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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Comparative study of laparoscopic versus open technique for simultaneous resection of colorectal cancer and liver metastases with propensity score analysis.
    Shin JK; Kim HC; Lee WY; Yun SH; Cho YB; Huh JW; Park YA; Heo JS; Kim JM
    Surg Endosc; 2020 Nov; 34(11):4772-4780. PubMed ID: 31732856
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  • 2. Propensity-score matched outcomes of resection of stage IV primary colon cancer with and without simultaneous resection of liver metastases.
    Emile SH; Horesh N; Garoufalia Z; Gefen R; Zhou P; Wexner SD
    Updates Surg; 2024 Jun; 76(3):845-853. PubMed ID: 38568358
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  • 3. Laparoscopic vs Open Surgery for Colorectal Liver Metastases.
    Ratti F; Fiorentini G; Cipriani F; Catena M; Paganelli M; Aldrighetti L
    JAMA Surg; 2018 Nov; 153(11):1028-1035. PubMed ID: 30027220
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  • 4. Laparoscopic versus open parenchymal sparing liver resections for high tumour burden colorectal liver metastases: a propensity score matched analysis.
    Russolillo N; Ciulli C; Zingaretti CC; Fontana AP; Langella S; Ferrero A
    Surg Endosc; 2024 Jun; 38(6):3070-3078. PubMed ID: 38609588
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  • 5. Survival Advantage of Laparoscopic Versus Open Resection For Colorectal Liver Metastases: A Meta-analysis of Individual Patient Data From Randomized Trials and Propensity-score Matched Studies.
    Syn NL; Kabir T; Koh YX; Tan HL; Wang LZ; Chin BZ; Wee I; Teo JY; Tai BC; Goh BKP
    Ann Surg; 2020 Aug; 272(2):253-265. PubMed ID: 32675538
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  • 6. Posthepatectomy liver failure after simultaneous versus staged resection of colorectal cancer and synchronous hepatic metastases.
    Patrono D; Paraluppi G; Perino M; Palisi M; Migliaretti G; Berchialla P; Romagnoli R; Salizzoni M
    G Chir; 2014; 35(3-4):86-93. PubMed ID: 24841686
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  • 7. Impact of resection for primary colorectal cancer on outcomes in patients with synchronous colorectal liver metastases.
    Huh JW; Cho CK; Kim HR; Kim YJ
    J Gastrointest Surg; 2010 Aug; 14(8):1258-64. PubMed ID: 20544397
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  • 8. Resection versus laparoscopic radiofrequency thermal ablation of solitary colorectal liver metastasis.
    Berber E; Tsinberg M; Tellioglu G; Simpfendorfer CH; Siperstein AE
    J Gastrointest Surg; 2008 Nov; 12(11):1967-72. PubMed ID: 18688683
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  • 9. Simultaneous Resection for Synchronous Colorectal Liver Metastasis: the New Standard of Care?
    Abelson JS; Michelassi F; Sun T; Mao J; Milsom J; Samstein B; Sedrakyan A; Yeo HL
    J Gastrointest Surg; 2017 Jun; 21(6):975-982. PubMed ID: 28411351
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  • 10. Efficacy of the predicted operation time (POT) strategy for synchronous colorectal liver metastasis (SCLM): feasibility study for staged resection in patients with a long POT.
    Nakajima K; Takahashi S; Saito N; Sugito M; Konishi M; Kinoshita T; Gotohda N; Kato Y
    J Gastrointest Surg; 2013 Apr; 17(4):688-95. PubMed ID: 23404172
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  • 11. [Clinical Application of Microwave Ablation in Potentially Resectable Colorectal Cancer With Simultaneously Multiple Liver Metastases].
    Han L; Wu XL; Guo F; Xi YN; Chang XY; Zhang CZ; Zhang JF; Ma PC
    Zhongguo Yi Xue Ke Xue Yuan Xue Bao; 2024 Apr; 46(2):161-168. PubMed ID: 38686711
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  • 12. Simultaneous resection for colorectal cancer with synchronous liver metastases: current state-of-the-art.
    Machairas N; Di Martino M; Primavesi F; Underwood P; de Santibanes M; Ntanasis-Stathopoulos I; Urban I; Tsilimigras DI; Siriwardena AK; Frampton AE; Pawlik TM
    J Gastrointest Surg; 2024 Apr; 28(4):577-586. PubMed ID: 38583912
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  • 13. Impact of neoadjuvant chemotherapy on short-term outcomes after simple and complex minimally invasive minor hepatectomy for colorectal liver metastases: A propensity-score matched and coarsened exact matched study.
