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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 21. STK11 alterations in the pan-cancer setting: prognostic and therapeutic implications.
    Krishnamurthy N; Goodman AM; Barkauskas DA; Kurzrock R
    Eur J Cancer; 2021 May; 148():215-229. PubMed ID: 33744718
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  • 22. Dynamics of Tumor and Immune Responses during Immune Checkpoint Blockade in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.
    Anagnostou V; Forde PM; White JR; Niknafs N; Hruban C; Naidoo J; Marrone K; Sivakumar IKA; Bruhm DC; Rosner S; Phallen J; Leal A; Adleff V; Smith KN; Cottrell TR; Rhymee L; Palsgrove DN; Hann CL; Levy B; Feliciano J; Georgiades C; Verde F; Illei P; Li QK; Gabrielson E; Brock MV; Isbell JM; Sauter JL; Taube J; Scharpf RB; Karchin R; Pardoll DM; Chaft JE; Hellmann MD; Brahmer JR; Velculescu VE
    Cancer Res; 2019 Mar; 79(6):1214-1225. PubMed ID: 30541742
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  • 23. Clinicopathologic Characteristics, Treatment Outcomes, and Acquired Resistance Patterns of Atypical EGFR Mutations and HER2 Alterations in Stage IV Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer.
    Patil T; Mushtaq R; Marsh S; Azelby C; Pujara M; Davies KD; Aisner DL; Purcell WT; Schenk EL; Pacheco JM; Bunn PA; Camidge DR; Doebele RC
    Clin Lung Cancer; 2020 May; 21(3):e191-e204. PubMed ID: 31859066
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  • 24. Early Noninvasive Detection of Response to Targeted Therapy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.
    Phallen J; Leal A; Woodward BD; Forde PM; Naidoo J; Marrone KA; Brahmer JR; Fiksel J; Medina JE; Cristiano S; Palsgrove DN; Gocke CD; Bruhm DC; Keshavarzian P; Adleff V; Weihe E; Anagnostou V; Scharpf RB; Velculescu VE; Husain H
    Cancer Res; 2019 Mar; 79(6):1204-1213. PubMed ID: 30573519
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  • 25. DiM: Prognostic Score for Second- or Further-line Immunotherapy in Advanced Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer: An External Validation.
    Prelaj A; Lo Russo G; Proto C; Signorelli D; Ferrara R; Galli G; De Toma A; Randon G; Pagani F; Trevisan B; Ganzinelli M; Zilembo N; Montrone M; Longo V; Pesola F; Pizzutilo P; Del Bene G; Varesano N; Galetta D; Torri V; Garassino MC; Di Maio M; Catino A
    Clin Lung Cancer; 2020 Sep; 21(5):e337-e348. PubMed ID: 32291212
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  • 26. Targeted Sequencing of Circulating Cell Free DNA Can Be Used to Monitor Therapeutic Efficacy of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Patients.
    Chiou CC; Wang CL; Luo JD; Liu CY; Ko HW; Yang CT
    Cancer Genomics Proteomics; 2020; 17(4):417-423. PubMed ID: 32576586
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  • 27. Utility of incorporating next-generation sequencing (NGS) in an Asian non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) population: Incremental yield of actionable alterations and cost-effectiveness analysis.
    Tan AC; Lai GGY; Tan GS; Poon SY; Doble B; Lim TH; Aung ZW; Takano A; Tan WL; Ang MK; Tan BS; Devanand A; Too CW; Gogna A; Ong BH; Koh TPT; Kanesvaran R; Ng QS; Jain A; Rajasekaran T; Lim AST; Lim WT; Toh CK; Tan EH; Lim TKH; Tan DSW
    Lung Cancer; 2020 Jan; 139():207-215. PubMed ID: 31835042
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  • 28. Detection of circulating tumor DNA from non-small cell lung cancer brain metastasis in cerebrospinal fluid samples.
    Ma C; Yang X; Xing W; Yu H; Si T; Guo Z
    Thorac Cancer; 2020 Mar; 11(3):588-593. PubMed ID: 31944608
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  • 29. Very early response of circulating tumour-derived DNA in plasma predicts efficacy of nivolumab treatment in patients with non-small cell lung cancer.
    Iijima Y; Hirotsu Y; Amemiya K; Ooka Y; Mochizuki H; Oyama T; Nakagomi T; Uchida Y; Kobayashi Y; Tsutsui T; Kakizaki Y; Goto T; Miyashita Y; Omata M
    Eur J Cancer; 2017 Nov; 86():349-357. PubMed ID: 29078173
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  • 30. Benefit of Targeted DNA Sequencing in Advanced Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Patients Without EGFR and ALK Alterations on Conventional Tests.
