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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Monitoring circulating tumor DNA by analyzing personalized cancer-specific rearrangements to detect recurrence in gastric cancer.
    Kim YW; Kim YH; Song Y; Kim HS; Sim HW; Poojan S; Eom BW; Kook MC; Joo J; Hong KM
    Exp Mol Med; 2019 Aug; 51(8):1-10. PubMed ID: 31395853
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  • 2. Deep sequencing of circulating tumor DNA detects molecular residual disease and predicts recurrence in gastric cancer.
    Yang J; Gong Y; Lam VK; Shi Y; Guan Y; Zhang Y; Ji L; Chen Y; Zhao Y; Qian F; Chen J; Li P; Zhang F; Wang J; Zhang X; Yang L; Kopetz S; Futreal PA; Zhang J; Yi X; Xia X; Yu P
    Cell Death Dis; 2020 May; 11(5):346. PubMed ID: 32393783
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  • 3. Significance of postoperative follow-up of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer using circulating tumor DNA.
    Benešová L; Hálková T; Ptáčková R; Semyakina A; Menclová K; Pudil J; Ryska M; Levý M; Šimša J; Pazdírek F; Hoch J; Blaha M; Minárik M
    World J Gastroenterol; 2019 Dec; 25(48):6939-6948. PubMed ID: 31908397
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  • 4. Personalized Detection of Circulating Tumor DNA Antedates Breast Cancer Metastatic Recurrence.
    Coombes RC; Page K; Salari R; Hastings RK; Armstrong A; Ahmed S; Ali S; Cleator S; Kenny L; Stebbing J; Rutherford M; Sethi H; Boydell A; Swenerton R; Fernandez-Garcia D; Gleason KLT; Goddard K; Guttery DS; Assaf ZJ; Wu HT; Natarajan P; Moore DA; Primrose L; Dashner S; Tin AS; Balcioglu M; Srinivasan R; Shchegrova SV; Olson A; Hafez D; Billings P; Aleshin A; Rehman F; Toghill BJ; Hills A; Louie MC; Lin CJ; Zimmermann BG; Shaw JA
    Clin Cancer Res; 2019 Jul; 25(14):4255-4263. PubMed ID: 30992300
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  • 5. Personalized, tumor-informed, circulating tumor DNA assay for detecting minimal residual disease in non-small cell lung cancer patients receiving curative treatments.
    Oh Y; Yoon SM; Lee J; Park JH; Lee S; Hong T; Chung LI; Sudhaman S; Riddell T; Palsuledesai CC; Krainock M; Liu MC; Chae YK
    Thorac Cancer; 2024 May; 15(13):1095-1102. PubMed ID: 38558374
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  • 6. Circulating tumor DNA sequencing for colorectal cancers: A comparative analysis of colon cancer and rectal cancer data.
    Huang K; Qu H; Zhang X; Huang T; Sun X; He W; Li M; Lin L; Xu M; Chen S; Xia L
    Cancer Biomark; 2019; 26(3):313-322. PubMed ID: 31561327
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  • 7. Pre-operative plasma cell-free circulating tumor DNA and serum protein tumor markers as predictors of lung adenocarcinoma recurrence.
    Isaksson S; George AM; Jönsson M; Cirenajwis H; Jönsson P; Bendahl PO; Brunnström H; Staaf J; Saal LH; Planck M
    Acta Oncol; 2019 Aug; 58(8):1079-1086. PubMed ID: 31230502
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  • 8. Association of preoperative and postoperative circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) with PIK3CA gene mutation with risk of recurrence in patients with non-metastatic breast cancer.
    Hassan F; Wang JH; O'Leary DP; Corrigan M; Redmond HP
    Surg Oncol; 2024 Jun; 54():102060. PubMed ID: 38603927
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  • 9. Circulating Tumor DNA Sequencing Analysis of Gastroesophageal Adenocarcinoma.
    Maron SB; Chase LM; Lomnicki S; Kochanny S; Moore KL; Joshi SS; Landron S; Johnson J; Kiedrowski LA; Nagy RJ; Lanman RB; Kim ST; Lee J; Catenacci DVT
    Clin Cancer Res; 2019 Dec; 25(23):7098-7112. PubMed ID: 31427281
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  • 10. Initial Report: Personalized Circulating Tumor DNA and Survival in Patients with Resectable Pancreatic Cancer.
    Eckhoff AM; Kanu E; Fletcher A; Bao M; Aushev VN; Spickard E; Nussbaum DP; Allen PJ
    Ann Surg Oncol; 2024 Mar; 31(3):1444-1446. PubMed ID: 38170407
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  • 11. Molecular characterization of ctDNA from Chinese patients with advanced gastric adenocarcinoma reveals actionable alterations for targeted and immune therapy.
