; Liu R; Wu J; Chen S; Huang W
    J Pathol; 2016 Nov; 240(3):352-365. PubMed ID: 27555280
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  • 10. Beta-Pix-dynamin 2 complex promotes colorectal cancer progression by facilitating membrane dynamics.
    Keum S; Yang SJ; Park E; Kang T; Choi JH; Jeong J; Hwang YE; Kim JW; Park D; Rhee S
    Cell Oncol (Dordr); 2021 Dec; 44(6):1287-1305. PubMed ID: 34582006
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  • 11. POTEE promotes colorectal carcinoma progression via activating the Rac1/Cdc42 pathway.
    Xu Q; Chen J; Peng M; Duan S; Hu Y; Guo D; Geng J; Zhou J
    Exp Cell Res; 2020 May; 390(1):111933. PubMed ID: 32142855
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  • 12. Epigenetically upregulated GEFT-derived invasion and metastasis of rhabdomyosarcoma via epithelial mesenchymal transition promoted by the Rac1/Cdc42-PAK signalling pathway.
    Liu C; Zhang L; Cui W; Du J; Li Z; Pang Y; Liu Q; Shang H; Meng L; Li W; Song L; Wang P; Xie Y; Wang Y; Liu Y; Hu J; Zhang W; Li F
    EBioMedicine; 2019 Dec; 50():122-134. PubMed ID: 31761617
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  • 13. IMPDH2 promotes colorectal cancer progression through activation of the PI3K/AKT/mTOR and PI3K/AKT/FOXO1 signaling pathways.
    Duan S; Huang W; Liu X; Liu X; Chen N; Xu Q; Hu Y; Song W; Zhou J
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2018 Dec; 37(1):304. PubMed ID: 30518405
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  • 14. mTORC1 and mTORC2 regulate EMT, motility, and metastasis of colorectal cancer via RhoA and Rac1 signaling pathways.
    Gulhati P; Bowen KA; Liu J; Stevens PD; Rychahou PG; Chen M; Lee EY; Weiss HL; O'Connor KL; Gao T; Evers BM
    Cancer Res; 2011 May; 71(9):3246-56. PubMed ID: 21430067
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  • 15. Downregulation of
    Jiao HL; Ye YP; Yang RW; Sun HY; Wang SY; Wang YX; Xiao ZY; He LQ; Cai JJ; Wei WT; Chen YR; Gu CC; Cai YL; Hu YT; Lai QH; Qiu JF; Liang L; Cao GW; Liao WT; Ding YQ
    Clin Cancer Res; 2017 Nov; 23(22):7108-7118. PubMed ID: 28912140
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  • 16. Semaphorin-3F suppresses the stemness of colorectal cancer cells by inactivating Rac1.
    Rao J; Zhou ZH; Yang J; Shi Y; Xu SL; Wang B; Ping YF; Chen L; Cui YH; Zhang X; Wu F; Bian XW
    Cancer Lett; 2015 Mar; 358(1):76-84. PubMed ID: 25529012
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  • 17. RBP-J promotes cell growth and metastasis through regulating miR-182-5p-mediated Tiam1/Rac1/p38 MAPK axis in colorectal cancer.
    Li F; Zhou YD; Liu J; Cai JD; Liao ZM; Chen GQ
    Cell Signal; 2021 Nov; 87():110103. PubMed ID: 34339855
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  • 18. SPON2, a newly identified target gene of MACC1, drives colorectal cancer metastasis in mice and is prognostic for colorectal cancer patient survival.
    Schmid F; Wang Q; Huska MR; Andrade-Navarro MA; Lemm M; Fichtner I; Dahlmann M; Kobelt D; Walther W; Smith J; Schlag PM; Stein U
    Oncogene; 2016 Nov; 35(46):5942-5952. PubMed ID: 26686083
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  • 19. The FOXD3/miR-214/MED19 axis suppresses tumour growth and metastasis in human colorectal cancer.
    He GY; Hu JL; Zhou L; Zhu XH; Xin SN; Zhang D; Lu GF; Liao WT; Ding YQ; Liang L
    Br J Cancer; 2016 Nov; 115(11):1367-1378. PubMed ID: 27811858
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  • 20. RAC1-GTP promotes epithelial-mesenchymal transition and invasion of colorectal cancer by activation of STAT3.
    Zhou K; Rao J; Zhou ZH; Yao XH; Wu F; Yang J; Yang L; Zhang X; Cui YH; Bian XW; Shi Y; Ping YF
    Lab Invest; 2018 Aug; 98(8):989-998. PubMed ID: 29884911
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