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  • 1. HMGA1 promoting gastric cancer oncogenic and glycolytic phenotypes by regulating c-myc expression.
    Cao XP; Cao Y; Zhao H; Yin J; Hou P
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun; 2019 Aug; 516(2):457-465. PubMed ID: 31229266
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  • 2. HMGA1 is induced by Wnt/beta-catenin pathway and maintains cell proliferation in gastric cancer.
    Akaboshi S; Watanabe S; Hino Y; Sekita Y; Xi Y; Araki K; Yamamura K; Oshima M; Ito T; Baba H; Nakao M
    Am J Pathol; 2009 Oct; 175(4):1675-85. PubMed ID: 19729480
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  • 3. HMGA1 promotes gastric cancer growth and metastasis by transactivating SUZ12 and CCDC43 expression.
    Yang Q; Wang Y; Li M; Wang Z; Zhang J; Dai W; Pei M; Hong L; Xiao Y; Hu H; Li J; Lin J; Wu X; Chen Y; Huang M; Li A; Liu S; Tang W; Xiang L; Wang J
    Aging (Albany NY); 2021 Jun; 13(12):16043-16061. PubMed ID: 34167089
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  • 4. Protein Phosphatase 2a Inhibits Gastric Cancer Cell Glycolysis by Reducing MYC Signaling.
    Cai Z; Zhang W; Zhou R; Wang Y; Feng Y
    Cell Biochem Biophys; 2023 Mar; 81(1):59-68. PubMed ID: 36324030
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  • 5. Knockdown of ZNF479 inhibits proliferation and glycolysis of gastric cancer cells through regulating β-catenin/c-Myc signaling pathway.
    Jin XS; Ji TT; Shi ZC; Zhang QQ; Ye FP; Yu WL; Li RZ
    Kaohsiung J Med Sci; 2021 Sep; 37(9):759-767. PubMed ID: 34042257
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  • 6. HMGA1/HMGA2 protein expression and prognostic implications in gastric cancer.
    Jun KH; Jung JH; Choi HJ; Shin EY; Chin HM
    Int J Surg; 2015 Dec; 24(Pt A):39-44. PubMed ID: 26537313
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  • 7. MUC16 mutation predicts a favorable clinical outcome and correlates decreased Warburg effect in gastric cancer.
    Zhao H; Zhang L
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun; 2018 Dec; 506(4):780-786. PubMed ID: 30389134
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  • 8. HMGA1-TRIP13 axis promotes stemness and epithelial mesenchymal transition of perihilar cholangiocarcinoma in a positive feedback loop dependent on c-Myc.
    Li Z; Liu J; Chen T; Sun R; Liu Z; Qiu B; Xu Y; Zhang Z
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2021 Mar; 40(1):86. PubMed ID: 33648560
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  • 9. Caveolin-1 increases aerobic glycolysis in colorectal cancers by stimulating HMGA1-mediated GLUT3 transcription.
    Ha TK; Her NG; Lee MG; Ryu BK; Lee JH; Han J; Jeong SI; Kang MJ; Kim NH; Kim HJ; Chi SG
    Cancer Res; 2012 Aug; 72(16):4097-109. PubMed ID: 22706202
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  • 10. HMGA1: a master regulator of tumor progression in triple-negative breast cancer cells.
    Shah SN; Cope L; Poh W; Belton A; Roy S; Talbot CC; Sukumar S; Huso DL; Resar LM
    PLoS One; 2013; 8(5):e63419. PubMed ID: 23658826
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  • 11. Asiaticoside Suppresses Gastric Cancer Progression and Induces Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress through the miR-635/HMGA1 Axis.
    Zhang C; Ji X; Chen Z; Yao Z
    J Immunol Res; 2022; 2022():1917585. PubMed ID: 35692504
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  • 12. KIFC1 promotes aerobic glycolysis in endometrial cancer cells by regulating the c-myc pathway.
    Zhou K; Lin J; Dai M; He Y; Xu J; Lin Q
    J Bioenerg Biomembr; 2021 Dec; 53(6):703-713. PubMed ID: 34729671
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  • 13. The association between S100A13 and HMGA1 in the modulation of thyroid cancer proliferation and invasion.
    Zhong J; Liu C; Chen YJ; Zhang QH; Yang J; Kang X; Chen SR; Wen GB; Zu XY; Cao RX
    J Transl Med; 2016 Mar; 14():80. PubMed ID: 27008379
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  • 14. HMGA1 Has Predictive Value in Response to Chemotherapy in Gastric Cancer.
    Pádua D; Pinto DF; Figueira P; Pereira CF; Almeida R; Mesquita P
    Curr Oncol; 2021 Dec; 29(1):56-67. PubMed ID: 35049679
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  • 15. LncRNA GACAT3 acts as a competing endogenous RNA of HMGA1 and alleviates cucurbitacin B-induced apoptosis of gastric cancer cells.
    Lin Y; Li J; Ye S; Chen J; Zhang Y; Wang L; Xi Y; Bu S; Qiu X
    Gene; 2018 Dec; 678():164-171. PubMed ID: 30098426
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  • 16. YWHAE silencing induces cell proliferation, invasion and migration through the up-regulation of CDC25B and MYC in gastric cancer cells: new insights about YWHAE role in the tumor development and metastasis process.
    Leal MF; Ribeiro HF; Rey JA; Pinto GR; Smith MC; Moreira-Nunes CA; Assumpção PP; Lamarão LM; Calcagno DQ; Montenegro RC; Burbano RR
    Oncotarget; 2016 Dec; 7(51):85393-85410. PubMed ID: 27863420
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  • 17. HMGA1 accelerates the malignant progression of gastric cancer through stimulating EMT.
    Jin GH; Shi Y; Tian Y; Cao TT; Mao Y; Tang TY
    Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci; 2020 Apr; 24(7):3642-3647. PubMed ID: 32329839
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  • 18. HMGA1 Overexpression is Associated With the Malignant Status and Progression of Breast Cancer.
    Qi C; Cao J; Li M; Liang C; He Y; Li Y; Li J; Zheng X; Wang L; Wei B
    Anat Rec (Hoboken); 2018 Jun; 301(6):1061-1067. PubMed ID: 29316384
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  • 19. High mobility group AT-hook 1 (HMGA1) is an independent prognostic factor and novel therapeutic target in pancreatic adenocarcinoma.
    Liau SS; Rocha F; Matros E; Redston M; Whang E
    Cancer; 2008 Jul; 113(2):302-14. PubMed ID: 18473350
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  • 20. LINC00152 acts as a competing endogenous RNA of HMGA1 to promote the growth of gastric cancer cells.
    Chen J; Zheng Q; Liu F; Jin H; Wu X; Xi Y
    J Clin Lab Anal; 2022 Feb; 36(2):e24192. PubMed ID: 35014092
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