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  • 1. Comparison of ALK detection by FISH, IHC and NGS to predict benefit from crizotinib in advanced non-small-cell lung cancer.
    Lin C; Shi X; Yang S; Zhao J; He Q; Jin Y; Yu X
    Lung Cancer; 2019 May; 131():62-68. PubMed ID: 31027700
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  • 2. Detection of clinically actionable gene fusions by next-generation sequencing-based RNA sequencing of non-small cell lung cancer cytology specimens: A single-center experience with comparison to fluorescence in situ hybridization.
    Diks J; Tang Z; Altan M; Anderson S; Chen H; Rashid A; Yang RK; Routbort MJ; Patel KP; Toruner GA; Medeiros LJ; Tang G; Luthra R; Roy-Chowdhuri S
    Cancer Cytopathol; 2024 Jan; 132(1):41-49. PubMed ID: 37747438
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  • 3. Efficacy of Lorlatinib in Treatment-Naive Patients With ALK-Positive Advanced NSCLC in Relation to EML4::ALK Variant Type and ALK With or Without TP53 Mutations.
    Bearz A; Martini JF; Jassem J; Kim SW; Chang GC; Shaw AT; Shepard DA; Dall'O' E; Polli A; Thurm H; Zalcman G; Garcia Campelo MR; Penkov K; Hayashi H; Solomon BJ
    J Thorac Oncol; 2023 Nov; 18(11):1581-1593. PubMed ID: 37541389
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  • 4. One-Step Polymerase Chain Reaction-Free Nanowire-Based Plasma Cell-Free DNA Assay to Detect EML4-ALK Fusion and to Monitor Resistance in Lung Cancer.
    Lee Y; Cho Y; Park EY; Park SY; Hwang KH; Han JY
    Oncologist; 2021 Oct; 26(10):e1683-e1692. PubMed ID: 34272914
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  • 5. Custom Gene Capture and Next-Generation Sequencing to Resolve Discordant ALK Status by FISH and IHC in Lung Adenocarcinoma.
    Jang JS; Wang X; Vedell PT; Wen J; Zhang J; Ellison DW; Evans JM; Johnson SH; Yang P; Sukov WR; Oliveira AM; Vasmatzis G; Sun Z; Jen J; Yi ES
    J Thorac Oncol; 2016 Nov; 11(11):1891-1900. PubMed ID: 27343444
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  • 6. Feasibility of liquid biopsy using plasma and platelets for detection of anaplastic lymphoma kinase rearrangements in non-small cell lung cancer.
    Park CK; Kim JE; Kim MS; Kho BG; Park HY; Kim TO; Shin HJ; Cho HJ; Choi YD; Oh IJ; Kim YC
    J Cancer Res Clin Oncol; 2019 Aug; 145(8):2071-2082. PubMed ID: 31154543
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  • 7. Next-generation sequencing facilitates detection of the classic E13-A20 EML4-ALK fusion in an ALK-FISH/IHC inconclusive biopsy of a stage IV lung cancer patient: a case report.
    Volckmar AL; Endris V; Bozorgmehr F; Lier C; Porcel C; Kirchner M; Leichsenring J; Penzel R; Thomas M; Schirmacher P; Warth A; Stenzinger A
    Diagn Pathol; 2016 Nov; 11(1):133. PubMed ID: 27863497
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  • 8. Accurate identification of ALK positive lung carcinoma patients: novel FDA-cleared automated fluorescence in situ hybridization scanning system and ultrasensitive immunohistochemistry.
    Conde E; Suárez-Gauthier A; Benito A; Garrido P; García-Campelo R; Biscuola M; Paz-Ares L; Hardisson D; de Castro J; Camacho MC; Rodriguez-Abreu D; Abdulkader I; Ramirez J; Reguart N; Salido M; Pijuán L; Arriola E; Sanz J; Folgueras V; Villanueva N; Gómez-Román J; Hidalgo M; López-Ríos F
    PLoS One; 2014; 9(9):e107200. PubMed ID: 25248157
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  • 9. Evaluation of NGS and RT-PCR Methods for ALK Rearrangement in European NSCLC Patients: Results from the European Thoracic Oncology Platform Lungscape Project.
    Letovanec I; Finn S; Zygoura P; Smyth P; Soltermann A; Bubendorf L; Speel EJ; Marchetti A; Nonaka D; Monkhorst K; Hager H; Martorell M; Sejda A; Cheney R; Hernandez-Losa J; Verbeken E; Weder W; Savic S; Di Lorito A; Navarro A; Felip E; Warth A; Baas P; Meldgaard P; Blackhall F; Dingemans AM; Dienemann H; Dziadziuszko R; Vansteenkiste J; O'Brien C; Geiger T; Sherlock J; Schageman J; Dafni U; Kammler R; Kerr K; Thunnissen E; Stahel R; Peters S;
    J Thorac Oncol; 2018 Mar; 13(3):413-425. PubMed ID: 29191776
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  • 10. Identification of a novel RSRC1-ALK (R6: A20) fusion using next-generation sequencing technique.
