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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Mitochondrial arginase-2 is a cell‑autonomous regulator of CD8+ T cell function and antitumor efficacy.
    Martí i Líndez AA; Dunand-Sauthier I; Conti M; Gobet F; Núñez N; Hannich JT; Riezman H; Geiger R; Piersigilli A; Hahn K; Lemeille S; Becher B; De Smedt T; Hugues S; Reith W
    JCI Insight; 2019 Nov; 4(24):. PubMed ID: 31751318
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  • 2. Enhanced Therapeutic Efficacy and Memory of Tumor-Specific CD8 T Cells by
    Abu Eid R; Ahmad S; Lin Y; Webb M; Berrong Z; Shrimali R; Kumai T; Ananth S; Rodriguez PC; Celis E; Janik J; Mkrtichyan M; Khleif SN
    Cancer Res; 2017 Aug; 77(15):4135-4145. PubMed ID: 28615225
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  • 3. Combinatorial immunotherapy induces tumor-infiltrating CD8
    Van Braeckel-Budimir N; Dolina JS; Wei J; Wang X; Chen SH; Santiago P; Tu G; Micci L; Al-Khami AA; Pfister S; Ram S; Sundar P; Thomas G; Long H; Yang W; Potluri S; Salek-Ardakani S
    J Immunother Cancer; 2021 Dec; 9(12):. PubMed ID: 34903555
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  • 4. Enhanced local and systemic anti-melanoma CD8+ T cell responses after memory T cell-based adoptive immunotherapy in mice.
    Contreras A; Sen S; Tatar AJ; Mahvi DA; Meyers JV; Srinand P; Suresh M; Cho CS
    Cancer Immunol Immunother; 2016 May; 65(5):601-11. PubMed ID: 27011014
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  • 5. Abscopal Effects With Hypofractionated Schedules Extending Into the Effector Phase of the Tumor-Specific T-Cell Response.
    Zhang X; Niedermann G
    Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys; 2018 May; 101(1):63-73. PubMed ID: 29534901
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  • 6. Tumor-specific CD4+ T cells maintain effector and memory tumor-specific CD8+ T cells.
    Church SE; Jensen SM; Antony PA; Restifo NP; Fox BA
    Eur J Immunol; 2014 Jan; 44(1):69-79. PubMed ID: 24114780
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  • 7. NF-κB-inducing kinase maintains T cell metabolic fitness in antitumor immunity.
    Gu M; Zhou X; Sohn JH; Zhu L; Jie Z; Yang JY; Zheng X; Xie X; Yang J; Shi Y; Brightbill HD; Kim JB; Wang J; Cheng X; Sun SC
    Nat Immunol; 2021 Feb; 22(2):193-204. PubMed ID: 33398181
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  • 8. Combination of 4-1BB agonist and PD-1 antagonist promotes antitumor effector/memory CD8 T cells in a poorly immunogenic tumor model.
    Chen S; Lee LF; Fisher TS; Jessen B; Elliott M; Evering W; Logronio K; Tu GH; Tsaparikos K; Li X; Wang H; Ying C; Xiong M; VanArsdale T; Lin JC
    Cancer Immunol Res; 2015 Feb; 3(2):149-60. PubMed ID: 25387892
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  • 9. Checkpoint Blockade Immunotherapy Induces Dynamic Changes in PD-1
    Kurtulus S; Madi A; Escobar G; Klapholz M; Nyman J; Christian E; Pawlak M; Dionne D; Xia J; Rozenblatt-Rosen O; Kuchroo VK; Regev A; Anderson AC
    Immunity; 2019 Jan; 50(1):181-194.e6. PubMed ID: 30635236
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  • 10. Amino acids and RagD potentiate mTORC1 activation in CD8
    Zhang Y; Hu H; Liu W; Yan SM; Li Y; Tan L; Chen Y; Liu J; Peng Z; Yuan Y; Huang W; Yu F; He X; Li B; Zhang H
    J Immunother Cancer; 2021 Apr; 9(4):. PubMed ID: 33883257
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  • 11. Expansion of Tumor-Infiltrating CD8
    Fernandez-Poma SM; Salas-Benito D; Lozano T; Casares N; Riezu-Boj JI; Mancheño U; Elizalde E; Alignani D; Zubeldia N; Otano I; Conde E; Sarobe P; Lasarte JJ; Hervas-Stubbs S
    Cancer Res; 2017 Jul; 77(13):3672-3684. PubMed ID: 28522749
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  • 12. Inhibition of arginase by CB-1158 blocks myeloid cell-mediated immune suppression in the tumor microenvironment.
