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  • 1. Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Rewrites Metabolic Program Through a Glut3-YAP-dependent Signaling Circuit.
    Kuo CC; Ling HH; Chiang MC; Chung CH; Lee WY; Chu CY; Wu YC; Chen CH; Lai YW; Tsai IL; Cheng CH; Lin CW
    Theranostics; 2019; 9(9):2526-2540. PubMed ID: 31131051
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  • 2. SAM68 promotes tumorigenesis in lung adenocarcinoma by regulating metabolic conversion via PKM alternative splicing.
    Zhu S; Chen W; Wang J; Qi L; Pan H; Feng Z; Tian D
    Theranostics; 2021; 11(7):3359-3375. PubMed ID: 33537092
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  • 3. RARγ Downregulation Contributes to Colorectal Tumorigenesis and Metastasis by Derepressing the Hippo-Yap Pathway.
    Guo PD; Lu XX; Gan WJ; Li XM; He XS; Zhang S; Ji QH; Zhou F; Cao Y; Wang JR; Li JM; Wu H
    Cancer Res; 2016 Jul; 76(13):3813-25. PubMed ID: 27325643
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  • 4. A novel protein encoded by a circular RNA circPPP1R12A promotes tumor pathogenesis and metastasis of colon cancer via Hippo-YAP signaling.
    Zheng X; Chen L; Zhou Y; Wang Q; Zheng Z; Xu B; Wu C; Zhou Q; Hu W; Wu C; Jiang J
    Mol Cancer; 2019 Mar; 18(1):47. PubMed ID: 30925892
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  • 5. TRIP6 accelerates the proliferation and invasion of cervical cancer by upregulating oncogenic YAP signaling.
    Yang F; Li L; Zhang J; Zhang J; Yang L
    Exp Cell Res; 2020 Nov; 396(1):112248. PubMed ID: 32853630
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  • 6. REGγ Controls Hippo Signaling and Reciprocal NF-κB-YAP Regulation to Promote Colon Cancer.
    Wang Q; Gao X; Yu T; Yuan L; Dai J; Wang W; Chen G; Jiao C; Zhou W; Huang Q; Cui L; Zhang P; Moses RE; Yang J; Chen F; Fu J; Xiao J; Li L; Dang Y; Li X
    Clin Cancer Res; 2018 Apr; 24(8):2015-2025. PubMed ID: 29437787
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  • 7. Zyxin promotes colon cancer tumorigenesis in a mitotic phosphorylation-dependent manner and through CDK8-mediated YAP activation.
    Zhou J; Zeng Y; Cui L; Chen X; Stauffer S; Wang Z; Yu F; Lele SM; Talmon GA; Black AR; Chen Y; Dong J
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2018 Jul; 115(29):E6760-E6769. PubMed ID: 29967145
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  • 8. Tumor cell-derived angiopoietin-like protein 2 establishes a preference for glycolytic metabolism in lung cancer cells.
    Osumi H; Horiguchi H; Kadomatsu T; Tashiro K; Morinaga J; Takahashi T; Ikeda K; Ito T; Suzuki M; Endo M; Oike Y
    Cancer Sci; 2020 Apr; 111(4):1241-1253. PubMed ID: 32012400
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  • 9. Yes-associated protein (YAP) binds to HIF-1α and sustains HIF-1α protein stability to promote hepatocellular carcinoma cell glycolysis under hypoxic stress.
    Zhang X; Li Y; Ma Y; Yang L; Wang T; Meng X; Zong Z; Sun X; Hua X; Li H
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2018 Sep; 37(1):216. PubMed ID: 30180863
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  • 10. 2-Hydroxylation of Fatty Acids Represses Colorectal Tumorigenesis and Metastasis via the YAP Transcriptional Axis.
