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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Rationale for evaluating breast cancers of Lynch syndrome patients for mismatch repair gene expression.
    Sorscher S
    Breast Cancer Res Treat; 2019 Nov; 178(2):469-471. PubMed ID: 31392519
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  • 2. The implications of BRCA loss of heterozygosity (LOH) and deficient mismatch repair gene (dMMR) expression in the breast cancer of a patient with both inherited breast and ovarian cancer syndrome (BRCA2) and Lynch syndrome (MLH1).
    Sorscher S; Ansley K; Delaney SD; Ramkissoon S
    Breast Cancer Res Treat; 2020 Apr; 180(2):511-514. PubMed ID: 32040686
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  • 3. Clinical and molecular characterisation of hereditary and sporadic metastatic colorectal cancers harbouring microsatellite instability/DNA mismatch repair deficiency.
    Cohen R; Buhard O; Cervera P; Hain E; Dumont S; Bardier A; Bachet JB; Gornet JM; Lopez-Trabada D; Dumont S; Kaci R; Bertheau P; Renaud F; Bibeau F; Parc Y; Vernerey D; Duval A; Svrcek M; André T
    Eur J Cancer; 2017 Nov; 86():266-274. PubMed ID: 29055842
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  • 4. The Importance of Distinguishing Sporadic Cancers from Those Related to Cancer Predisposing Germline Mutations.
    Sorscher S
    Oncologist; 2018 Nov; 23(11):1266-1268. PubMed ID: 29866945
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  • 5. Double somatic mismatch repair gene pathogenic variants as common as Lynch syndrome among endometrial cancer patients.
    Hampel H; Pearlman R; de la Chapelle A; Pritchard CC; Zhao W; Jones D; Yilmaz A; Chen W; Frankel WL; Suarez AA; Cosgrove C; Backes F; Copeland L; Fowler J; O'Malley D; Salani R; McElroy JP; Stanich PP; Goodfellow P; Cohn DE
    Gynecol Oncol; 2021 Jan; 160(1):161-168. PubMed ID: 33393477
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  • 6. Universal screening for Lynch syndrome in a large consecutive cohort of Chinese colorectal cancer patients: High prevalence and unique molecular features.
    Jiang W; Cai MY; Li SY; Bei JX; Wang F; Hampel H; Ling YH; Frayling IM; Sinicrope FA; Rodriguez-Bigas MA; Dignam JJ; Kerr DJ; Rosell R; Mao M; Li JB; Guo YM; Wu XY; Kong LH; Tang JH; Wu XD; Li CF; Chen JR; Ou QJ; Ye MZ; Guo FM; Han P; Wang QW; Wan DS; Li L; Xu RH; Pan ZZ; Ding PR;
    Int J Cancer; 2019 May; 144(9):2161-2168. PubMed ID: 30521064
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  • 7. Oral squamous cell cancer in a patient with Lynch syndrome.
    Sorscher S; Lycan T
    Oral Oncol; 2019 Oct; 97():137-138. PubMed ID: 31445773
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  • 8. Risk of secondary malignancy (including breast) in patients with mismatch-repair protein deficiency.
    Clay MR; Allison KH; Folkins AK; Longacre TA
    Am J Surg Pathol; 2014 Nov; 38(11):1494-500. PubMed ID: 24921635
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  • 9. Mismatch repair protein status of non-neoplastic uterine and intestinal mucosa in patients with Lynch syndrome and double somatic mismatch repair protein mutations.
    Freitag CE; Chen W; Pearlman R; Hampel H; Stanich PP; Cosgrove CM; Konnick EQ; Pritchard CC; Frankel WL
    Hum Pathol; 2023 Jul; 137():1-9. PubMed ID: 37030500
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  • 10. Pseudomyxoma peritonei of a mature ovarian teratoma caused by mismatch repair deficiency in a patient with Lynch syndrome: a case report.
    Gohda Y; Noguchi R; Horie T; Igari T; Nakamura H; Ohta Y; Yamaguchi K; Ikenoue T; Hatakeyama S; Yusa N; Furukawa Y; Yano H
    BMC Med Genet; 2016 Dec; 17(1):94. PubMed ID: 27938333
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  • 11. Clinicopathologic Comparison of Lynch Syndrome-associated and "Lynch-like" Endometrial Carcinomas Identified on Universal Screening Using Mismatch Repair Protein Immunohistochemistry.
    Mills AM; Sloan EA; Thomas M; Modesitt SC; Stoler MH; Atkins KA; Moskaluk CA
    Am J Surg Pathol; 2016 Feb; 40(2):155-65. PubMed ID: 26523542
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  • 12. Incidence and molecular characteristics of deficient mismatch repair conditions across nine different tumors and identification of germline variants involved in Lynch-like syndrome.
    Ito T; Yamaguchi T; Kumamoto K; Suzuki O; Chika N; Kawakami S; Nagai T; Igawa T; Fujiyoshi K; Akagi Y; Arai T; Akagi K; Eguchi H; Okazaki Y; Ishida H
    Int J Clin Oncol; 2024 Jul; 29(7):953-963. PubMed ID: 38615286
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  • 13. Distinct Immunological Landscapes Characterize Inherited and Sporadic Mismatch Repair Deficient Endometrial Cancer.
    Ramchander NC; Ryan NAJ; Walker TDJ; Harries L; Bolton J; Bosse T; Evans DG; Crosbie EJ
    Front Immunol; 2019; 10():3023. PubMed ID: 31998307
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  • 14. Association of tumor morphology with mismatch-repair protein status in older endometrial cancer patients: implications for universal versus selective screening strategies for Lynch syndrome.
    Rabban JT; Calkins SM; Karnezis AN; Grenert JP; Blanco A; Crawford B; Chen LM
    Am J Surg Pathol; 2014 Jun; 38(6):793-800. PubMed ID: 24503759
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  • 15. Universal screening for Lynch syndrome in operated colorectal cancer by immunohistochemistry: a cohort of patients in Liaoning province, China.
    Zhao G; Xiang G; Hu X; Qiao Y; Ma S; Tian Y; Gao X; Liu F; Li X; Shi G
    Eur J Cancer Prev; 2023 Jul; 32(4):337-347. PubMed ID: 36942852
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  • 16. Universal Lynch Syndrome Screening Should be Performed in All Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinomas.
    Ju JY; Mills AM; Mahadevan MS; Fan J; Culp SH; Thomas MH; Cathro HP
    Am J Surg Pathol; 2018 Nov; 42(11):1549-1555. PubMed ID: 30148743
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  • 17. Current clinical topics of Lynch syndrome.
    Tanakaya K
    Int J Clin Oncol; 2019 Sep; 24(9):1013-1019. PubMed ID: 29744602
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  • 18. Detection of DNA mismatch repair deficient crypts in random colonoscopic biopsies identifies Lynch syndrome patients.
    Brand RE; Dudley B; Karloski E; Das R; Fuhrer K; Pai RK; Pai RK
    Fam Cancer; 2020 Apr; 19(2):169-175. PubMed ID: 31997046
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  • 19. PD-L1 Expression in Mismatch Repair-deficient Endometrial Carcinomas, Including Lynch Syndrome-associated and MLH1 Promoter Hypermethylated Tumors.
    Sloan EA; Ring KL; Willis BC; Modesitt SC; Mills AM
    Am J Surg Pathol; 2017 Mar; 41(3):326-333. PubMed ID: 27984238
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  • 20. Colorectal cancer due to deficiency in DNA mismatch repair function: a review.
    Bellizzi AM; Frankel WL
    Adv Anat Pathol; 2009 Nov; 16(6):405-17. PubMed ID: 19851131
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