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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Follow-up in Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer: Strict Protocol Adherence Remains Important for PRIAS-ineligible Patients.
    Soeterik TFW; van Melick HHE; Dijksman LM; Biesma DH; Witjes JA; van Basten JA
    Eur Urol Oncol; 2019 Sep; 2(5):483-489. PubMed ID: 31411970
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  • 2. Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer in a Real-life Cohort: Comparing Outcomes for PRIAS-eligible and PRIAS-ineligible Patients.
    Soeterik TFW; van Melick HHE; Dijksman LM; Biesma DH; Witjes JA; van Basten JA
    Eur Urol Oncol; 2018 Aug; 1(3):231-237. PubMed ID: 31102626
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  • 3. Compliance Rates with the Prostate Cancer Research International Active Surveillance (PRIAS) Protocol and Disease Reclassification in Noncompliers.
    Bokhorst LP; Alberts AR; Rannikko A; Valdagni R; Pickles T; Kakehi Y; Bangma CH; Roobol MJ;
    Eur Urol; 2015 Nov; 68(5):814-21. PubMed ID: 26138043
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  • 4. A Decade of Active Surveillance in the PRIAS Study: An Update and Evaluation of the Criteria Used to Recommend a Switch to Active Treatment.
    Bokhorst LP; Valdagni R; Rannikko A; Kakehi Y; Pickles T; Bangma CH; Roobol MJ;
    Eur Urol; 2016 Dec; 70(6):954-960. PubMed ID: 27329565
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  • 5. Indications for intervention during active surveillance of prostate cancer: a comparison of the Johns Hopkins and Prostate Cancer Research International Active Surveillance (PRIAS) protocols.
    Kates M; Tosoian JJ; Trock BJ; Feng Z; Carter HB; Partin AW
    BJU Int; 2015 Feb; 115(2):216-22. PubMed ID: 24904995
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  • 6. A Multivariable Approach Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Avoid a Protocol-based Prostate Biopsy in Men on Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer-Data from the International Multicenter Prospective PRIAS Study.
    Luiting HB; Remmers S; Boevé ER; Valdagni R; Chiu PK; Semjonow A; Berge V; Tully KH; Rannikko AS; Staerman F; Roobol MJ
    Eur Urol Oncol; 2022 Dec; 5(6):651-658. PubMed ID: 35437217
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  • 7. Pathological and biochemical outcomes after radical prostatectomy in men with low-risk prostate cancer meeting the Prostate Cancer International: Active Surveillance criteria.
    Mitsuzuka K; Narita S; Koie T; Kaiho Y; Tsuchiya N; Yoneyama T; Kakoi N; Kawamura S; Tochigi T; Habuchi T; Ohyama C; Arai Y
    BJU Int; 2013 May; 111(6):914-20. PubMed ID: 23320782
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  • 8. African American Race is Not Associated with Risk of Reclassification during Active Surveillance: Results from the Canary Prostate Cancer Active Surveillance Study.
    Schenk JM; Newcomb LF; Zheng Y; Faino AV; Zhu K; Nyame YA; Brooks JD; Carroll PR; Cooperberg MR; Dash A; Filson CP; Gleave ME; Liss M; Martin FM; Morgan TM; Nelson PS; Thompson IM; Wagner AA; Lin DW
    J Urol; 2020 Apr; 203(4):727-733. PubMed ID: 31651227
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  • 9. Personalised biopsy schedules based on risk of Gleason upgrading for patients with low-risk prostate cancer on active surveillance.
    Tomer A; Nieboer D; Roobol MJ; Bjartell A; Steyerberg EW; Rizopoulos D;
    BJU Int; 2021 Jan; 127(1):96-107. PubMed ID: 32531869
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  • 10. Refined Analysis of Prostate-specific Antigen Kinetics to Predict Prostate Cancer Active Surveillance Outcomes.
    Cooperberg MR; Brooks JD; Faino AV; Newcomb LF; Kearns JT; Carroll PR; Dash A; Etzioni R; Fabrizio MD; Gleave ME; Morgan TM; Nelson PS; Thompson IM; Wagner AA; Lin DW; Zheng Y
    Eur Urol; 2018 Aug; 74(2):211-217. PubMed ID: 29433975
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  • 11. Predictors of pathologic progression on biopsy among men on active surveillance for localized prostate cancer: the value of the pattern of surveillance biopsies.
    Cary KC; Cowan JE; Sanford M; Shinohara K; Perez N; Chan JM; Meng MV; Carroll PR
    Eur Urol; 2014 Aug; 66(2):337-42. PubMed ID: 24035632
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  • 12. A negative confirmatory biopsy among men on active surveillance for prostate cancer does not protect them from histologic grade progression.