    Hoogteijling TJ; Abu Hilal M; Zimmitti G; Aghayan DL; Wu AGR; Cipriani F; Gruttadauria S; Scatton O; Long TCD; Herman P; Marino MV; Mazzaferro V; Chiow AKH; Sucandy I; Ivanecz A; Choi SH; Lee JH; Gastaca M; Vivarelli M; Giuliante F; Ruzzenente A; Yong CC; Yin M; Fondevila C; Efanov M; Morise Z; Di Benedetto F; Brustia R; Dalla Valle R; Boggi U; Geller D; Belli A; Memeo R; Mejia A; Park JO; Rotellar F; Choi GH; Robles-Campos R; Wang X; Sutcliffe RP; Pratschke J; Tang CN; Chong CCN; D'Hondt M; Monden K; Lopez-Ben S; Kingham TP; Ferrero A; Ettorre GM; Cherqui D; Liang X; Soubrane O; Wakabayashi G; Troisi RI; Han HS; Cheung TT; Sugioka A; Dokmak S; Chen KH; Liu R; Fuks D; Zhang W; Aldrighetti L; Edwin B; Goh BKP;
    Eur J Surg Oncol; 2024 Jun; 50(6):108309. PubMed ID: 38626588
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  • 14. Outcomes of Simultaneous Major Liver Resection and Colorectal Surgery for Colorectal Liver Metastases.
    Muangkaew P; Cho JY; Han HS; Yoon YS; Choi Y; Jang JY; Choi H; Jang JS; Kwon SU
    J Gastrointest Surg; 2016 Mar; 20(3):554-63. PubMed ID: 26471363
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  • 15. Comparative long-term outcomes of natural orifice specimen extraction surgery and conventional laparoscopic colectomy for left-sided colorectal cancer: a propensity score-matched analysis.
    Xu SZ; Wang ZF; Ding ZJ; Zhang SF; Yuan SB; Yan F; Liu GY; Cai JC
    Int J Surg; 2024 Mar; 110(3):1402-1410. PubMed ID: 38484259
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  • 16. Laparoscopic versus open resection of primary colorectal cancers and synchronous liver metastasis: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Morarasu S; Clancy C; Gorgun E; Yilmaz S; Ivanecz A; Kawakatsu S; Musina AM; Velenciuc N; Roata CE; Dimofte GM; Lunca S
    Int J Colorectal Dis; 2023 Apr; 38(1):90. PubMed ID: 37017766
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  • 17. Postoperative morbidity after simultaneous versus staged resection of synchronous colorectal liver metastases: Impact of hepatic tumor burden.
    Endo Y; Alaimo L; Moazzam Z; Woldesenbet S; Lima HA; Munir MM; Shaikh CF; Yang J; Azap L; Katayama E; Guglielmi A; Ruzzenente A; Aldrighetti L; Alexandrescu S; Kitago M; Poultsides G; Sasaki K; Aucejo F; Pawlik TM
    Surgery; 2024 Feb; 175(2):432-440. PubMed ID: 38001013
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  • 18. Laparoscopic Repeat Hepatic Resection for the Management of Liver Tumors.
    Inoue Y; Fujii K; Ishii M; Kagota S; Tomioka A; Hamamoto H; Osumi W; Tsuchimoto Y; Terasawa T; Ogura T; Masubuchi S; Yamamoto M; Imoto A; Asai A; Komeda K; Fukunishi S; Hirokawa F; Goto M; Tanaka K; Okuda J; Higuchi K; Uchiyama K
    J Gastrointest Surg; 2019 Nov; 23(11):2314-2321. PubMed ID: 31313147
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  • 19. Combined ablation and resection (CARe) for resectable colorectal cancer liver Metastases-A propensity score matching study.
    Liu M; Wang Y; Wang K; Bao Q; Wang H; Jin K; Liu W; Yan X; Xing B
    Eur J Surg Oncol; 2023 Sep; 49(9):106931. PubMed ID: 37183048
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  • 20. Practical Contribution of Virtual Hepatectomy for Colorectal Liver Metastases: a Propensity-Matched Analysis of Clinical Outcome.
    Takamoto T; Sano K; Hashimoto T; Ichida A; Shimada K; Maruyama Y; Makuuchi M
    J Gastrointest Surg; 2018 Dec; 22(12):2037-2044. PubMed ID: 29980979
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