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  • 1. Genetic variants in RPA1 associated with the response to oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy in colorectal cancer.
    Li S; Xu K; Gu D; He L; Xie L; Chen Z; Fan Z; Zhu L; Du M; Chu H; Zhang Z; Wu Y; Ni M; Wang M
    J Gastroenterol; 2019 Nov; 54(11):939-949. PubMed ID: 30923916
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  • 2. Genetic variants in p53 signaling pathway genes predict chemotherapy efficacy in colorectal cancer.
    Zhang K; Meng Y; Cao X; Xu Y; Du M; Wu Y; Liu L
    Cancer Med; 2019 Jul; 8(7):3428-3436. PubMed ID: 31090204
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  • 3. Genetic variants in DNA repair genes as potential predictive markers for oxaliplatin chemotherapy in colorectal cancer.
    Kap EJ; Seibold P; Richter S; Scherer D; Habermann N; Balavarca Y; Jansen L; Becker N; Pfütze K; Popanda O; Hoffmeister M; Ulrich A; Benner A; Ulrich CM; Burwinkel B; Brenner H; Chang-Claude J
    Pharmacogenomics J; 2015 Dec; 15(6):505-12. PubMed ID: 25778469
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  • 4. Knockdown of ADAM17 inhibits cell proliferation and increases oxaliplatin sensitivity in HCT-8 colorectal cancer through EGFR-PI3K-AKT activation.
    Zhang Q; Wang C; Han X; Yang G; Ge Z; Zhang G
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun; 2018 Sep; 503(4):2333-2339. PubMed ID: 29964008
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  • 5. Genetic variants in RNA m
    Chen S; Cao X; Ben S; Zhu L; Gu D; Wu Y; Li S; Yu Q
    Cancer Med; 2023 Jan; 12(2):1376-1388. PubMed ID: 35861369
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  • 6. Tandem repeat variation near the HIC1 (hypermethylated in cancer 1) promoter predicts outcome of oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer.
    Okazaki S; Schirripa M; Loupakis F; Cao S; Zhang W; Yang D; Ning Y; Berger MD; Miyamoto Y; Suenaga M; Iqubal S; Barzi A; Cremolini C; Falcone A; Battaglin F; Salvatore L; Borelli B; Helentjaris TG; Lenz HJ
    Cancer; 2017 Nov; 123(22):4506-4514. PubMed ID: 28708932
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  • 7. Association of XPD Asp312Asn polymorphism and response to oxaliplatin-based first-line chemotherapy and survival in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer.
    Liu Z; Kong J; Kong Y; Cai F; Xu X; Liu J; Wang S
    Adv Clin Exp Med; 2019 Nov; 28(11):1459-1468. PubMed ID: 31756062
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  • 8. The Roles of EXO1 and RPA1 Polymorphisms in Prognosis of Lung Cancer Patients Treated with Platinum-Based Chemotherapy.
    He J; Wang Z; Wang Y; Zou T; Li XP; Chen J
    Dis Markers; 2022; 2022():3306189. PubMed ID: 36277983
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  • 9. Functional Analysis of SNPs in the ERCC5 Promoter in Advanced Colorectal Cancer Patients Treated With Oxaliplatin-Based Chemotherapy.
    Chen J; Luo X; Xie G; Chen K; Jiang H; Pan F; Li J; Ruan Z; Pang X; Liang H
    Medicine (Baltimore); 2016 May; 95(19):e3652. PubMed ID: 27175691
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  • 10. The combination of ERCC1 and XRCC1 gene polymorphisms better predicts clinical outcome to oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy in metastatic colorectal cancer.
