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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Influence of the bispecific antibody IgG subclass on T cell redirection.
    Kapelski S; Cleiren E; Attar RM; Philippar U; Häsler J; Chiu ML
    MAbs; 2019; 11(6):1012-1024. PubMed ID: 31242061
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  • 2. Rearranging the domain order of a diabody-based IgG-like bispecific antibody enhances its antitumor activity and improves its degradation resistance and pharmacokinetics.
    Asano R; Shimomura I; Konno S; Ito A; Masakari Y; Orimo R; Taki S; Arai K; Ogata H; Okada M; Furumoto S; Onitsuka M; Omasa T; Hayashi H; Katayose Y; Unno M; Kudo T; Umetsu M; Kumagai I
    MAbs; 2014; 6(5):1243-54. PubMed ID: 25517309
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  • 3. A tetravalent bispecific TandAb (CD19/CD3), AFM11, efficiently recruits T cells for the potent lysis of CD19(+) tumor cells.
    Reusch U; Duell J; Ellwanger K; Herbrecht C; Knackmuss SH; Fucek I; Eser M; McAleese F; Molkenthin V; Gall FL; Topp M; Little M; Zhukovsky EA
    MAbs; 2015; 7(3):584-604. PubMed ID: 25875246
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  • 4. Full-length recombinant antibodies from
    Rashid MH
    MAbs; 2022; 14(1):2111748. PubMed ID: 36018829
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  • 5. Anti-CD3-based bispecific antibody designed for therapy of human B-cell malignancy can induce T-cell activation by antigen-dependent and antigen-independent mechanisms.
    Link BK; Kostelny SA; Cole MS; Fusselman WP; Tso JY; Weiner GJ
    Int J Cancer; 1998 Jul; 77(2):251-6. PubMed ID: 9650561
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  • 6. An engineered Fc variant of an IgG eliminates all immune effector functions via structural perturbations.
    Vafa O; Gilliland GL; Brezski RJ; Strake B; Wilkinson T; Lacy ER; Scallon B; Teplyakov A; Malia TJ; Strohl WR
    Methods; 2014 Jan; 65(1):114-26. PubMed ID: 23872058
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  • 7. A novel efficient bispecific antibody format, combining a conventional antigen-binding fragment with a single domain antibody, avoids potential heavy-light chain mis-pairing.
    Huang S; Segués A; Hulsik DL; Zaiss DM; Sijts AJAM; van Duijnhoven SMJ; van Elsas A
    J Immunol Methods; 2020 Aug; 483():112811. PubMed ID: 32569598
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  • 8. Bispecific antibodies and trispecific immunocytokines for targeting the immune system against cancer: preparing for the future.
    Fournier P; Schirrmacher V
    BioDrugs; 2013 Feb; 27(1):35-53. PubMed ID: 23329400
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  • 9. Fab-based bispecific antibody formats with robust biophysical properties and biological activity.
    Wu X; Sereno AJ; Huang F; Lewis SM; Lieu RL; Weldon C; Torres C; Fine C; Batt MA; Fitchett JR; Glasebrook AL; Kuhlman B; Demarest SJ
    MAbs; 2015; 7(3):470-82. PubMed ID: 25774965
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  • 10. A monoclonal antibody against hinge-cleaved IgG restores effector function to proteolytically-inactivated IgGs in vitro and in vivo.
    Brezski RJ; Kinder M; Grugan KD; Soring KL; Carton J; Greenplate AR; Petley T; Capaldi D; Brosnan K; Emmell E; Watson S; Jordan RE
    MAbs; 2014; 6(5):1265-73. PubMed ID: 25517311
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  • 11. Immunoglobulin domain interface exchange as a platform technology for the generation of Fc heterodimers and bispecific antibodies.
    Skegro D; Stutz C; Ollier R; Svensson E; Wassmann P; Bourquin F; Monney T; Gn S; Blein S
    J Biol Chem; 2017 Jun; 292(23):9745-9759. PubMed ID: 28450393
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  • 12. Generating bispecific human IgG1 and IgG2 antibodies from any antibody pair.
