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  • 1. Inhibition of p53 and/or AKT as a new therapeutic approach specifically targeting ALT cancers.
    Ge Y; Wu S; Zhang Z; Li X; Li F; Yan S; Liu H; Huang J; Zhao Y
    Protein Cell; 2019 Nov; 10(11):808-824. PubMed ID: 31115790
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  • 2. Opposing p53 and mTOR/AKT promote an in vivo switch from apoptosis to senescence upon telomere shortening in zebrafish.
    El Maï M; Marzullo M; de Castro IP; Ferreira MG
    Elife; 2020 May; 9():. PubMed ID: 32427102
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  • 3. A Cisplatin Derivative Tetra-Pt(bpy) as an Oncotherapeutic Agent for Targeting ALT Cancer.
    Zheng XH; Nie X; Fang Y; Zhang Z; Xiao Y; Mao Z; Liu H; Ren J; Wang F; Xia L; Huang J; Zhao Y
    J Natl Cancer Inst; 2017 Oct; 109(10):. PubMed ID: 28521363
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  • 4. Telomere Length Maintenance in Cancer: At the Crossroad between Telomerase and Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres (ALT).
    De Vitis M; Berardinelli F; Sgura A
    Int J Mol Sci; 2018 Feb; 19(2):. PubMed ID: 29463031
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  • 5. Alternative lengthening of telomeres in neuroblastoma cell lines is associated with a lack of MYCN genomic amplification and with p53 pathway aberrations.
    Farooqi AS; Dagg RA; Choi LM; Shay JW; Reynolds CP; Lau LM
    J Neurooncol; 2014 Aug; 119(1):17-26. PubMed ID: 24792489
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  • 6. Pioglitazone activates aortic telomerase and prevents stress-induced endothelial apoptosis.
    Werner C; Gensch C; Pöss J; Haendeler J; Böhm M; Laufs U
    Atherosclerosis; 2011 May; 216(1):23-34. PubMed ID: 21396644
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  • 7. The Telomerase and Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres Mechanisms Regulate Laryngeal Cancer Cell Apoptosis via the PI3K/Akt Pathway.
    Wang F; Sheng JF; Cai L; Xu Y; Liao H; Tao ZZ
    ORL J Otorhinolaryngol Relat Spec; 2018; 80(5-6):227-237. PubMed ID: 30212832
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  • 8. Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres in Cancer Confers a Vulnerability to Reactivation of p53 Function.
    Macha SJ; Koneru B; Burrow TA; Zhu C; Savitski D; Rahman RL; Ronaghan CA; Nance J; McCoy K; Eslinger C; Reynolds CP
    Cancer Res; 2022 Sep; 82(18):3345-3358. PubMed ID: 35947641
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  • 9. p53 differentially inhibits cell growth depending on the mechanism of telomere maintenance.
    Razak ZR; Varkonyi RJ; Kulp-McEliece M; Caslini C; Testa JR; Murphy ME; Broccoli D
    Mol Cell Biol; 2004 Jul; 24(13):5967-77. PubMed ID: 15199150
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  • 10. Increasing cisplatin sensitivity by schedule-dependent inhibition of AKT and Chk1.
    Duan L; Perez RE; Hansen M; Gitelis S; Maki CG
    Cancer Biol Ther; 2014; 15(12):1600-12. PubMed ID: 25482935
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  • 11. Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres Mediated by Mitotic DNA Synthesis Engages Break-Induced Replication Processes.
    Min J; Wright WE; Shay JW
    Mol Cell Biol; 2017 Oct; 37(20):. PubMed ID: 28760773
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  • 12. Inhibition of AKT induces p53/SIRT6/PARP1-dependent parthanatos to suppress tumor growth.
    Zhang Y; Zhang C; Li J; Jiang M; Guo S; Yang G; Zhang L; Wang F; Yi S; Wang J; Fu Y; Zhang Y
    Cell Commun Signal; 2022 Jun; 20(1):93. PubMed ID: 35715817
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  • 13. The LXR-623-induced long non-coding RNA LINC01125 suppresses the proliferation of breast cancer cells via PTEN/AKT/p53 signaling pathway.
    Wan W; Hou Y; Wang K; Cheng Y; Pu X; Ye X
    Cell Death Dis; 2019 Mar; 10(3):248. PubMed ID: 30867411
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  • 14. Control of Cellular Aging, Tissue Function, and Cancer by p53 Downstream of Telomeres.
    Roake CM; Artandi SE
    Cold Spring Harb Perspect Med; 2017 May; 7(5):. PubMed ID: 28289249
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  • 15. DNA methylation mediated up-regulation of TERRA non-coding RNA is coincident with elongated telomeres in the human placenta.
    Novakovic B; Napier CE; Vryer R; Dimitriadis E; Manuelpillai U; Sharkey A; Craig JM; Reddel RR; Saffery R
    Mol Hum Reprod; 2016 Nov; 22(11):791-799. PubMed ID: 27604461
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  • 16. Alternative lengthening of telomeres can be maintained by preferential elongation of lagging strands.
    Min J; Wright WE; Shay JW
    Nucleic Acids Res; 2017 Mar; 45(5):2615-2628. PubMed ID: 28082393
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  • 17. Blockade of telomerase reverse transcriptase enhances chemosensitivity in head and neck cancers through inhibition of AKT/ERK signaling pathways.
    Zhao T; Hu F; Liu X; Tao Q
    Oncotarget; 2015 Nov; 6(34):35908-21. PubMed ID: 26497550
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  • 18. SPARC functions as an anti-stress factor by inactivating p53 through Akt-mediated MDM2 phosphorylation to promote melanoma cell survival.
    Fenouille N; Puissant A; Tichet M; Zimniak G; Abbe P; Mallavialle A; Rocchi S; Ortonne JP; Deckert M; Ballotti R; Tartare-Deckert S
    Oncogene; 2011 Dec; 30(49):4887-900. PubMed ID: 21685937
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  • 19. Dysfunctional telomeres induce p53-dependent and independent apoptosis to compromise cellular proliferation and inhibit tumor formation.
    Wang Y; Wang X; Flores ER; Yu J; Chang S
    Aging Cell; 2016 Aug; 15(4):646-60. PubMed ID: 27113195
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  • 20. Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres (ALT) in Tumors and Pluripotent Stem Cells.
    Zhao S; Wang F; Liu L
    Genes (Basel); 2019 Dec; 10(12):. PubMed ID: 31835618
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