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  • 21. TP53INP2 contributes to autophagosome formation by promoting LC3-ATG7 interaction.
    You Z; Xu Y; Wan W; Zhou L; Li J; Zhou T; Shi Y; Liu W
    Autophagy; 2019 Aug; 15(8):1309-1321. PubMed ID: 30767704
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  • 22. A/(H1N1) pdm09 NS1 promotes viral replication by enhancing autophagy through hijacking the IAV negative regulatory factor LRPPRC.
    Guo X; Zhang Z; Lin C; Ren H; Li Y; Zhang Y; Qu Y; Li H; Ma S; Xia H; Sun R; Zu H; Lin Y; Wang X
    Autophagy; 2023 May; 19(5):1533-1550. PubMed ID: 36300799
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  • 23. SUMO-specific peptidase 3 mediates the SUMO3 modification of BECN1 to repress cell autophagy in gliomas.
    Huang P; Kang W; Chen H; Tian J
    Histol Histopathol; 2024 Jun; ():18774. PubMed ID: 38916106
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  • 24. PAQR3 suppresses the growth of non-small cell lung cancer cells via modulation of EGFR-mediated autophagy.
    Cao Q; You X; Xu L; Wang L; Chen Y
    Autophagy; 2020 Jul; 16(7):1236-1247. PubMed ID: 31448672
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  • 25. SQSTM1/p62 and PPARGC1A/PGC-1alpha at the interface of autophagy and vascular senescence.
    Salazar G; Cullen A; Huang J; Zhao Y; Serino A; Hilenski L; Patrushev N; Forouzandeh F; Hwang HS
    Autophagy; 2020 Jun; 16(6):1092-1110. PubMed ID: 31441382
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  • 26. The C-terminal region of ATG101 bridges ULK1 and PtdIns3K complex in autophagy initiation.
    Kim BW; Jin Y; Kim J; Kim JH; Jung J; Kang S; Kim IY; Kim J; Cheong H; Song HK
    Autophagy; 2018; 14(12):2104-2116. PubMed ID: 30081750
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  • 27. TNF-induced necroptosis initiates early autophagy events via RIPK3-dependent AMPK activation, but inhibits late autophagy.
    Wu W; Wang X; Sun Y; Berleth N; Deitersen J; Schlütermann D; Stuhldreier F; Wallot-Hieke N; José Mendiburo M; Cox J; Peter C; Bergmann AK; Stork B
    Autophagy; 2021 Dec; 17(12):3992-4009. PubMed ID: 33779513
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  • 28. LUBAC and OTULIN regulate autophagy initiation and maturation by mediating the linear ubiquitination and the stabilization of ATG13.
    Chu Y; Kang Y; Yan C; Yang C; Zhang T; Huo H; Liu Y
    Autophagy; 2021 Jul; 17(7):1684-1699. PubMed ID: 32543267
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  • 29. Acetylation in the regulation of autophagy.
    Xu Y; Wan W
    Autophagy; 2023 Feb; 19(2):379-387. PubMed ID: 35435793
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  • 30. Full-coverage regulations of autophagy by ROS: from induction to maturation.
    Zhou J; Li XY; Liu YJ; Feng J; Wu Y; Shen HM; Lu GD
    Autophagy; 2022 Jun; 18(6):1240-1255. PubMed ID: 34662529
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  • 31. LncRNA
    Liang H; Su X; Wu Q; Shan H; Lv L; Yu T; Zhao X; Sun J; Yang R; Zhang L; Yan H; Zhou Y; Li X; Du Z; Shan H
    Autophagy; 2020 Jun; 16(6):1077-1091. PubMed ID: 31512556
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  • 32. The potent BECN2-ATG14 coiled-coil interaction is selectively critical for endolysosomal degradation of GPRASP1/GASP1-associated GPCRs.
    Qiu X; Li N; Yang Q; Wu S; Li X; Pan X; Yamamoto S; Zhang X; Zeng J; Liao J; He C; Wang R; Zhao Y
    Autophagy; 2023 Nov; 19(11):2884-2898. PubMed ID: 37409929
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  • 33. The ULK1 complex mediates MTORC1 signaling to the autophagy initiation machinery via binding and phosphorylating ATG14.
    Park JM; Jung CH; Seo M; Otto NM; Grunwald D; Kim KH; Moriarity B; Kim YM; Starker C; Nho RS; Voytas D; Kim DH
    Autophagy; 2016; 12(3):547-64. PubMed ID: 27046250
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  • 34. TRIM59 regulates autophagy through modulating both the transcription and the ubiquitination of BECN1.
    Han T; Guo M; Gan M; Yu B; Tian X; Wang JB
    Autophagy; 2018; 14(12):2035-2048. PubMed ID: 30231667
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  • 35. HIV-1 Nef counteracts autophagy restriction by enhancing the association between BECN1 and its inhibitor BCL2 in a PRKN-dependent manner.
    Castro-Gonzalez S; Shi Y; Colomer-Lluch M; Song Y; Mowery K; Almodovar S; Bansal A; Kirchhoff F; Sparrer K; Liang C; Serra-Moreno R
    Autophagy; 2021 Feb; 17(2):553-577. PubMed ID: 32097085
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  • 36. The BAX-binding protein MOAP1 associates with LC3 and promotes closure of the phagophore.
    Chang HC; Tao RN; Tan CT; Wu YJ; Bay BH; Yu VC
    Autophagy; 2021 Nov; 17(11):3725-3739. PubMed ID: 33783314
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  • 37. CASP9 (caspase 9) is essential for autophagosome maturation through regulation of mitochondrial homeostasis.
    An HK; Chung KM; Park H; Hong J; Gim JE; Choi H; Lee YW; Choi J; Mun JY; Yu SW
    Autophagy; 2020 Sep; 16(9):1598-1617. PubMed ID: 31818185
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  • 38. The GST-BHMT assay reveals a distinct mechanism underlying proteasome inhibition-induced macroautophagy in mammalian cells.
    Rui YN; Xu Z; Chen Z; Zhang S
    Autophagy; 2015; 11(5):812-32. PubMed ID: 25984893
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  • 39. The mammalian actin elongation factor ENAH/MENA contributes to autophagosome formation via its actin regulatory function.
    Li Y; Zhang Y; Wang M; Su J; Dong X; Yang Y; Wang H; Li Q
    Autophagy; 2024 Aug; 20(8):1798-1814. PubMed ID: 38705725
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  • 40. Novel inducers of BECN1-independent autophagy: cis-unsaturated fatty acids.
    Niso-Santano M; Bravo-San Pedro JM; Maiuri MC; Tavernarakis N; Cecconi F; Madeo F; Codogno P; Galluzzi L; Kroemer G
    Autophagy; 2015; 11(3):575-7. PubMed ID: 25714112
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