    Strop P; Ho WH; Boustany LM; Abdiche YN; Lindquist KC; Farias SE; Rickert M; Appah CT; Pascua E; Radcliffe T; Sutton J; Chaparro-Riggers J; Chen W; Casas MG; Chin SM; Wong OK; Liu SH; Vergara G; Shelton D; Rajpal A; Pons J
    J Mol Biol; 2012 Jul; 420(3):204-19. PubMed ID: 22543237
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  • 13. DuoBody-CD3xCD20 induces potent T-cell-mediated killing of malignant B cells in preclinical models and provides opportunities for subcutaneous dosing.
    Engelberts PJ; Hiemstra IH; de Jong B; Schuurhuis DH; Meesters J; Beltran Hernandez I; Oostindie SC; Neijssen J; van den Brink EN; Horbach GJ; Verploegen S; Labrijn AF; Salcedo T; Schuurman J; Parren PWHI; Breij ECW
    EBioMedicine; 2020 Feb; 52():102625. PubMed ID: 31981978
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  • 14. Preclinical evaluation of AFM24, a novel CD16A-specific innate immune cell engager targeting EGFR-positive tumors.
    Wingert S; Reusch U; Knackmuss S; Kluge M; Damrat M; Pahl J; Schniegler-Mattox U; Mueller T; Fucek I; Ellwanger K; Tesar M; Haneke T; Koch J; Treder M; Fischer W; Rajkovic E
    MAbs; 2021; 13(1):1950264. PubMed ID: 34325617
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  • 15. Evaluation of Fc gamma receptor mediated T-cell activation by two purified CD3 x CD19 bispecific monoclonal antibodies with hybrid Fc domains.
    Haagen IA; Geerars AJ; Bast EJ; de Gast GC; van de Winkel JG; de Lau WB
    Ther Immunol; 1994 Oct; 1(5):279-87. PubMed ID: 7584502
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  • 16. Heterodimerization of T cell engaging bispecific antibodies to enhance specificity against pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.
    Long AW; Xu H; Santich BH; Guo H; Hoseini SS; de Stanchina E; Cheung NV
    J Hematol Oncol; 2024 Apr; 17(1):20. PubMed ID: 38650005
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  • 17. Efficient generation of stable bispecific IgG1 by controlled Fab-arm exchange.
    Labrijn AF; Meesters JI; de Goeij BE; van den Bremer ET; Neijssen J; van Kampen MD; Strumane K; Verploegen S; Kundu A; Gramer MJ; van Berkel PH; van de Winkel JG; Schuurman J; Parren PW
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2013 Mar; 110(13):5145-50. PubMed ID: 23479652
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  • 18. Diabody-based recombinant formats of humanized IgG-like bispecific antibody with effective retargeting of lymphocytes to tumor cells.
    Asano R; Kawaguchi H; Watanabe Y; Nakanishi T; Umetsu M; Hayashi H; Katayose Y; Unno M; Kudo T; Kumagai I
    J Immunother; 2008 Oct; 31(8):752-61. PubMed ID: 18779744
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  • 19. Time resolved native ion-mobility mass spectrometry to monitor dynamics of IgG4 Fab arm exchange and "bispecific" monoclonal antibody formation.
    Debaene F; Wagner-Rousset E; Colas O; Ayoub D; Corvaïa N; Van Dorsselaer A; Beck A; Cianférani S
    Anal Chem; 2013 Oct; 85(20):9785-92. PubMed ID: 24007193
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  • 20. A CD19/CD3 bispecific antibody for effective immunotherapy of chronic lymphocytic leukemia in the ibrutinib era.
    Robinson HR; Qi J; Cook EM; Nichols C; Dadashian EL; Underbayev C; Herman SEM; Saba NS; Keyvanfar K; Sun C; Ahn IE; Baskar S; Rader C; Wiestner A
    Blood; 2018 Aug; 132(5):521-532. PubMed ID: 29743179
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