    Zhang M; Qi C; Wang Z; Chen H; Zhao X; Zhang X; Zhou Y; Gao C; Bai Y; Jia S; Ji J
    J Mol Med (Berl); 2021 Sep; 99(9):1311-1321. PubMed ID: 34057552
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  • 12. Circulating Tumor DNA Analyses as Markers of Recurrence Risk and Benefit of Adjuvant Therapy for Stage III Colon Cancer.
    Tie J; Cohen JD; Wang Y; Christie M; Simons K; Lee M; Wong R; Kosmider S; Ananda S; McKendrick J; Lee B; Cho JH; Faragher I; Jones IT; Ptak J; Schaeffer MJ; Silliman N; Dobbyn L; Li L; Tomasetti C; Papadopoulos N; Kinzler KW; Vogelstein B; Gibbs P
    JAMA Oncol; 2019 Dec; 5(12):1710-1717. PubMed ID: 31621801
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  • 13. Tumor-specific genetic aberrations in cell-free DNA of gastroesophageal cancer patients.
    Koldby KM; Mortensen MB; Detlefsen S; Pfeiffer P; Thomassen M; Kruse TA
    J Gastroenterol; 2019 Feb; 54(2):108-121. PubMed ID: 30242476
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  • 14. ctDNA analysis in the personalized clinical management of gastroesophageal adenocarcinoma: turning hope into reality.
    Salati M; Venetis K; Fassan M; Malapelle U; Pagni F; Sajjadi E; Fusco N; Ghidini M
    Future Oncol; 2021 Nov; 17(33):4607-4618. PubMed ID: 34406032
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  • 15. Serial Postoperative Circulating Tumor DNA Assessment Has Strong Prognostic Value During Long-Term Follow-Up in Patients With Breast Cancer.
    Shaw JA; Page K; Wren E; de Bruin EC; Kalashnikova E; Hastings R; McEwen R; Zhang E; Wadsley M; Acheampong E; Renner D; Gleason KLT; Ambasager B; Stetson D; Fernandez-Garcia D; Guttery D; Allsopp RC; Rodriguez A; Zimmermann B; Sethi H; Aleshin A; Liu MC; Richards C; Stebbing J; Ali S; Rehman F; Cleator S; Kenny L; Ahmed S; Armstrong AC; Coombes RC
    JCO Precis Oncol; 2024 Apr; 8():e2300456. PubMed ID: 38691816
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  • 16. Parallel Analyses of Somatic Mutations in Plasma Circulating Tumor DNA (ctDNA) and Matched Tumor Tissues in Early-Stage Breast Cancer.
    Zhang X; Zhao W; Wei W; You Z; Ou X; Sun M; Yin Y; Tang X; Zhao Z; Hu C; Liu F; Deng J; Mao L; Zhou D; Ren Y; Li X; Zhang S; Liu C; Geng J; Yao G; Song B; Liu Y; Li D; Jiang Y; Chen Y; Zhao Y; Yu S; Pang D
    Clin Cancer Res; 2019 Nov; 25(21):6546-6553. PubMed ID: 31350313
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  • 17. Serial Circulating Tumor DNA Detection Using a Personalized, Tumor-Informed Assay in Esophageal Adenocarcinoma Patients Following Resection.
    Ococks E; Sharma S; Ng AWT; Aleshin A; Fitzgerald RC; Smyth E
    Gastroenterology; 2021 Nov; 161(5):1705-1708.e2. PubMed ID: 34284036
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  • 18. Personalized Circulating Tumor DNA Biomarkers Dynamically Predict Treatment Response and Survival In Gynecologic Cancers.
    Pereira E; Camacho-Vanegas O; Anand S; Sebra R; Catalina Camacho S; Garnar-Wortzel L; Nair N; Moshier E; Wooten M; Uzilov A; Chen R; Prasad-Hayes M; Zakashansky K; Beddoe AM; Schadt E; Dottino P; Martignetti JA
    PLoS One; 2015; 10(12):e0145754. PubMed ID: 26717006
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  • 19. Personalized circulating tumor DNA monitoring improves recurrence surveillance and management after curative resection of colorectal liver metastases: a prospective cohort study.
    Li Y; Xu J; Hu X; Chen Y; Liu F; Chen Y; Ma X; Dong Q; Sun L; Mo S; Zhang L; He X; Tong S; Wu H; Li W; Cai S; Zhu S; Pan Q; Peng J
    Int J Surg; 2024 May; 110(5):2776-2787. PubMed ID: 38445460
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  • 20. Preoperative detection of KRAS mutated circulating tumor DNA is an independent risk factor for recurrence in colorectal cancer.
    Nakamura Y; Yokoyama S; Matsuda K; Tamura K; Mitani Y; Iwamoto H; Mizumoto Y; Murakami D; Kitahata Y; Yamaue H
    Sci Rep; 2021 Jan; 11(1):441. PubMed ID: 33432066
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