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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Oncogenic PIK3CA mutations increase dependency on the mRNA cap methyltransferase, RNMT, in breast cancer cells.
    Dunn S; Lombardi O; Lukoszek R; Cowling VH
    Open Biol; 2019 Apr; 9(4):190052. PubMed ID: 30991934
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  • 2. CDK1-Cyclin B1 Activates RNMT, Coordinating mRNA Cap Methylation with G1 Phase Transcription.
    Aregger M; Kaskar A; Varshney D; Fernandez-Sanchez ME; Inesta-Vaquera FA; Weidlich S; Cowling VH
    Mol Cell; 2016 Mar; 61(5):734-746. PubMed ID: 26942677
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  • 3. c-Myc co-ordinates mRNA cap methylation and ribosomal RNA production.
    Dunn S; Lombardi O; Cowling VH
    Biochem J; 2017 Feb; 474(3):377-384. PubMed ID: 27934633
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  • 4. Human cap methyltransferase (RNMT) N-terminal non-catalytic domain mediates recruitment to transcription initiation sites.
    Aregger M; Cowling VH
    Biochem J; 2013 Oct; 455(1):67-73. PubMed ID: 23863084
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  • 5. RAM function is dependent on Kapβ2-mediated nuclear entry.
    Gonatopoulos-Pournatzis T; Cowling VH
    Biochem J; 2014 Feb; 457(3):473-84. PubMed ID: 24200467
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  • 6. The RNA cap methyltransferases RNMT and CMTR1 co-ordinate gene expression during neural differentiation.
    Liang S; Almohammed R; Cowling VH
    Biochem Soc Trans; 2023 Jun; 51(3):1131-1141. PubMed ID: 37145036
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  • 7. Double
    Vasan N; Razavi P; Johnson JL; Shao H; Shah H; Antoine A; Ladewig E; Gorelick A; Lin TY; Toska E; Xu G; Kazmi A; Chang MT; Taylor BS; Dickler MN; Jhaveri K; Chandarlapaty S; Rabadan R; Reznik E; Smith ML; Sebra R; Schimmoller F; Wilson TR; Friedman LS; Cantley LC; Scaltriti M; Baselga J
    Science; 2019 Nov; 366(6466):714-723. PubMed ID: 31699932
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  • 8. mRNA Cap Methyltransferase, RNMT-RAM, Promotes RNA Pol II-Dependent Transcription.
    Varshney D; Lombardi O; Schweikert G; Dunn S; Suska O; Cowling VH
    Cell Rep; 2018 May; 23(5):1530-1542. PubMed ID: 29719263
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  • 9. Mechanism of allosteric activation of human mRNA cap methyltransferase (RNMT) by RAM: insights from accelerated molecular dynamics simulations.
    Bueren-Calabuig JA; G Bage M; Cowling VH; Pisliakov AV
    Nucleic Acids Res; 2019 Sep; 47(16):8675-8692. PubMed ID: 31329932
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  • 10. Regulation of mRNA capping in the cell cycle.
    Aregger M; Cowling VH
    RNA Biol; 2017 Jan; 14(1):11-14. PubMed ID: 27791484
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  • 11. Oncogenic PI3K promotes methionine dependency in breast cancer cells through the cystine-glutamate antiporter xCT.
    Lien EC; Ghisolfi L; Geck RC; Asara JM; Toker A
    Sci Signal; 2017 Dec; 10(510):. PubMed ID: 29259101
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  • 12. PI3K pathway regulates ER-dependent transcription in breast cancer through the epigenetic regulator KMT2D.
    Toska E; Osmanbeyoglu HU; Castel P; Chan C; Hendrickson RC; Elkabets M; Dickler MN; Scaltriti M; Leslie CS; Armstrong SA; Baselga J
    Science; 2017 Mar; 355(6331):1324-1330. PubMed ID: 28336670
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  • 13. Upregulation of RNA cap methyltransferase RNMT drives ribosome biogenesis during T cell activation.
    Galloway A; Kaskar A; Ditsova D; Atrih A; Yoshikawa H; Gomez-Moreira C; Suska O; Warminski M; Grzela R; Lamond AI; Darzynkiewicz E; Jemielity J; Cowling VH
    Nucleic Acids Res; 2021 Jul; 49(12):6722-6738. PubMed ID: 34125914
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  • 14. PIK3CA C-terminal frameshift mutations are novel oncogenic events that sensitize tumors to PI3K-α inhibition.
    Spangle JM; Von T; Pavlick DC; Khotimsky A; Zhao JJ; Roberts TM
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2020 Sep; 117(39):24427-24433. PubMed ID: 32929011
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  • 15. Identification and Characterization of the Interaction Between the Methyl-7-Guanosine Cap Maturation Enzyme RNMT and the Cap-Binding Protein eIF4E.
    Osborne MJ; Volpon L; Memarpoor-Yazdi M; Pillay S; Thambipillai A; Czarnota S; Culjkovic-Kraljacic B; Trahan C; Oeffinger M; Cowling VH; Borden KLB
    J Mol Biol; 2022 Mar; 434(5):167451. PubMed ID: 35026230
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  • 16. Targeting the PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway with the pan-Akt inhibitor GDC-0068 in PIK3CA-mutant breast cancer brain metastases.
    Ippen FM; Grosch JK; Subramanian M; Kuter BM; Liederer BM; Plise EG; Mora JL; Nayyar N; Schmidt SP; Giobbie-Hurder A; Martinez-Lage M; Carter SL; Cahill DP; Wakimoto H; Brastianos PK
    Neuro Oncol; 2019 Nov; 21(11):1401-1411. PubMed ID: 31173106
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  • 17. Preclinical modeling of combined phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase inhibition with endocrine therapy for estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer.
    Sanchez CG; Ma CX; Crowder RJ; Guintoli T; Phommaly C; Gao F; Lin L; Ellis MJ
    Breast Cancer Res; 2011 Mar; 13(2):R21. PubMed ID: 21362200
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  • 18. PIK3CA and AKT1 mutations have distinct effects on sensitivity to targeted pathway inhibitors in an isogenic luminal breast cancer model system.
    Beaver JA; Gustin JP; Yi KH; Rajpurohit A; Thomas M; Gilbert SF; Rosen DM; Ho Park B; Lauring J
    Clin Cancer Res; 2013 Oct; 19(19):5413-22. PubMed ID: 23888070
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  • 19. PIK3CA mutation sensitizes breast cancer cells to synergistic therapy of PI3K inhibition and AMPK activation.
    Liu S; Tang Y; Yan M; Jiang W
    Invest New Drugs; 2018 Oct; 36(5):763-772. PubMed ID: 29504069
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  • 20. Membrane metallo-endopeptidase mediates cellular senescence induced by oncogenic PIK3CA
    Liu XL; Liu JL; Xu YC; Zhang X; Wang YX; Qing LH; Guo W; Ding J; Meng LH
    Int J Cancer; 2019 Aug; 145(3):817-829. PubMed ID: 30671946
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