    Steggerda SM; Bennett MK; Chen J; Emberley E; Huang T; Janes JR; Li W; MacKinnon AL; Makkouk A; Marguier G; Murray PJ; Neou S; Pan A; Parlati F; Rodriguez MLM; Van de Velde LA; Wang T; Works M; Zhang J; Zhang W; Gross MI
    J Immunother Cancer; 2017 Dec; 5(1):101. PubMed ID: 29254508
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  • 13. Inhibition of SHP-1 Expands the Repertoire of Antitumor T Cells Available to Respond to Immune Checkpoint Blockade.
    Snook JP; Soedel AJ; Ekiz HA; O'Connell RM; Williams MA
    Cancer Immunol Res; 2020 Apr; 8(4):506-517. PubMed ID: 32075800
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  • 14. Repression of arginase-2 expression in dendritic cells by microRNA-155 is critical for promoting T cell proliferation.
    Dunand-Sauthier I; Irla M; Carnesecchi S; Seguín-Estévez Q; Vejnar CE; Zdobnov EM; Santiago-Raber ML; Reith W
    J Immunol; 2014 Aug; 193(4):1690-700. PubMed ID: 25009204
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  • 15. Improvement of PD-1 Blockade Efficacy and Elimination of Immune-Related Gastrointestinal Adverse Effect by mTOR Inhibitor.
    Bai X; Wang X; Ma G; Song J; Liu X; Wu X; Zhao Y; Liu X; Liu Z; Zhang W; Zhao X; Zheng Z; Jing J; Shi H
    Front Immunol; 2021; 12():793831. PubMed ID: 34987517
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  • 16. Divergent roles for CD4+ T cells in the priming and effector/memory phases of adoptive immunotherapy.
    Hu HM; Winter H; Urba WJ; Fox BA
    J Immunol; 2000 Oct; 165(8):4246-53. PubMed ID: 11035058
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  • 17. P2X7 Receptor Activity Limits Accumulation of T Cells within Tumors.
    Romagnani A; Rottoli E; Mazza EMC; Rezzonico-Jost T; De Ponte Conti B; Proietti M; Perotti M; Civanelli E; Perruzza L; Catapano AL; Baragetti A; Tenedini E; Tagliafico E; Falzoni S; Di Virgilio F; Norata GD; Bicciato S; Grassi F
    Cancer Res; 2020 Sep; 80(18):3906-3919. PubMed ID: 32699136
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  • 18. Arginase Therapy Combines Effectively with Immune Checkpoint Blockade or Agonist Anti-OX40 Immunotherapy to Control Tumor Growth.
    Badeaux MD; Rolig AS; Agnello G; Enzler D; Kasiewicz MJ; Priddy L; Wiggins JF; Muir A; Sullivan MR; Van Cleef J; Daige C; Vander Heiden MG; Rajamanickam V; Wooldridge JE; Redmond WL; Rowlinson SW
    Cancer Immunol Res; 2021 Apr; 9(4):415-429. PubMed ID: 33500272
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  • 19. Immunotherapy of melanoma: a dichotomy in the requirement for IFN-gamma in vaccine-induced antitumor immunity versus adoptive immunotherapy.
    Winter H; Hu HM; McClain K; Urba WJ; Fox BA
    J Immunol; 2001 Jun; 166(12):7370-80. PubMed ID: 11390488
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  • 20. Sialic Acid Blockade Suppresses Tumor Growth by Enhancing T-cell-Mediated Tumor Immunity.
    Büll C; Boltje TJ; Balneger N; Weischer SM; Wassink M; van Gemst JJ; Bloemendal VR; Boon L; van der Vlag J; Heise T; den Brok MH; Adema GJ
    Cancer Res; 2018 Jul; 78(13):3574-3588. PubMed ID: 29703719
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