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  • 1. Design, synthesis, cytotoxicity screening and molecular docking of new 3-cyanopyridines as survivin inhibitors and apoptosis inducers.
    Sabour R; Harras MF; Mehany ABM
    Bioorg Chem; 2020 Jan; 94():103358. PubMed ID: 31679838
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  • 2. Discovery of Novel 3-Cyanopyridines as Survivin Modulators and Apoptosis Inducers.
    Sabour R; Harras MF; Mohamed Al Kamaly O; Altwaijry N
    Molecules; 2020 Oct; 25(21):. PubMed ID: 33105831
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  • 3. Eco-friendly synthesis of novel cyanopyridine derivatives and their anticancer and PIM-1 kinase inhibitory activities.
    Abouzid KAM; Al-Ansary GH; El-Naggar AM
    Eur J Med Chem; 2017 Jul; 134():357-365. PubMed ID: 28431341
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  • 4. Novel benzotriazole N-acylarylhydrazone hybrids: Design, synthesis, anticancer activity, effects on cell cycle profile, caspase-3 mediated apoptosis and FAK inhibition.
    Kassab AE; Hassan RA
    Bioorg Chem; 2018 Oct; 80():531-544. PubMed ID: 30014921
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  • 5. Novel ciprofloxacin hybrids using biology oriented drug synthesis (BIODS) approach: Anticancer activity, effects on cell cycle profile, caspase-3 mediated apoptosis, topoisomerase II inhibition, and antibacterial activity.
    Kassab AE; Gedawy EM
    Eur J Med Chem; 2018 Apr; 150():403-418. PubMed ID: 29547830
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  • 6. New cyanopyridine-based scaffold as PIM-1 inhibitors and apoptotic inducers: Synthesis and SARs study.
    Farrag AM; Ibrahim MH; Mehany ABM; Ismail MMF
    Bioorg Chem; 2020 Dec; 105():104378. PubMed ID: 33099167
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  • 7. Apoptosis: A target for anticancer therapy with novel cyanopyridines.
    Ismail MMF; Farrag AM; Harras MF; Ibrahim MH; Mehany ABM
    Bioorg Chem; 2020 Jan; 94():103481. PubMed ID: 31837830
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  • 8. Design and synthesis of novel pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidin-4-one bearing quinoline scaffold as potent dual PDE5 inhibitors and apoptotic inducers for cancer therapy.
    Ibrahim TS; Hawwas MM; Taher ES; Alhakamy NA; Alfaleh MA; Elagawany M; Elgendy B; Zayed GM; Mohamed MFA; Abdel-Samii ZK; Elshaier YAMM
    Bioorg Chem; 2020 Dec; 105():104352. PubMed ID: 33080494
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  • 9. Synthesis, anticancer effect and molecular modeling of new thiazolylpyrazolyl coumarin derivatives targeting VEGFR-2 kinase and inducing cell cycle arrest and apoptosis.
    Mohamed TK; Batran RZ; Elseginy SA; Ali MM; Mahmoud AE
    Bioorg Chem; 2019 Apr; 85():253-273. PubMed ID: 30641320
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  • 10. Benzoxazole derivatives as new generation of anti-breast cancer agents.
    Omar AME; AboulWafa OM; El-Shoukrofy MS; Amr ME
    Bioorg Chem; 2020 Mar; 96():103593. PubMed ID: 32004897
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  • 11. New series of isoxazole derivatives targeting EGFR-TK: Synthesis, molecular modeling and antitumor evaluation.
    Warda ET; Shehata IA; El-Ashmawy MB; El-Gohary NS
    Bioorg Med Chem; 2020 Nov; 28(21):115674. PubMed ID: 33065442
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  • 12. Discovery of novel pyrazolo[3,4-b]pyridine scaffold-based derivatives as potential PIM-1 kinase inhibitors in breast cancer MCF-7 cells.
    Nafie MS; Amer AM; Mohamed AK; Tantawy ES
    Bioorg Med Chem; 2020 Dec; 28(24):115828. PubMed ID: 33166925
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  • 13. Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel xanthine derivatives as potential apoptotic antitumor agents.
    Hisham M; Youssif BGM; Osman EEA; Hayallah AM; Abdel-Aziz M
    Eur J Med Chem; 2019 Aug; 176():117-128. PubMed ID: 31108261
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  • 14. Design, synthesis, anticancer evaluation, molecular docking and cell cycle analysis of 3-methyl-4,7-dihydropyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidine derivatives as potent histone lysine demethylases (KDM) inhibitors and apoptosis inducers.
    Metwally NH; Mohamed MS; Ragb EA
    Bioorg Chem; 2019 Jul; 88():102929. PubMed ID: 31015179
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  • 15. Novel triazolophthalazine-hydrazone hybrids as potential PCAF inhibitors: Design, synthesis, in vitro anticancer evaluation, apoptosis, and molecular docking studies.
    Abulkhair HS; Turky A; Ghiaty A; Ahmed HEA; Bayoumi AH
    Bioorg Chem; 2020 Jul; 100():103899. PubMed ID: 32454390
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  • 16. Design, Synthesis, and Molecular Docking Study of Novel 3-Cyanopyridine Derivatives for the Anti-Cancer Drug Target Survivin Protein.
    Lu JH; Lai WJ; Jiang LH; Lei FH; Shen LQ; Wu AQ
    Med Chem; 2023; 19(3):246-262. PubMed ID: 36043763
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  • 17. Biological Activity, Apoptotic Induction and Cell Cycle Arrest of New Hydrazonoyl Halides Derivatives.
    Mohamed MF; Hassaneen HM; Elzayat EM; El-Hallouty SM; El-Manawaty M; Saleh FM; Mohamed Y; El-Zohiry D; Fahmy G; Abdelaal N; Hassanin N; Hossam N
    Anticancer Agents Med Chem; 2019; 19(9):1141-1149. PubMed ID: 30843494
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  • 18. Cytotoxic and Apoptotic Effects of Novel Pyrrolo[2,3-d]Pyrimidine Derivatives Containing Urea Moieties on Cancer Cell Lines.
    Kilic-Kurt Z; Bakar-Ates F; Karakas B; Kütük Ö
    Anticancer Agents Med Chem; 2018; 18(9):1303-1312. PubMed ID: 29866023
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  • 19. Selective VEGFR-2 inhibitors: Synthesis of pyridine derivatives, cytotoxicity and apoptosis induction profiling.
    AbdelHaleem A; Mansour AO; AbdelKader M; Arafa RK
    Bioorg Chem; 2020 Oct; 103():104222. PubMed ID: 32889383
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  • 20. Design, synthesis and mechanistic studies of novel imidazo[1,2-a]pyridines as anticancer agents.
    Ismael AS; Amin NH; Elsaadi MT; Abdel-Rahman HM
    Bioorg Chem; 2022 Nov; 128():106042. PubMed ID: 35878430
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