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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Fmoc-Dipeptide/Porphyrin Molar Ratio Dictates Energy Transfer Efficiency in Nanostructures Produced by Biocatalytic Co-Assembly.
    Wijerathne NK; Kumar M; Ulijn RV
    Chemistry; 2019 Sep; 25(51):11847-11851. PubMed ID: 31353639
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  • 2. Biocatalytic self-assembly of supramolecular charge-transfer nanostructures based on n-type semiconductor-appended peptides.
    Nalluri SK; Berdugo C; Javid N; Frederix PW; Ulijn RV
    Angew Chem Int Ed Engl; 2014 Jun; 53(23):5882-7. PubMed ID: 24788665
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  • 3. Self-Assembled Peptide-Carbon Nitride Hydrogel as a Light-Responsive Scaffold Material.
    Ko JW; Choi WS; Kim J; Kuk SK; Lee SH; Park CB
    Biomacromolecules; 2017 Nov; 18(11):3551-3556. PubMed ID: 28825470
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  • 4. Self-Assembly Propensity Dictates Lifetimes in Transient Naphthalimide-Dipeptide Nanofibers.
    Kumar M; Sementa D; Narang V; Riedo E; Ulijn RV
    Chemistry; 2020 Jul; 26(38):8372-8376. PubMed ID: 32428282
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  • 5. Self-assembly of aliphatic dipeptides coupled with porphyrin and BODIPY chromophores.
    Nikoloudakis E; Mitropoulou K; Landrou G; Charalambidis G; Nikolaou V; Mitraki A; Coutsolelos AG
    Chem Commun (Camb); 2019 Dec; 55(94):14103-14106. PubMed ID: 31603154
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  • 6. Sequence Adaptive Peptide-Polysaccharide Nanostructures by Biocatalytic Self-Assembly.
    Abul-Haija YM; Ulijn RV
    Biomacromolecules; 2015 Nov; 16(11):3473-9. PubMed ID: 26418176
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  • 7. De novo design of self-assembly hydrogels based on Fmoc-diphenylalanine providing drug release.
    Li X; Zhang H; Liu L; Cao C; Wei P; Yi X; Zhou Y; Lv Q; Zhou D; Yi T
    J Mater Chem B; 2021 Oct; 9(41):8686-8693. PubMed ID: 34617098
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  • 8. Formation of Supramolecular Nanostructures through in Situ Self-Assembly and Post-Assembly Modification of a Biocatalytically Constructed Dipeptide Hydrazide.
    Shintani Y; Ohtomi T; Shibata A; Kitamura Y; Hirosawa KM; Suzuki KGN; Ikeda M
    Chemistry; 2022 Feb; 28(8):e202104421. PubMed ID: 34984747
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  • 9. Using experimental and computational energy equilibration to understand hierarchical self-assembly of Fmoc-dipeptide amphiphiles.
    Sasselli IR; Pappas CG; Matthews E; Wang T; Hunt NT; Ulijn RV; Tuttle T
    Soft Matter; 2016 Oct; 12(40):8307-8315. PubMed ID: 27722469
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  • 10. Biocatalytic Pathway Selection in Transient Tripeptide Nanostructures.
    Pappas CG; Sasselli IR; Ulijn RV
    Angew Chem Int Ed Engl; 2015 Jul; 54(28):8119-23. PubMed ID: 26014441
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  • 11. Electroactive organic dye incorporating dipeptides in the formation of self-assembled nanofibrous hydrogels.
    Liu YH; Hsu SM; Wu FY; Cheng H; Yeh MY; Lin HC
    Bioconjug Chem; 2014 Oct; 25(10):1794-800. PubMed ID: 25229206
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  • 12. Biocatalytic self-assembly of nanostructured peptide microparticles using droplet microfluidics.
    Bai S; Debnath S; Gibson K; Schlicht B; Bayne L; Zagnoni M; Ulijn RV
    Small; 2014 Jan; 10(2):285-93. PubMed ID: 23913836
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  • 13. Photocatalytic hydrogen production of porphyrin nanostructures: spheres
    Nikolaou V; Charalambidis G; Coutsolelos AG
    Chem Commun (Camb); 2021 Apr; 57(33):4055-4058. PubMed ID: 33885635
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  • 14. Construction of self-assembled nanostructure-based tetraphenylethylene dipeptides: supramolecular nanobelts as biomimetic hydrogels for cell adhesion and proliferation.
    Talloj SK; Mohammed M; Lin HC
    J Mater Chem B; 2020 Aug; 8(33):7483-7493. PubMed ID: 32667379
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  • 15. Introducing chemical functionality in Fmoc-peptide gels for cell culture.
    Jayawarna V; Richardson SM; Hirst AR; Hodson NW; Saiani A; Gough JE; Ulijn RV
    Acta Biomater; 2009 Mar; 5(3):934-43. PubMed ID: 19249724
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  • 16. Design of self-assembly dipeptide hydrogels and machine learning via their chemical features.
    Li F; Han J; Cao T; Lam W; Fan B; Tang W; Chen S; Fok KL; Li L
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2019 Jun; 116(23):11259-11264. PubMed ID: 31110004
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  • 17. Recent advances in self-assembled peptides: Implications for targeted drug delivery and vaccine engineering.
    Eskandari S; Guerin T; Toth I; Stephenson RJ
    Adv Drug Deliv Rev; 2017 Feb; 110-111():169-187. PubMed ID: 27356149
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  • 18. Self-assembled Fmoc-peptides as a platform for the formation of nanostructures and hydrogels.
    Orbach R; Adler-Abramovich L; Zigerson S; Mironi-Harpaz I; Seliktar D; Gazit E
    Biomacromolecules; 2009 Sep; 10(9):2646-51. PubMed ID: 19705843
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  • 19. Enzymatically activated emulsions stabilised by interfacial nanofibre networks.
    Moreira IP; Sasselli IR; Cannon DA; Hughes M; Lamprou DA; Tuttle T; Ulijn RV
    Soft Matter; 2016 Mar; 12(9):2623-31. PubMed ID: 26905042
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  • 20. Titanium dioxide nanoparticles embedded in assembled dipeptide hydrogels for microfluidic photodegradation.
    Li Y; Zheng T; Du Y; Zhao B; Patel HP; Boldt R; Auernhammer GK; Fery A; Li J; Thiele J
    J Colloid Interface Sci; 2024 Jan; 654(Pt A):405-412. PubMed ID: 37852026
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