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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Ubiquitination of UVRAG by SMURF1 promotes autophagosome maturation and inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma growth.
    Feng X; Jia Y; Zhang Y; Ma F; Zhu Y; Hong X; Zhou Q; He R; Zhang H; Jin J; Piao D; Huang H; Li Q; Qiu X; Zhang Z
    Autophagy; 2019 Jul; 15(7):1130-1149. PubMed ID: 30686098
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  • 2. LUBAC and OTULIN regulate autophagy initiation and maturation by mediating the linear ubiquitination and the stabilization of ATG13.
    Chu Y; Kang Y; Yan C; Yang C; Zhang T; Huo H; Liu Y
    Autophagy; 2021 Jul; 17(7):1684-1699. PubMed ID: 32543267
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  • 3. A fine-tuning mechanism underlying self-control for autophagy: deSUMOylation of BECN1 by SENP3.
    Liu K; Guo C; Lao Y; Yang J; Chen F; Zhao Y; Yang Y; Yang J; Yi J
    Autophagy; 2020 Jun; 16(6):975-990. PubMed ID: 31373534
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  • 4. STYK1 promotes autophagy through enhancing the assembly of autophagy-specific class III phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase complex I.
    Zhou C; Qian X; Hu M; Zhang R; Liu N; Huang Y; Yang J; Zhang J; Bai H; Yang Y; Wang Y; Ali D; Michalak M; Chen XZ; Tang J
    Autophagy; 2020 Oct; 16(10):1786-1806. PubMed ID: 31696776
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  • 5. Metabolic effects of RUBCN/Rubicon deficiency in kidney proximal tubular epithelial cells.
    Matsuda J; Takahashi A; Takabatake Y; Sakai S; Minami S; Yamamoto T; Fujimura R; Namba-Hamano T; Yonishi H; Nakamura J; Kimura T; Kaimori JY; Matsui I; Takahashi M; Nakao M; Izumi Y; Bamba T; Matsusaka T; Niimura F; Yanagita M; Yoshimori T; Isaka Y
    Autophagy; 2020 Oct; 16(10):1889-1904. PubMed ID: 31944172
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  • 6. GORASP2/GRASP55 collaborates with the PtdIns3K UVRAG complex to facilitate autophagosome-lysosome fusion.
    Zhang X; Wang L; Ireland SC; Ahat E; Li J; Bekier ME; Zhang Z; Wang Y
    Autophagy; 2019 Oct; 15(10):1787-1800. PubMed ID: 30894053
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  • 7. TRAF6 inhibits colorectal cancer metastasis through regulating selective autophagic CTNNB1/β-catenin degradation and is targeted for GSK3B/GSK3β-mediated phosphorylation and degradation.
    Wu H; Lu XX; Wang JR; Yang TY; Li XM; He XS; Li Y; Ye WL; Wu Y; Gan WJ; Guo PD; Li JM
    Autophagy; 2019 Sep; 15(9):1506-1522. PubMed ID: 30806153
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  • 8. PHF23 (plant homeodomain finger protein 23) negatively regulates cell autophagy by promoting ubiquitination and degradation of E3 ligase LRSAM1.
    Wang Z; Hu J; Li G; Qu L; He Q; Lou Y; Song Q; Ma D; Chen Y
    Autophagy; 2014; 10(12):2158-70. PubMed ID: 25484098
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  • 9. Autophagy regulation and protein kinase activity of PIK3C3 controls sertoli cell polarity through its negative regulation on SCIN (scinderin).
    Wang K; Kong F; Qiu Y; Chen T; Fu J; Jin X; Su Y; Gu Y; Hu Z; Li J
    Autophagy; 2023 Nov; 19(11):2934-2957. PubMed ID: 37450577
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  • 10. PAQR3 suppresses the growth of non-small cell lung cancer cells via modulation of EGFR-mediated autophagy.
    Cao Q; You X; Xu L; Wang L; Chen Y
    Autophagy; 2020 Jul; 16(7):1236-1247. PubMed ID: 31448672
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  • 11. USP14 regulates DNA damage repair by targeting RNF168-dependent ubiquitination.