    Sun L; Yang X; Huang X; Yao Y; Wei X; Yang S; Zhou D; Zhang W; Long Z; Xu X; Zhu X; He S; Su X
    Cancer Res; 2021 Jan; 81(2):289-302. PubMed ID: 33203703
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  • 11. Overexpression of GLUT3 promotes metastasis of triple-negative breast cancer by modulating the inflammatory tumor microenvironment.
    Tsai TH; Yang CC; Kou TC; Yang CE; Dai JZ; Chen CL; Lin CW
    J Cell Physiol; 2021 Jun; 236(6):4669-4680. PubMed ID: 33421130
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  • 12. lncRNA B4GALT1-AS1 promotes colon cancer cell stemness and migration by recruiting YAP to the nucleus and enhancing YAP transcriptional activity.
    Zhang Y; Fang Z; Guo X; Dong H; Zhou K; Huang Z; Xiao Z
    J Cell Physiol; 2019 Aug; 234(10):18524-18534. PubMed ID: 30912138
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  • 13. Nogo-B fosters HCC progression by enhancing Yap/Taz-mediated tumor-associated macrophages M2 polarization.
    Zhao X; Wang X; You Y; Wen D; Feng Z; Zhou Y; Que K; Gong J; Liu Z
    Exp Cell Res; 2020 Jun; 391(1):111979. PubMed ID: 32246992
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  • 14. lncRNA
    Li N; Yang G; Luo L; Ling L; Wang X; Shi L; Lan J; Jia X; Zhang Q; Long Z; Liu J; Hu W; He Z; Liu H; Liu W; Zheng G
    Clin Cancer Res; 2020 Apr; 26(7):1736-1748. PubMed ID: 31831555
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  • 15. Elevated expression of Par3 promotes prostate cancer metastasis by forming a Par3/aPKC/KIBRA complex and inactivating the hippo pathway.
    Zhou PJ; Xue W; Peng J; Wang Y; Wei L; Yang Z; Zhu HH; Fang YX; Gao WQ
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2017 Oct; 36(1):139. PubMed ID: 29017577
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  • 16. Elevation of YAP promotes the epithelial-mesenchymal transition and tumor aggressiveness in colorectal cancer.
    Ling HH; Kuo CC; Lin BX; Huang YH; Lin CW
    Exp Cell Res; 2017 Jan; 350(1):218-225. PubMed ID: 27914787
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  • 17. PKM2 Subcellular Localization Is Involved in Oxaliplatin Resistance Acquisition in HT29 Human Colorectal Cancer Cell Lines.
    Ginés A; Bystrup S; Ruiz de Porras V; Guardia C; Musulén E; Martínez-Cardús A; Manzano JL; Layos L; Abad A; Martínez-Balibrea E
    PLoS One; 2015; 10(5):e0123830. PubMed ID: 25955657
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  • 18. GLUT3 induced by AMPK/CREB1 axis is key for withstanding energy stress and augments the efficacy of current colorectal cancer therapies.
    Dai W; Xu Y; Mo S; Li Q; Yu J; Wang R; Ma Y; Ni Y; Xiang W; Han L; Zhang L; Cai S; Qin J; Chen WL; Jia W; Cai G
    Signal Transduct Target Ther; 2020 Sep; 5(1):177. PubMed ID: 32873793
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  • 19. EGFR-PKM2 signaling promotes the metastatic potential of nasopharyngeal carcinoma through induction of FOSL1 and ANTXR2.
    Chen S; Youhong T; Tan Y; He Y; Ban Y; Cai J; Li X; Xiong W; Zeng Z; Li G; Yi M; Liu W; Xiang B
    Carcinogenesis; 2020 Jul; 41(6):723-733. PubMed ID: 31665243
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  • 20. Hypoxia-induced Rab11-family interacting protein 4 expression promotes migration and invasion of colon cancer and correlates with poor prognosis.
    Wang JZ; Yang SX; Ye F; Xia XP; Shao XX; Xia SL; Zheng B; Xu CL
    Mol Med Rep; 2018 Mar; 17(3):3797-3806. PubMed ID: 29257314
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