    Liang J; Jiang T; Yao RY; Liu ZM; Lv HY; Qi WW
    Cancer Chemother Pharmacol; 2010 Aug; 66(3):493-500. PubMed ID: 19960344
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  • 11. Inhibition of Ataxia-Telangiectasia Mutated and RAD3-Related (
    Combès E; Andrade AF; Tosi D; Michaud HA; Coquel F; Garambois V; Desigaud D; Jarlier M; Coquelle A; Pasero P; Bonnefoy N; Moreaux J; Martineau P; Del Rio M; Beijersbergen RL; Vezzio-Vie N; Gongora C
    Cancer Res; 2019 Jun; 79(11):2933-2946. PubMed ID: 30987998
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  • 12. aCGH Analysis of Predictive Biomarkers for Response to Bevacizumab plus Oxaliplatin- or Irinotecan-Based Chemotherapy in Patients with Metastatic Colorectal Cancer.
    Fujita Y; Taguri M; Yamazaki K; Tsurutani J; Sakai K; Tsushima T; Nagase M; Tamagawa H; Ueda S; Tamura T; Tsuji Y; Murata K; Taira K; Denda T; Moriwaki T; Funai S; Nakajima TE; Muro K; Tsuji A; Yoshida M; Suyama K; Kurimoto T; Sugimoto N; Baba E; Seki N; Sato M; Shimura T; Boku N; Hyodo I; Yamanaka T; Nishio K
    Oncologist; 2019 Mar; 24(3):327-337. PubMed ID: 30425180
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  • 13. Hypermethylated and downregulated MEIS2 are involved in stemness properties and oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy resistance of colorectal cancer.
    Wang X; Ghareeb WM; Zhang Y; Yu Q; Lu X; Huang Y; Huang S; Sun Y; Chi P
    J Cell Physiol; 2019 Aug; 234(10):18180-18191. PubMed ID: 30859572
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  • 14. Integrating
    Ntavatzikos A; Spathis A; Patapis P; Machairas N; Peros G; Konstantoudakis S; Leventakou D; Panayiotides IG; Karakitsos P; Koumarianou A
    World J Gastroenterol; 2017 Aug; 23(32):5913-5924. PubMed ID: 28932083
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  • 15. Single nucleotide polymorphisms in nucleotide excision repair genes XPA, XPD, XPG and ERCC1 in advanced colorectal cancer patients treated with first-line oxaliplatin/fluoropyrimidine.
    Monzo M; Moreno I; Navarro A; Ibeas R; Artells R; Gel B; Martinez F; Moreno J; Hernandez R; Navarro-Vigo M
    Oncology; 2007; 72(5-6):364-70. PubMed ID: 18204222
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  • 16. Variation within 3'-UTRs of base excision repair genes and response to therapy in colorectal cancer patients: A potential modulation of microRNAs binding.
    Pardini B; Rosa F; Barone E; Di Gaetano C; Slyskova J; Novotny J; Levy M; Garritano S; Vodickova L; Buchler T; Gemignani F; Landi S; Vodicka P; Naccarati A
    Clin Cancer Res; 2013 Nov; 19(21):6044-56. PubMed ID: 24036853
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  • 17. MiR-483-3p regulates oxaliplatin resistance by targeting FAM171B in human colorectal cancer cells.
    Liang H; Xu Y; Zhang Q; Yang Y; Mou Y; Gao Y; Chen R; Chen C; Dai P
    Artif Cells Nanomed Biotechnol; 2019 Dec; 47(1):725-736. PubMed ID: 30861353
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  • 18. The silencing of replication protein A1 induced cell apoptosis via regulating Caspase 3.
    Zhu Y; Yi Y; Bai B; Li L; You T; Sun W; Yu Y
    Life Sci; 2018 May; 201():141-149. PubMed ID: 29601890
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  • 19. In silico pathway analysis and tissue specific cis-eQTL for colorectal cancer GWAS risk variants.
    Loo LWM; Lemire M; Le Marchand L
    BMC Genomics; 2017 May; 18(1):381. PubMed ID: 28506205
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  • 20. Validation of Genetic Markers Associated with Survival in Colorectal Cancer Patients Treated with Oxaliplatin-Based Chemotherapy.
    Park HA; Seibold P; Edelmann D; Benner A; Canzian F; Alwers E; Jansen L; Schneider M; Hoffmeister M; Brenner H; Chang-Claude J
    Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev; 2022 Feb; 31(2):352-361. PubMed ID: 34862210
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