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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Single-Cell Phenotypic Profiling of CTCs in Whole Blood Using an Integrated Microfluidic Device.
    Pei H; Li L; Wang Y; Sheng R; Wang Y; Xie S; Shui L; Si H; Tang B
    Anal Chem; 2019 Sep; 91(17):11078-11084. PubMed ID: 31373191
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  • 2. Microscale Laminar Vortices for High-Purity Extraction and Release of Circulating Tumor Cells.
    Hur SC; Che J; Di Carlo D
    Methods Mol Biol; 2017; 1634():65-79. PubMed ID: 28819841
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  • 3. An integrated microfluidic chip system for single-cell secretion profiling of rare circulating tumor cells.
    Deng Y; Zhang Y; Sun S; Wang Z; Wang M; Yu B; Czajkowsky DM; Liu B; Li Y; Wei W; Shi Q
    Sci Rep; 2014 Dec; 4():7499. PubMed ID: 25511131
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  • 4. Fast and efficient microfluidic cell filter for isolation of circulating tumor cells from unprocessed whole blood of colorectal cancer patients.
    Ribeiro-Samy S; Oliveira MI; Pereira-Veiga T; Muinelo-Romay L; Carvalho S; Gaspar J; Freitas PP; López-López R; Costa C; Diéguez L
    Sci Rep; 2019 May; 9(1):8032. PubMed ID: 31142796
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  • 5. Enumeration and targeted analysis of KRAS, BRAF and PIK3CA mutations in CTCs captured by a label-free platform: Comparison to ctDNA and tissue in metastatic colorectal cancer.
    Kidess-Sigal E; Liu HE; Triboulet MM; Che J; Ramani VC; Visser BC; Poultsides GA; Longacre TA; Marziali A; Vysotskaia V; Wiggin M; Heirich K; Hanft V; Keilholz U; Tinhofer I; Norton JA; Lee M; Sollier-Christen E; Jeffrey SS
    Oncotarget; 2016 Dec; 7(51):85349-85364. PubMed ID: 27863403
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  • 6. Enumeration, Dielectrophoretic Capture, and Molecular Analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells.
    Yee SS; Carpenter EL
    Methods Mol Biol; 2017; 1634():193-202. PubMed ID: 28819852
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  • 7. Expanded Genomic Profiling of Circulating Tumor Cells in Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients to Assess Biomarker Status and Biology Over Time (CALGB 40502 and CALGB 40503, Alliance).
    Magbanua MJM; Rugo HS; Wolf DM; Hauranieh L; Roy R; Pendyala P; Sosa EV; Scott JH; Lee JS; Pitcher B; Hyslop T; Barry WT; Isakoff SJ; Dickler M; Van't Veer L; Park JW
    Clin Cancer Res; 2018 Mar; 24(6):1486-1499. PubMed ID: 29311117
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  • 8. Detection of circulating tumor cells in drainage venous blood from colorectal cancer patients using a new filtration and cytology-based automated platform.
    Tsutsuyama M; Nakanishi H; Yoshimura M; Oshiro T; Kinoshita T; Komori K; Shimizu Y; Ichinosawa Y; Kinuta S; Wajima K; Sakakibara Y; Yatabe Y; Ito S; Kodera Y
    PLoS One; 2019; 14(2):e0212221. PubMed ID: 30811434
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  • 9. Tracking the dynamics of circulating tumour cell phenotypes using nanoparticle-mediated magnetic ranking.
    Poudineh M; Aldridge PM; Ahmed S; Green BJ; Kermanshah L; Nguyen V; Tu C; Mohamadi RM; Nam RK; Hansen A; Sridhar SS; Finelli A; Fleshner NE; Joshua AM; Sargent EH; Kelley SO
    Nat Nanotechnol; 2017 Mar; 12(3):274-281. PubMed ID: 27870841
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  • 10. EpCAM-expressing circulating tumor cells in colorectal cancer.
    Nicolazzo C; Raimondi C; Francescangeli F; Ceccarelli S; Trenta P; Magri V; Marchese C; Zeuner A; Gradilone A; Gazzaniga P
    Int J Biol Markers; 2017 Oct; 32(4):e415-e420. PubMed ID: 28604994
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  • 11. Circulating Tumor Cells: Markers and Methodologies for Enrichment and Detection.
    Alvarez Cubero MJ; Lorente JA; Robles-Fernandez I; Rodriguez-Martinez A; Puche JL; Serrano MJ
    Methods Mol Biol; 2017; 1634():283-303. PubMed ID: 28819860
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  • 12. Integrated Microfluidic Device for Enrichment and Identification of Circulating Tumor Cells from the Blood of Patients with Colorectal Cancer.
    Su W; Yu H; Jiang L; Chen W; Li H; Qin J
    Dis Markers; 2019; 2019():8945974. PubMed ID: 31354892
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  • 13. RareCyte
    Werbin JL; Nordberg JJ; Tzucker J; Varshavskaya P; Stilwell JL; Kaldjian EP
    Methods Mol Biol; 2017; 1634():173-180. PubMed ID: 28819850
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  • 14. Circulating tumor cell investigation in breast cancer patient-derived xenograft models by automated immunofluorescence staining, image acquisition, and single cell retrieval and analysis.
    Ramirez AB; Bhat R; Sahay D; De Angelis C; Thangavel H; Hedayatpour S; Dobrolecki LE; Nardone A; Giuliano M; Nagi C; Rimawi M; Osborne CK; Lewis MT; Stilwell JL; Kaldjian EP; Schiff R; Trivedi MV
    BMC Cancer; 2019 Mar; 19(1):220. PubMed ID: 30871481
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  • 15. Label-free single-cell separation and imaging of cancer cells using an integrated microfluidic system.
    Antfolk M; Kim SH; Koizumi S; Fujii T; Laurell T
    Sci Rep; 2017 Apr; 7():46507. PubMed ID: 28425472
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  • 16. Feasibility of a novel one-stop ISET device to capture CTCs and its clinical application.
    Chen F; Wang S; Fang Y; Zheng L; Zhi X; Cheng B; Chen Y; Zhang C; Shi D; Song H; Cai C; Zhou P; Xiong B
    Oncotarget; 2017 Jan; 8(2):3029-3041. PubMed ID: 27935872
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  • 17. An integrated enrichment system to facilitate isolation and molecular characterization of single cancer cells from whole blood.
    Yu L; Sa S; Wang L; Dulmage K; Bhagwat N; Yee SS; Sen M; Pletcher CH; Moore JS; Saksena S; Dixon EP; Carpenter EL
    Cytometry A; 2018 Dec; 93(12):1226-1233. PubMed ID: 30549400
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  • 18. Genetic Heterogeneity of Single Circulating Tumour Cells in Colorectal Carcinoma.
    Hamid FB; Gopalan V; Matos M; Lu CT; Lam AK
    Int J Mol Sci; 2020 Oct; 21(20):. PubMed ID: 33092235
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  • 19. Functional profiling of circulating tumor cells with an integrated vortex capture and single-cell protease activity assay.
    Dhar M; Lam JN; Walser T; Dubinett SM; Rettig MB; Di Carlo D
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2018 Oct; 115(40):9986-9991. PubMed ID: 30224472
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  • 20. Capture, release and culture of circulating tumor cells from pancreatic cancer patients using an enhanced mixing chip.
    Sheng W; Ogunwobi OO; Chen T; Zhang J; George TJ; Liu C; Fan ZH
    Lab Chip; 2014 Jan; 14(1):89-98. PubMed ID: 24220648
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