    Sharma A; Alswillah T; Singh K; Chatterjee P; Willard B; Venere M; Summers MK; Almasan A
    Autophagy; 2018; 14(11):1976-1990. PubMed ID: 29995557
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  • 12. Therapeutic targeting of the USP2-E2F4 axis inhibits autophagic machinery essential for zinc homeostasis in cancer progression.
    Xiao W; Wang J; Wang X; Cai S; Guo Y; Ye L; Li D; Hu A; Jin S; Yuan B; Zhou Y; Li Q; Tong Q; Zheng L
    Autophagy; 2022 Nov; 18(11):2615-2635. PubMed ID: 35253629
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  • 13. Suppression of autophagy during mitosis via CUL4-RING ubiquitin ligases-mediated WIPI2 polyubiquitination and proteasomal degradation.
    Lu G; Yi J; Gubas A; Wang YT; Wu Y; Ren Y; Wu M; Shi Y; Ouyang C; Tan HWS; Wang T; Wang L; Yang ND; Deng S; Xia D; Chen RH; Tooze SA; Shen HM
    Autophagy; 2019 Nov; 15(11):1917-1934. PubMed ID: 30898011
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  • 14. PKD2/polycystin-2 induces autophagy by forming a complex with BECN1.
    Peña-Oyarzun D; Rodriguez-Peña M; Burgos-Bravo F; Vergara A; Kretschmar C; Sotomayor-Flores C; Ramirez-Sarmiento CA; De Smedt H; Reyes M; Perez W; Torres VA; Morselli E; Altamirano F; Wilson CAM; Hill JA; Lavandero S; Criollo A
    Autophagy; 2021 Jul; 17(7):1714-1728. PubMed ID: 32543276
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  • 15. USP1 (ubiquitin specific peptidase 1) targets ULK1 and regulates its cellular compartmentalization and autophagy.
    Raimondi M; Cesselli D; Di Loreto C; La Marra F; Schneider C; Demarchi F
    Autophagy; 2019 Apr; 15(4):613-630. PubMed ID: 30335599
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  • 16. USP20 deubiquitinates and stabilizes the reticulophagy receptor RETREG1/FAM134B to drive reticulophagy.
    Zhang M; Wang Z; Zhao Q; Yang Q; Bai J; Yang C; Zhang ZR; Liu Y
    Autophagy; 2024 May; ():1-18. PubMed ID: 38705724
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  • 17. mTORC1 phosphorylates UVRAG to negatively regulate autophagosome and endosome maturation.
    Kim YM; Jung CH; Seo M; Kim EK; Park JM; Bae SS; Kim DH
    Mol Cell; 2015 Jan; 57(2):207-18. PubMed ID: 25533187
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  • 18. High-throughput screening of functional deubiquitinating enzymes in autophagy.
    Tian S; Jin S; Wu Y; Liu T; Luo M; Ou J; Xie W; Cui J
    Autophagy; 2021 Jun; 17(6):1367-1378. PubMed ID: 32453962
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  • 19. ZFYVE26/SPASTIZIN and SPG11/SPATACSIN mutations in hereditary spastic paraplegia types AR-SPG15 and AR-SPG11 have different effects on autophagy and endocytosis.
    Vantaggiato C; Panzeri E; Castelli M; Citterio A; Arnoldi A; Santorelli FM; Liguori R; Scarlato M; Musumeci O; Toscano A; Clementi E; Bassi MT
    Autophagy; 2019 Jan; 15(1):34-57. PubMed ID: 30081747
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  • 20. Trabid inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma growth and metastasis by cleaving RNF8-induced K63 ubiquitination of Twist1.
    Zhu Y; Qu C; Hong X; Jia Y; Lin M; Luo Y; Lin F; Xie X; Xie X; Huang J; Wu Q; Qiu X; Piao D; Xing Y; Yu T; Lu Y; Huang Q; Yu C; Jin J; Zhang Z
    Cell Death Differ; 2019 Jan; 26(2):306-320. PubMed ID: 29748601
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