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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Distinct Colorectal Cancer-Associated APC Mutations Dictate Response to Tankyrase Inhibition.
    Schatoff EM; Goswami S; Zafra MP; Foronda M; Shusterman M; Leach BI; Katti A; Diaz BJ; Dow LE
    Cancer Discov; 2019 Oct; 9(10):1358-1371. PubMed ID: 31337618
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  • 2. PI3K and tankyrase inhibitors as therapeutic targets in colorectal cancer.
    Yakkala PA; Naaz F; Shafi S; Kamal A
    Expert Opin Ther Targets; 2024 Mar; 28(3):159-177. PubMed ID: 38497299
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  • 3. Enhanced Apc
    Guo B; Zheng Y; Fan Y; Yang Y; Wang Y; Qin L; An Y; Xu X; Zhang X; Sun G; Dou H; Shao C; Gong Y; Jiang B; Hu H
    Neoplasia; 2024 Jul; 53():101005. PubMed ID: 38761506
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  • 4. Extracellular vesicle release from intestinal organoids is modulated by Apc mutation and other colorectal cancer progression factors.
    Szvicsek Z; Oszvald Á; Szabó L; Sándor GO; Kelemen A; Soós AÁ; Pálóczi K; Harsányi L; Tölgyes T; Dede K; Bursics A; Buzás EI; Zeöld A; Wiener Z
    Cell Mol Life Sci; 2019 Jun; 76(12):2463-2476. PubMed ID: 31028424
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  • 5. Lipid profiling of mouse intestinal organoids for studying APC mutations.
    Jukes Z; Freier A; Glymenaki M; Brown R; Parry L; Want E; Vorkas PA; Li JV
    Biosci Rep; 2021 Mar; 41(3):. PubMed ID: 33620068
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  • 6. AXIN2 promotes degradation of AXIN1 through tankyrase in colorectal cancer cells.
    Schmidt O; Brückner M; Bernkopf DB
    FEBS J; 2024 Jul; ():. PubMed ID: 39022865
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  • 7. Macrocyclized Extended Peptides: Inhibiting the Substrate-Recognition Domain of Tankyrase.
    Xu W; Lau YH; Fischer G; Tan YS; Chattopadhyay A; de la Roche M; Hyvönen M; Verma C; Spring DR; Itzhaki LS
    J Am Chem Soc; 2017 Feb; 139(6):2245-2256. PubMed ID: 28084734
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  • 8. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs induce immunogenic cell death in suppressing colorectal tumorigenesis.
    Fletcher R; Tong J; Risnik D; Leibowitz BJ; Wang YJ; Concha-Benavente F; DeLiberty JM; Stolz DB; Pai RK; Ferris RL; Schoen RE; Yu J; Zhang L
    Oncogene; 2021 Mar; 40(11):2035-2050. PubMed ID: 33603166
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  • 9. Altered lipid metabolism in APC-driven colorectal cancer: the potential for therapeutic intervention.
    Kelson CO; Zaytseva YY
    Front Oncol; 2024; 14():1343061. PubMed ID: 38590663
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  • 10. A novel TNKS/USP25 inhibitor blocks the Wnt pathway to overcome multi-drug resistance in TNKS-overexpressing colorectal cancer.
    Zhu H; Gao Y; Liu L; Tao M; Lin X; Cheng Y; Shen Y; Xue H; Guan L; Zhao H; Liu L; Wang S; Yang F; Zhou Y; Liao H; Sun F; Lin H
    Acta Pharm Sin B; 2024 Jan; 14(1):207-222. PubMed ID: 38261825
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  • 11. Novel targeting approaches and signaling pathways of colorectal cancer: An insight.
    Tiwari A; Saraf S; Verma A; Panda PK; Jain SK
    World J Gastroenterol; 2018 Oct; 24(39):4428-4435. PubMed ID: 30357011
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  • 12. Conformational Selection Mechanism Provides Structural Insights into the Optimization of APC-Asef Inhibitors.
    He X; Huang N; Qiu Y; Zhang J; Liu Y; Yin XL; Lu S
    Molecules; 2021 Feb; 26(4):. PubMed ID: 33670371
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  • 13. Combinatorial Virtual Screening Revealed a Novel Scaffold for TNKS Inhibition to Combat Colorectal Cancer.
    Chang CC; Pan SF; Wu MH; Cheng CT; Su YR; Jiang SJ; Hsu HJ
    Biomedicines; 2022 Jan; 10(1):. PubMed ID: 35052822
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  • 14. Tankyrase inhibition sensitizes cells to CDK4 blockade.
    Foronda M; Tarumoto Y; Schatoff EM; Leach BI; Diaz BJ; Zimmerman J; Goswami S; Shusterman M; Vakoc CR; Dow LE
    PLoS One; 2019; 14(12):e0226645. PubMed ID: 31891587
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  • 15. An
    Zafra MP; Parsons MJ; Kim J; Alonso-Curbelo D; Goswami S; Schatoff EM; Han T; Katti A; Fernandez MTC; Wilkinson JE; Piskounova E; Dow LE
    Cancer Discov; 2020 Nov; 10(11):1654-1671. PubMed ID: 32792368
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  • 16. Tankyrase inhibition sensitizes melanoma to PD-1 immune checkpoint blockade in syngeneic mouse models.
    Waaler J; Mygland L; Tveita A; Strand MF; Solberg NT; Olsen PA; Aizenshtadt A; Fauskanger M; Lund K; Brinch SA; Lycke M; Dybing E; Nygaard V; Bøe SL; Heintz KM; Hovig E; Hammarström C; Corthay A; Krauss S
    Commun Biol; 2020 Apr; 3(1):196. PubMed ID: 32332858
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  • 17. Pooled In Vitro and In Vivo CRISPR-Cas9 Screening Identifies Tumor Suppressors in Human Colon Organoids.
    Michels BE; Mosa MH; Streibl BI; Zhan T; Menche C; Abou-El-Ardat K; Darvishi T; Członka E; Wagner S; Winter J; Medyouf H; Boutros M; Farin HF
    Cell Stem Cell; 2020 May; 26(5):782-792.e7. PubMed ID: 32348727
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  • 18. Tankyrase Inhibitors Target Colorectal Cancer Stem Cells via AXIN-Dependent Downregulation of c-KIT Tyrosine Kinase.
    Jang MK; Mashima T; Seimiya H
    Mol Cancer Ther; 2020 Mar; 19(3):765-776. PubMed ID: 31907221
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  • 19. Exploiting the Therapeutic Interaction of WNT Pathway Activation and Asparaginase for Colorectal Cancer Therapy.
    Hinze L; Labrosse R; Degar J; Han T; Schatoff EM; Schreek S; Karim S; McGuckin C; Sacher JR; Wagner F; Stanulla M; Yuan C; Sicinska E; Giannakis M; Ng K; Dow LE; Gutierrez A
    Cancer Discov; 2020 Nov; 10(11):1690-1705. PubMed ID: 32703769
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  • 20. Tankyrase inhibition augments neuronal insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake via AMPK-AS160 mediated pathway.
    Manglani K; Dey CS
    Neurochem Int; 2020 Dec; 141():104854. PubMed ID: 33002563
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