    Xia J; Chen S; Zhang Z; Wang J
    Cancer Genet; 2023 Nov; 278-279():18-23. PubMed ID: 37572583
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  • 11. Outcomes According to ALK Status Determined by Central IHC or FISH in Patients with ALK-Positive NSCLC Enrolled in the Phase III ALEX Study.
    Mok T; Peters S; Camidge DR; Noé J; Gadgeel S; Ignatius Ou SH; Kim DW; Konopa K; Pozzi E; Liu T; Loftin IR; Williams C; Shaw AT
    J Thorac Oncol; 2020 Oct; ():. PubMed ID: 34756882
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  • 12. Reliability analysis of exonic-breakpoint fusions identified by DNA sequencing for predicting the efficacy of targeted therapy in non-small cell lung cancer.
    Li W; Wan R; Guo L; Chang G; Jiang D; Meng L; Ying J
    BMC Med; 2022 May; 20(1):160. PubMed ID: 35534835
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  • 13. Concordance of ALK fusion gene-rearrangement between immunohistochemistry and next-generation sequencing.
    Wakuda K; Morita M; Sekikawa M; Morikawa N; Miura K; Doshita K; Iida Y; Kodama H; Mamesaya N; Kobayashi H; Ko R; Ono A; Kenmotsu H; Naito T; Murakami H; Muramatsu K; Kawata T; Mori K; Shimizu T; Gon Y; Takahashi T
    Int J Clin Oncol; 2024 Feb; 29(2):96-102. PubMed ID: 38183554
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  • 14. A comparison of immunohistochemical assays and FISH in detecting the ALK translocation in diagnostic histological and cytological lung tumor material.
    Le Quesne J; Maurya M; Yancheva SG; O'Brien M; Popat S; Wotherspoon AC; de Castro DG; Nicholson AG
    J Thorac Oncol; 2014 Jun; 9(6):769-74. PubMed ID: 24787965
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  • 15. Acquired resistance to crizotinib in novel CDK14-ALK and CLTC-ALK fusions of ALK-positive large B-cell lymphoma identified by next-generation sequencing.
    Xia Y; Zhang L; He W; Pan H; Fang J; Cui G
    Cancer Biol Ther; 2023 Dec; 24(1):2271212. PubMed ID: 37906510
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  • 16. Potential unreliability of ALK variant allele frequency in the efficacy prediction of targeted therapy in NSCLC.
    Rao W; Liu Y; Li Y; Guo L; Qiu T; Dong L; Ying J; Li W
    Front Med; 2023 Jun; 17(3):493-502. PubMed ID: 37010729
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  • 17. Mutation status analysis of 58 patients with advanced ALK fusion gene positive non small cell lung cancer.
    Yang Y; Lu B; Hu M; Wang Q; Jiang M; Zhang T; Liu Z
    BMC Pulm Med; 2023 Sep; 23(1):319. PubMed ID: 37658352
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  • 18. Novel SLC12A2-ROS1 Fusion in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer with a Significant Response to Crizotinib: The Importance of Choosing the Appropriate Next-Generation Sequencing Assay.
    Rodríguez-Antolín C; Rosas-Alonso R; Cruz P; Higuera O; Sánchez-Cabrero D; Esteban-Rodríguez I; Peláez-García A; Fernández Montaño VE; Rodríguez-Jiménez C; Ibáñez de Cáceres I; de Castro J
    Oncologist; 2021 Jun; 26(6):e908-e912. PubMed ID: 33682977
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  • 19. The relevance of external quality assessment for molecular testing for ALK positive non-small cell lung cancer: results from two pilot rounds show room for optimization.
    Tembuyser L; Tack V; Zwaenepoel K; Pauwels P; Miller K; Bubendorf L; Kerr K; Schuuring E; Thunnissen E; Dequeker EM
    PLoS One; 2014; 9(11):e112159. PubMed ID: 25386659
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  • 20. Usefulness of an RNA extraction-free test for the multiplexed detection of
    Damiola F; Alberti L; Mansuet-Lupo A; Damotte D; Hofman V; Tixier L; Penault-Llorca F; Rouquette I; Vignaud JM; Cazes A; Forest F; Begueret H; Gibault L; Badoual C; Cayre A; Taranchon-Clermont E; Duc A; Mc Leer A; Lantuejoul S
    Expert Rev Mol Diagn; 2023; 23(12):1283-1291. PubMed ID: 37906110
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