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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1.
    Andrejeva G; Gowan S; Lin G; Wong Te Fong AL; Shamsaei E; Parkes HG; Mui J; Raynaud FI; Asad Y; Vizcay-Barrena G; Nikitorowicz-Buniak J; Valenti M; Howell L; Fleck RA; Martin LA; Kirkin V; Leach MO; Chung YL
    Autophagy; 2020 Jun; 16(6):1044-1060. PubMed ID: 31517566
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  • 2. Platelet autophagic machinery involved in thrombosis through a novel linkage of AMPK-MTOR to sphingolipid metabolism.
    Lee TY; Lu WJ; Changou CA; Hsiung YC; Trang NTT; Lee CY; Chang TH; Jayakumar T; Hsieh CY; Yang CH; Chang CC; Chen RJ; Sheu JR; Lin KH
    Autophagy; 2021 Dec; 17(12):4141-4158. PubMed ID: 33749503
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  • 3. The ménage à trois of autophagy, lipid droplets and liver disease.
    Filali-Mouncef Y; Hunter C; Roccio F; Zagkou S; Dupont N; Primard C; Proikas-Cezanne T; Reggiori F
    Autophagy; 2022 Jan; 18(1):50-72. PubMed ID: 33794741
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  • 4. CTP:phosphocholine cytidylyltransferase α (CCTα) and lamins alter nuclear membrane structure without affecting phosphatidylcholine synthesis.
    Gehrig K; Ridgway ND
    Biochim Biophys Acta; 2011 Jun; 1811(6):377-85. PubMed ID: 21504799
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  • 5. GABARAPs and LC3s have opposite roles in regulating ULK1 for autophagy induction.
    Grunwald DS; Otto NM; Park JM; Song D; Kim DH
    Autophagy; 2020 Apr; 16(4):600-614. PubMed ID: 31208283
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  • 6. CDP-choline significantly restores phosphatidylcholine levels by differentially affecting phospholipase A2 and CTP: phosphocholine cytidylyltransferase after stroke.
    Adibhatla RM; Hatcher JF; Larsen EC; Chen X; Sun D; Tsao FH
    J Biol Chem; 2006 Mar; 281(10):6718-25. PubMed ID: 16380371
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  • 7. TP53INP2 contributes to autophagosome formation by promoting LC3-ATG7 interaction.
    You Z; Xu Y; Wan W; Zhou L; Li J; Zhou T; Shi Y; Liu W
    Autophagy; 2019 Aug; 15(8):1309-1321. PubMed ID: 30767704
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  • 8. Phosphorylation of EIF2S1 (eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2 subunit alpha) is indispensable for nuclear translocation of TFEB and TFE3 during ER stress.
    Dang TT; Kim MJ; Lee YY; Le HT; Kim KH; Nam S; Hyun SH; Kim HL; Chung SW; Chung HT; Jho EH; Yoshida H; Kim K; Park CY; Lee MS; Back SH
    Autophagy; 2023 Jul; 19(7):2111-2142. PubMed ID: 36719671
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  • 9. Mitochondrial respiratory chain deficiency inhibits lysosomal hydrolysis.
    Fernandez-Mosquera L; Yambire KF; Couto R; Pereyra L; Pabis K; Ponsford AH; Diogo CV; Stagi M; Milosevic I; Raimundo N
    Autophagy; 2019 Sep; 15(9):1572-1591. PubMed ID: 30917721
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  • 10. Intracellular processing of cytidylyltransferase in Krebs II cells during stimulation of phosphatidylcholine synthesis. Evidence that a plasma membrane modification promotes enzyme translocation specifically to the endoplasmic reticulum.
    Tercé F; Record M; Ribbes G; Chap H; Douste-Blazy L
    J Biol Chem; 1988 Mar; 263(7):3142-9. PubMed ID: 2893798
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  • 11. Stearoyl-CoA desaturase 1 deficiency increases CTP:choline cytidylyltransferase translocation into the membrane and enhances phosphatidylcholine synthesis in liver.
    Dobrzyn A; Dobrzyn P; Miyazaki M; Sampath H; Chu K; Ntambi JM
    J Biol Chem; 2005 Jun; 280(24):23356-62. PubMed ID: 15829484
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  • 12. Mammalian BCAS3 and C16orf70 associate with the phagophore assembly site in response to selective and non-selective autophagy.
    Kojima W; Yamano K; Kosako H; Imai K; Kikuchi R; Tanaka K; Matsuda N
    Autophagy; 2021 Aug; 17(8):2011-2036. PubMed ID: 33499712
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  • 13. Redundancy of human ATG4 protease isoforms in autophagy and LC3/GABARAP processing revealed in cells.
    Agrotis A; Pengo N; Burden JJ; Ketteler R
    Autophagy; 2019 Jun; 15(6):976-997. PubMed ID: 30661429
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  • 14. Divergent roles of BECN1 in LC3 lipidation and autophagosomal function.
    He R; Peng J; Yuan P; Xu F; Wei W
    Autophagy; 2015; 11(5):740-7. PubMed ID: 25955014
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  • 15. Decreased phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis and abnormal distribution of CTP:phosphocholine cytidylyltransferase in cholesterol auxotrophic Chinese hamster ovary cells.
    Storey MK; Byers DM; Cook HW; Ridgway ND
    J Lipid Res; 1997 Apr; 38(4):711-22. PubMed ID: 9144086
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  • 16. A family of PIKFYVE inhibitors with therapeutic potential against autophagy-dependent cancer cells disrupt multiple events in lysosome homeostasis.
    Sharma G; Guardia CM; Roy A; Vassilev A; Saric A; Griner LN; Marugan J; Ferrer M; Bonifacino JS; DePamphilis ML
    Autophagy; 2019 Oct; 15(10):1694-1718. PubMed ID: 30806145
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  • 17. Long-term autophagy is sustained by activation of CCTβ3 on lipid droplets.
    Ogasawara Y; Cheng J; Tatematsu T; Uchida M; Murase O; Yoshikawa S; Ohsaki Y; Fujimoto T
    Nat Commun; 2020 Sep; 11(1):4480. PubMed ID: 32900992
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  • 18. The BAX-binding protein MOAP1 associates with LC3 and promotes closure of the phagophore.
    Chang HC; Tao RN; Tan CT; Wu YJ; Bay BH; Yu VC
    Autophagy; 2021 Nov; 17(11):3725-3739. PubMed ID: 33783314
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  • 19. Impaired TFEB-mediated lysosomal biogenesis promotes the development of pancreatitis in mice and is associated with human pancreatitis.
    Wang S; Ni HM; Chao X; Wang H; Bridges B; Kumer S; Schmitt T; Mareninova O; Gukovskaya A; De Lisle RC; Ballabio A; Pacher P; Ding WX
    Autophagy; 2019 Nov; 15(11):1954-1969. PubMed ID: 30894069
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  • 20. A fine-tuning mechanism underlying self-control for autophagy: deSUMOylation of BECN1 by SENP3.
    Liu K; Guo C; Lao Y; Yang J; Chen F; Zhao Y; Yang Y; Yang J; Yi J
    Autophagy; 2020 Jun; 16(6):975-990. PubMed ID: 31373534
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