    Wong LM; Alibhai SM; Trottier G; Timilshina N; Van der Kwast T; Zlotta A; Lawrentschuk N; Kulkarni G; Hamilton R; Ferrara S; Margel D; Trachtenberg J; Jewett MA; Toi A; Evans A; Fleshner NE; Finelli A
    Eur Urol; 2014 Sep; 66(3):406-13. PubMed ID: 23664820
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  • 13. Contemporary use of initial active surveillance among men in Michigan with low-risk prostate cancer.
    Womble PR; Montie JE; Ye Z; Linsell SM; Lane BR; Miller DC;
    Eur Urol; 2015 Jan; 67(1):44-50. PubMed ID: 25159890
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  • 14. Variation in Guideline Concordant Active Surveillance Followup in Diverse Urology Practices.
    Luckenbaugh AN; Auffenberg GB; Hawken SR; Dhir A; Linsell S; Kaul S; Miller DC;
    J Urol; 2017 Mar; 197(3 Pt 1):621-626. PubMed ID: 27663459
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  • 15. Outcomes of initially expectantly managed patients with low or intermediate risk screen-detected localized prostate cancer.
    Bul M; van den Bergh RC; Zhu X; Rannikko A; Vasarainen H; Bangma CH; Schröder FH; Roobol MJ
    BJU Int; 2012 Dec; 110(11):1672-7. PubMed ID: 22928973
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  • 16. Systematic Review of Active Surveillance for Clinically Localised Prostate Cancer to Develop Recommendations Regarding Inclusion of Intermediate-risk Disease, Biopsy Characteristics at Inclusion and Monitoring, and Surveillance Repeat Biopsy Strategy.
    Willemse PM; Davis NF; Grivas N; Zattoni F; Lardas M; Briers E; Cumberbatch MG; De Santis M; Dell'Oglio P; Donaldson JF; Fossati N; Gandaglia G; Gillessen S; Grummet JP; Henry AM; Liew M; MacLennan S; Mason MD; Moris L; Plass K; O'Hanlon S; Omar MI; Oprea-Lager DE; Pang KH; Paterson CC; Ploussard G; Rouvière O; Schoots IG; Tilki D; van den Bergh RCN; Van den Broeck T; van der Kwast TH; van der Poel HG; Wiegel T; Yuan CY; Cornford P; Mottet N; Lam TBL
    Eur Urol; 2022 Apr; 81(4):337-346. PubMed ID: 34980492
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  • 17. An assessment of Prostate Cancer Research International: Active Surveillance (PRIAS) criteria for active surveillance of clinically low-risk prostate cancer patients.
    da Silva V; Cagiannos I; Lavallée LT; Mallick R; Witiuk K; Cnossen S; Eastham JA; Fergusson DA; Morash C; Breau RH
    Can Urol Assoc J; 2017 Aug; 11(8):238-243. PubMed ID: 28798822
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  • 18. Guy's and St Thomas NHS Foundation active surveillance prostate cancer cohort: a characterisation of a prostate cancer active surveillance database.
    Shah S; Beckmann K; Van Hemelrijck M; Challacombe B; Popert R; Dasgupta P; Rusere J; Zisengwe G; Elhage O; Santaolalla A
    BMC Cancer; 2021 May; 21(1):573. PubMed ID: 34011308
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  • 19. Tumor Volume on Biopsy of Low Risk Prostate Cancer Managed with Active Surveillance.
    Tosoian JJ; Mamawala M; Patel HD; Alam R; Epstein JI; Ross AE; Carter HB
    J Urol; 2018 Apr; 199(4):954-960. PubMed ID: 29074222
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  • 20. Eleven-year management of prostate cancer patients on active surveillance: what have we learned?
    Marenghi C; Alvisi MF; Palorini F; Avuzzi B; Badenchini F; Bedini N; Bellardita L; Biasoni D; Bosetti D; Casale A; Catanzaro M; Colecchia M; De Luca L; Donegani S; Dordoni P; Lanocita R; Maffezzini M; Magnani T; Menichetti J; Messina A; Morlino S; Paolini B; Rancati T; Stagni S; Tesone A; Torelli T; Tulli Baldoin E; Vaiani M; Villa S; Villa S; Zaffaroni N; Nicolai N; Salvioni R; Valdagni R
    Tumori; 2017 Sep; 103(5):464-474. PubMed ID: 28623636
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