    Byeon S; Lee B; Park WY; Choi YL; Jung HA; Sun JM; Ahn JS; Ahn MJ; Park K; Lee SH
    Clin Lung Cancer; 2020 May; 21(3):e182-e190. PubMed ID: 31839532
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  • 31. Treatment outcome and clinical characteristics of HER2 mutated advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients in China.
    Xu F; Yang G; Xu H; Yang L; Qiu W; Wang Y
    Thorac Cancer; 2020 Mar; 11(3):679-685. PubMed ID: 31975535
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  • 32. STK11 and KEAP1 mutations in non-small cell lung cancer patients: Descriptive analysis and prognostic value among Hispanics (STRIKE registry-CLICaP).
    Cordeiro de Lima VC; Corassa M; Saldanha E; Freitas H; Arrieta O; Raez L; Samtani S; Ramos M; Rojas C; Burotto M; Chamorro DF; Recondo G; Ruiz-Patiño A; Más L; Zatarain-Barrón L; Mejía S; Nicolas Minata J; Martín C; Bautista Blaquier J; Motta Guerrero R; Aliaga-Macha C; Carracedo C; Ordóñez-Reyes C; Garcia-Robledo JE; Corrales L; Sotelo C; Ricaurte L; Santoyo N; Cuello M; Jaller E; Rodríguez J; Archila P; Bermudez M; Gamez T; Russo A; Viola L; Malapelle U; de Miguel Perez D; Rolfo C; Rosell R; Cardona AF
    Lung Cancer; 2022 Aug; 170():114-121. PubMed ID: 35753125
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  • 33. Response to Checkpoint Inhibition in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer with Molecular Driver Alterations.
    Kauffmann-Guerrero D; Tufman A; Kahnert K; Bollmann BA; Reu S; Syunyaeva Z; Schneider C; Manapov F; Huber RM; Golpon H
    Oncol Res Treat; 2020; 43(6):289-298. PubMed ID: 32268332
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  • 34. Clinical outcomes of immune checkpoint blockades and the underlying immune escape mechanisms in squamous and adenocarcinoma NSCLC.
    Tian Y; Zhai X; Yan W; Zhu H; Yu J
    Cancer Med; 2021 Jan; 10(1):3-14. PubMed ID: 33230935
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  • 35. Kinetics of plasma cfDNA predicts clinical response in non-small cell lung cancer patients.
    Zhou X; Li C; Zhang Z; Li DY; Du J; Ding P; Meng H; Xu H; Li R; Ho E; Zhang A; Okunieff P; Lu J; Sha MY
    Sci Rep; 2021 Apr; 11(1):7633. PubMed ID: 33828112
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  • 36. Efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibitors according to PD-L1 tumor proportion scores in non-small cell lung cancer.
    Park S; Choi YD; Kim J; Kho BG; Park CK; Oh IJ; Kim YC
    Thorac Cancer; 2020 Feb; 11(2):408-414. PubMed ID: 31841269
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  • 37. Quantification of mutant alleles in circulating tumor DNA can predict survival in lung cancer.
    Yang X; Zhuo M; Ye X; Bai H; Wang Z; Sun Y; Zhao J; An T; Duan J; Wu M; Wang J
    Oncotarget; 2016 Apr; 7(15):20810-24. PubMed ID: 26989078
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  • 38. Sequential ctDNA whole-exome sequencing in advanced lung adenocarcinoma with initial durable tumor response on immune checkpoint inhibitor and late progression.
    Giroux Leprieur E; Hélias-Rodzewicz Z; Takam Kamga P; Costantini A; Julie C; Corjon A; Dumenil C; Dumoulin J; Giraud V; Labrune S; Garinet S; Chinet T; Emile JF
    J Immunother Cancer; 2020 Jun; 8(1):. PubMed ID: 32581058
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  • 39. Clinical and Immunological Implications of Frameshift Mutations in Lung Cancer.
    Chae YK; Viveiros P; Lopes G; Sukhadia B; Sheikh MM; Saravia D; Florou V; Sokol ES; Frampton GM; Chalmers ZR; Ali SM; Ross JS; Chang S; Wang S; Chiec L; Rahbari A; Mohindra N; Villaflor V; Shin SH; Oh M; Anker J; Park LC; Wang V; Chuang J; Park W
    J Thorac Oncol; 2019 Oct; 14(10):1807-1817. PubMed ID: 31238177
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  • 40. Immune checkpoint inhibitors in advanced non-small cell lung cancer: A metacentric experience from India.
    Kumar S; Joga S; Biswas B; Dabkara D; Prasad KT; Singh N; Malik PS; Khurana S; Ganguly S; Muthu V; Batra U
    Curr Probl Cancer; 2020 Jun; 44(3):100549. PubMed ID: 32035693
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