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  • 1. Tetra-cationic platinum(II) porphyrins like a candidate photosensitizers to bind, selective and drug delivery for metastatic melanoma.
    Couto GK; Pacheco BS; Borba VM; Junior JCR; Oliveira TL; Segatto NV; Seixas FK; Acunha TV; Iglesias BA; Collares T
    J Photochem Photobiol B; 2020 Jan; 202():111725. PubMed ID: 31790880
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  • 2. Zinc(II), copper(II) and nickel(II) ions improve the selectivity of tetra-cationic platinum(II) porphyrins in photodynamic therapy and stimulate antioxidant defenses in the metastatic melanoma lineage (A375).
    Klein Couto G; Rodrigues JC; Pacheco BS; Damé Simões L; Paschoal JD; Seixas FK; Acunha TV; Iglesias BA; Collares T
    Photodiagnosis Photodyn Ther; 2020 Sep; 31():101942. PubMed ID: 32758669
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  • 3. Benzamide porphyrins with directly conjugated and distal pyridyl or pyridinium groups substituted to the porphyrin macrocycles: Study of the photosensitising abilities as inducers of apoptosis in cancer cells under photodynamic conditions.
    Sengupta D; Mazumdar ZH; Mukherjee A; Sharma D; Halder AK; Basu S; Jha T
    J Photochem Photobiol B; 2018 Jan; 178():228-236. PubMed ID: 29156351
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  • 4. Photodynamic control of Aedes aegypti larvae with environmentally-friendly tetra-platinated porphyrin.
    Silva CM; Lima AR; Abelha TF; Lima THN; Caires CSA; Acunha TV; Arruda EJ; Oliveira SL; Iglesias BA; Caires ARL
    J Photochem Photobiol B; 2021 Nov; 224():112323. PubMed ID: 34598019
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  • 5. Melanogenesis and DNA damage following photodynamic therapy in melanoma with two meso-substituted porphyrins.
    Baldea I; Olteanu DE; Bolfa P; Tabaran F; Ion RM; Filip GA
    J Photochem Photobiol B; 2016 Aug; 161():402-10. PubMed ID: 27314538
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  • 6. Photodynamic therapy of prostate cancer using porphyrinic formulations.
    Mesquita MQ; Ferreira AR; Neves MDGPMS; Ribeiro D; Fardilha M; Faustino MAF
    J Photochem Photobiol B; 2021 Oct; 223():112301. PubMed ID: 34492530
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  • 7. Efficiency of photodynamic therapy on WM35 melanoma with synthetic porphyrins: Role of chemical structure, intracellular targeting and antioxidant defense.
    Baldea I; Olteanu DE; Bolfa P; Ion RM; Decea N; Cenariu M; Banciu M; Sesarman AV; Filip AG
    J Photochem Photobiol B; 2015 Oct; 151():142-52. PubMed ID: 26257158
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  • 8. Local delivery of sunitinib and Ce6 via redox-responsive zwitterionic hydrogels effectively prevents osteosarcoma recurrence.
    Yu Z; Xiao Z; Shuai X; Tian J
    J Mater Chem B; 2020 Aug; 8(30):6418-6428. PubMed ID: 32578660
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  • 9. Isomeric effect on the properties of tetraplatinated porphyrins showing optimized phototoxicity for photodynamic therapy.
    Tasso TT; Tsubone TM; Baptista MS; Mattiazzi LM; Acunha TV; Iglesias BA
    Dalton Trans; 2017 Aug; 46(33):11037-11045. PubMed ID: 28787061
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  • 10. Antimicrobial activity and safety applications of meso-tetra(4-pyridyl)platinum(II) porphyrin.
    Soares Lopes LQ; Ramos AP; Copetti PM; Acunha TV; Iglesias BA; Vianna Santos RC; Machado AK; Sagrillo MR
    Microb Pathog; 2019 Mar; 128():47-54. PubMed ID: 30579946
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  • 11. Evaluation of DNA-binding and DNA-photocleavage ability of tetra-cationic porphyrins containing peripheral [Ru(bpy)
    Oliveira VA; Terenzi H; Menezes LB; Chaves OA; Iglesias BA
    J Photochem Photobiol B; 2020 Oct; 211():111991. PubMed ID: 32798854
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  • 12. Expression of proapoptotic BAX and TP53 genes and antiapoptotic BCL-2 gene in MCF-7 and T-47D tumour cell cultures of the mammary gland after a photodynamic therapy with photolon.
    Płonka J; Latocha M; Kuśmierz D; Zielińska A
    Adv Clin Exp Med; 2015; 24(1):37-46. PubMed ID: 25923085
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  • 13. DNA photocleavage and melanoma cells cytotoxicity induced by a meso-tetra-ruthenated porphyrin under visible light irradiation.
    Vizzotto BS; Dias RS; Iglesias BA; Krause LF; Viana AR; Schuch AP
    J Photochem Photobiol B; 2020 Aug; 209():111922. PubMed ID: 32526689
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  • 14. Antimicrobial photodynamic in vitro inactivation of Enterococcus spp. and Staphylococcus spp. strains using tetra-cationic platinum(II) porphyrins.
    Pinheiro TDR; Urquhart CG; Acunha TV; Santos RCV; Iglesias BA
    Photodiagnosis Photodyn Ther; 2023 Jun; 42():103542. PubMed ID: 37003596
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  • 15. Visible-light-induced annihilation of tumor cells with platinum-porphyrin conjugates.
    Naik A; Rubbiani R; Gasser G; Spingler B
    Angew Chem Int Ed Engl; 2014 Jul; 53(27):6938-41. PubMed ID: 24852715
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  • 16. Cationic diarylporphyrins: In vitro versatile anticancer and antibacterial photosensitizers.
    Caruso E; Malacarne MC; Banfi S; Gariboldi MB; Orlandi VT
    J Photochem Photobiol B; 2019 Aug; 197():111548. PubMed ID: 31288120
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  • 17. Peripheral tetra-cationic Pt(II) porphyrins photo-inactivating rapidly growing mycobacteria: First application in mycobacteriology.
    Rossi GG; Guterres KB; da Silveira CH; Moreira KS; Burgo TAL; Iglesias BA; de Campos MMA
    Microb Pathog; 2020 Nov; 148():104455. PubMed ID: 32810554
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  • 18. Efficient induction of apoptosis in HeLa cells by a novel cationic porphycene photosensitizer.
    Ruiz-González R; Acedo P; Sánchez-García D; Nonell S; Cañete M; Stockert JC; Villanueva A
    Eur J Med Chem; 2013 May; 63():401-14. PubMed ID: 23517729
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  • 19. A folate-conjugated platinum porphyrin complex as a new cancer-targeting photosensitizer for photodynamic therapy.
    Yang M; Deng J; Guo D; Zhang J; Yang L; Wu F
    Org Biomol Chem; 2019 May; 17(21):5367-5374. PubMed ID: 31106316
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  • 20. Riboflavin acetate induces apoptosis in squamous carcinoma cells after photodynamic therapy.
    Juarez AV; Sosa Ldel V; De Paul AL; Costa AP; Farina M; Leal RB; Torres AI; Pons P
    J Photochem Photobiol B; 2015 Dec; 153():445-54. PubMed ID: 26569453
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