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  • 1. Detection of incident breast and colorectal cancer cases from an administrative healthcare database in Catalonia, Spain.
    Escribà JM; Banqué M; Macià F; Gálvez J; Esteban L; Pareja L; Clèries R; Sanz X; Castells X; Borrás JM; Ribes J
    Clin Transl Oncol; 2020 Jun; 22(6):943-952. PubMed ID: 31586294
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  • 2. Validation study of colorectal cancer diagnosis in the Spanish primary care database, BIFAP.
    Gil M; Rodríguez-Miguel A; Montoya-Catalá H; González-González R; Álvarez-Gutiérrez A; Rodríguez-Martín S; García-Rodríguez LA; de Abajo FJ
    Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf; 2019 Feb; 28(2):209-216. PubMed ID: 30548462
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  • 3. Identifying incident colorectal and lung cancer cases in health service utilisation databases in Australia: a validation study.
    Goldsbury D; Weber M; Yap S; Banks E; O'Connell DL; Canfell K
    BMC Med Inform Decis Mak; 2017 Feb; 17(1):23. PubMed ID: 28241763
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  • 4. A high positive predictive value algorithm using hospital administrative data identified incident cancer cases.
    Baldi I; Vicari P; Di Cuonzo D; Zanetti R; Pagano E; Rosato R; Sacerdote C; Segnan N; Merletti F; Ciccone G
    J Clin Epidemiol; 2008 Apr; 61(4):373-9. PubMed ID: 18313562
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  • 5. Measuring colorectal cancer incidence: the performance of an algorithm using administrative health data.
    Diop M; Strumpf EC; Datta GD
    BMC Med Res Methodol; 2018 May; 18(1):38. PubMed ID: 29739338
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  • 6. Validation of administrative hospital data for identifying incident pancreatic and periampullary cancer cases: a population-based study using linked cancer registry and administrative hospital data in New South Wales, Australia.
    Creighton N; Walton R; Roder D; Aranda S; Currow D
    BMJ Open; 2016 Jul; 6(7):e011161. PubMed ID: 27371553
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  • 7. Cancer staging at diagnosis data comparisons in South Australia.
    Meng R; Venugopal K; Thomas H; D'Onise K
    Sci Rep; 2020 Jan; 10(1):1008. PubMed ID: 31974401
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  • 8. Estimation of breast, prostate, and colorectal cancer incidence using a French administrative database (general sample of health insurance beneficiaries).
    Doat S; Samson S; Fagot-Campagna A; Tuppin P; Menegaux F
    Rev Epidemiol Sante Publique; 2016 Jun; 64(3):145-52. PubMed ID: 27238161
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  • 9. The Minimum Basic Data Set (MBDS) as a tool for cancer epidemiological surveillance.
    Fernández-Navarro P; López-Abente G; Salido-Campos C; Sanz-Anquela JM
    Eur J Intern Med; 2016 Oct; 34():94-97. PubMed ID: 27499180
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  • 10. Incidence of right-sided colorectal cancer after breast cancer: a population-based study.
    Tang LY; Nugent Z; Demers AA; Singh H
    Am J Gastroenterol; 2009 May; 104(5):1213-20. PubMed ID: 19319130
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  • 11. The impact of the lookback period and definition of confirmatory events on the identification of incident cancer cases in administrative data.
    Czwikla J; Jobski K; Schink T
    BMC Med Res Methodol; 2017 Aug; 17(1):122. PubMed ID: 28806932
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  • 12. Evaluation of an algorithm to identify incident breast cancer cases using DRGs data.
    Ganry O; Taleb A; Peng J; Raverdy N; Dubreuil A
    Eur J Cancer Prev; 2003 Aug; 12(4):295-9. PubMed ID: 12883382
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  • 13. Development and validation of case-finding algorithms for recurrence of breast cancer using routinely collected administrative data.
    Xu Y; Kong S; Cheung WY; Bouchard-Fortier A; Dort JC; Quan H; Buie EM; McKinnon G; Quan ML
    BMC Cancer; 2019 Mar; 19(1):210. PubMed ID: 30849954
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  • 14. Trends in the surgical procedures of women with incident breast cancer in Catalonia, Spain, over a 7-year period (2005-2011).
    Escribà JM; Pareja L; Esteban L; Gálvez J; Melià A; Roca L; Clèries R; Sanz X; Bustins M; Pla MJ; Gil MJ; Borrás JM; Ribes J
    BMC Res Notes; 2014 Sep; 7():587. PubMed ID: 25178360
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  • 15. An Evaluation of Algorithms for Identifying Metastatic Breast, Lung, or Colorectal Cancer in Administrative Claims Data.
    Whyte JL; Engel-Nitz NM; Teitelbaum A; Gomez Rey G; Kallich JD
    Med Care; 2015 Jul; 53(7):e49-57. PubMed ID: 23524464
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  • 16. Pattern of nucleotide variants of TP53 and their correlation with the expression of p53 and its downstream proteins in a Sri Lankan cohort of breast and colorectal cancer patients.
    Manoharan V; Karunanayake EH; Tennekoon KH; De Silva S; Imthikab AIA; De Silva K; Angunawela P; Vishwakula S; Lunec J
    BMC Cancer; 2020 Jan; 20(1):72. PubMed ID: 32000721
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  • 17. Colorectal cancer ascertainment through cancer registries, hospital episode statistics, and self-reporting compared to confirmation by clinician: A cohort study nested within the UK Collaborative Trial of Ovarian Cancer Screening (UKCTOCS).
    Thomas DS; Gentry-Maharaj A; Ryan A; Fourkala EO; Apostolidou S; Burnell M; Alderton W; Barnes J; Timms JF; Menon U
    Cancer Epidemiol; 2019 Feb; 58():167-174. PubMed ID: 30616086
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  • 18. Validity and completeness of colorectal cancer diagnoses in a primary care database in the United Kingdom.
    Cea Soriano L; Soriano-Gabarró M; García Rodríguez LA
    Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf; 2016 Apr; 25(4):385-91. PubMed ID: 26436320
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  • 19. [Validation of colorectal cancer diagnostic codes in a hospital administration data set].
    Márquez Cid M; Valera Niñirola I; Chirlaque López MD; Tortosa Martínez J; Párraga Sánchez E; Navarro Sánchez C
    Gac Sanit; 2006; 20(4):266-72. PubMed ID: 16942712
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  • 20. Incidence of advanced colorectal cancer in Germany: comparing claims data and cancer registry data.
    Oppelt KA; Luttmann S; Kraywinkel K; Haug U
    BMC Med Res Methodol; 2019 Jul; 19(1):142. PubMed ID: 31286896
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