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  • 1. The feline calicivirus leader of the capsid protein causes survivin and XIAP downregulation and apoptosis.
    Barrera-Vázquez OS; Cancio-Lonches C; Hernández-González O; Chávez-Munguia B; Villegas-Sepúlveda N; Gutiérrez-Escolano AL
    Virology; 2019 Jan; 527():146-158. PubMed ID: 30529563
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  • 2. Survivin Overexpression Has a Negative Effect on Feline Calicivirus Infection.
    Barrera-Vázquez OS; Cancio-Lonches C; Miguel-Rodríguez CE; Valdes Pérez MM; Gutiérrez-Escolano AL
    Viruses; 2019 Oct; 11(11):. PubMed ID: 31671627
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  • 3. Feline Calicivirus Infection Disrupts Assembly of Cytoplasmic Stress Granules and Induces G3BP1 Cleavage.
    Humoud MN; Doyle N; Royall E; Willcocks MM; Sorgeloos F; van Kuppeveld F; Roberts LO; Goodfellow IG; Langereis MA; Locker N
    J Virol; 2016 Jul; 90(14):6489-6501. PubMed ID: 27147742
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  • 4. Reovirus-induced apoptosis requires mitochondrial release of Smac/DIABLO and involves reduction of cellular inhibitor of apoptosis protein levels.
    Kominsky DJ; Bickel RJ; Tyler KL
    J Virol; 2002 Nov; 76(22):11414-24. PubMed ID: 12388702
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  • 5. Host cell p53 associates with the feline calicivirus major viral capsid protein VP1, the protease-polymerase NS6/7, and the double-stranded RNA playing a role in virus replication.
    Trujillo-Uscanga A; Gutiérrez-Escolano AL
    Virology; 2020 Nov; 550():78-88. PubMed ID: 32890980
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  • 6. VP2 mediates the release of the feline calicivirus RNA genome by puncturing the endosome membrane of infected cells.
    Sun W; Wang M; Shi Z; Wang P; Wang J; Du B; Wang S; Sun Z; Liu Z; Wei L; Yang D; He X; Wang J
    J Virol; 2024 May; 98(5):e0035024. PubMed ID: 38591900
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  • 7. Feline calicivirus replication induces apoptosis in cultured cells.
    Sosnovtsev SV; Prikhod'ko EA; Belliot G; Cohen JI; Green KY
    Virus Res; 2003 Jul; 94(1):1-10. PubMed ID: 12837551
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  • 8. Endosomal acidification and cathepsin L activity is required for calicivirus replication.
    Shivanna V; Kim Y; Chang KO
    Virology; 2014 Sep; 464-465():287-295. PubMed ID: 25108379
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  • 9. The Feline Calicivirus Leader of the Capsid Protein Has the Functional Characteristics of a Viroporin.
    Peñaflor-Téllez Y; Chávez-Munguía B; Lagunes-Guillén A; Salazar-Villatoro L; Gutiérrez-Escolano AL
    Viruses; 2022 Mar; 14(3):. PubMed ID: 35337042
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  • 10. Nucleolin interacts with the feline calicivirus 3' untranslated region and the protease-polymerase NS6 and NS7 proteins, playing a role in virus replication.
    Cancio-Lonches C; Yocupicio-Monroy M; Sandoval-Jaime C; Galvan-Mendoza I; Ureña L; Vashist S; Goodfellow I; Salas-Benito J; Gutiérrez-Escolano AL
    J Virol; 2011 Aug; 85(16):8056-68. PubMed ID: 21680514
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  • 11. Annexin A2 associates to feline calicivirus RNA in the replication complexes from infected cells and participates in an efficient viral replication.
    Santos-Valencia JC; Cancio-Lonches C; Trujillo-Uscanga A; Alvarado-Hernández B; Lagunes-Guillén A; Gutiérrez-Escolano AL
    Virus Res; 2019 Feb; 261():1-8. PubMed ID: 30543874
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  • 12. Nucleolin promotes in vitro translation of feline calicivirus genomic RNA.
    Hernández BA; Sandoval-Jaime C; Sosnovtsev SV; Green KY; Gutiérrez-Escolano AL
    Virology; 2016 Feb; 489():51-62. PubMed ID: 26707270
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  • 13. Negative effect of heat shock on feline calicivirus release from infected cells is associated with the control of apoptosis.
    Alvarez-Sanchez C; Cancio-Lonches C; Mora-Heredia JE; Santos-Valencia JC; Barrera-Vázquez OS; Yocupicio-Monroy M; Gutiérrez-Escolano AL
    Virus Res; 2015 Feb; 198():44-52. PubMed ID: 25599602
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  • 14. Caspase-mediated cleavage of the feline calicivirus capsid protein.
    Al-Molawi N; Beardmore VA; Carter MJ; Kass GEN; Roberts LO
    J Gen Virol; 2003 May; 84(Pt 5):1237-1244. PubMed ID: 12692289
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  • 15. Cleavage of eukaryotic initiation factor eIF4G and inhibition of host-cell protein synthesis during feline calicivirus infection.
    Willcocks MM; Carter MJ; Roberts LO
    J Gen Virol; 2004 May; 85(Pt 5):1125-1130. PubMed ID: 15105529
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  • 16. Protein-protein recognition as a first step towards the inhibition of XIAP and Survivin anti-apoptotic proteins.
    Obiol-Pardo C; Granadino-Roldán JM; Rubio-Martinez J
    J Mol Recognit; 2008; 21(3):190-204. PubMed ID: 18438971
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  • 17. The feline calicivirus leader of the capsid protein is associated with cytopathic effect.
    Abente EJ; Sosnovtsev SV; Sandoval-Jaime C; Parra GI; Bok K; Green KY
    J Virol; 2013 Mar; 87(6):3003-17. PubMed ID: 23269802
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  • 18. Major Capsid Protein Synthesis from the Genomic RNA of Feline Calicivirus.
    Urban C; Luttermann C
    J Virol; 2020 Jul; 94(15):. PubMed ID: 32404528
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  • 19. [Regulation of wild type PTEN gene on Survivin, Xiap and Smac in chronic leukemia cells].
    Cheng ZY; Wan JS; Wang YL; Liang LQ; Liang WT; Mu J; Lu X; Pan L
    Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi; 2011 Nov; 91(40):2868-72. PubMed ID: 22333553
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  • 20. Anti-apoptotic proteins in the autophagic world: an update on functions of XIAP, Survivin, and BRUCE.
    Cheung CHA; Chang YC; Lin TY; Cheng SM; Leung E
    J Biomed Sci; 2020 Feb; 27(1):31. PubMed ID: 32019552
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