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  • 1. Short-term outcomes of a multicentre randomized clinical trial comparing D2 versus D3 lymph node dissection for colonic cancer (COLD trial).
    Karachun A; Panaiotti L; Chernikovskiy I; Achkasov S; Gevorkyan Y; Savanovich N; Sharygin G; Markushin L; Sushkov O; Aleshin D; Shakhmatov D; Nazarov I; Muratov I; Maynovskaya O; Olkina A; Lankov T; Ovchinnikova T; Kharagezov D; Kaymakchi D; Milakin A; Petrov A
    Br J Surg; 2020 Apr; 107(5):499-508. PubMed ID: 31872869
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  • 2. The Radical Extent of lymphadenectomy - D2 dissection versus complete mesocolic excision of LAparoscopic Right Colectomy for right-sided colon cancer (RELARC) trial: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.
    Lu JY; Xu L; Xue HD; Zhou WX; Xu T; Qiu HZ; Wu B; Lin GL; Xiao Y
    Trials; 2016 Dec; 17(1):582. PubMed ID: 27931247
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  • 3. Protocol for a multicentre randomized clinical trial comparing oncological outcomes of D2
    Karachun A; Petrov A; Panaiotti L; Voschinin Y; Ovchinnikova T
    BJS Open; 2019 Jun; 3(3):288-298. PubMed ID: 31183444
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  • 4. Short-term outcomes of complete mesocolic excision versus D2 dissection in patients undergoing laparoscopic colectomy for right colon cancer (RELARC): a randomised, controlled, phase 3, superiority trial.
    Xu L; Su X; He Z; Zhang C; Lu J; Zhang G; Sun Y; Du X; Chi P; Wang Z; Zhong M; Wu A; Zhu A; Li F; Xu J; Kang L; Suo J; Deng H; Ye Y; Ding K; Xu T; Zhang Z; Zheng M; Xiao Y;
    Lancet Oncol; 2021 Mar; 22(3):391-401. PubMed ID: 33587893
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  • 5. Comparison of D2 vs D3 lymph node dissection for RIght COloN cancer (RICON): study protocol for an international multicenter open-label randomized controlled trial.
    Balaban V; Mutyk M; Bondarenko N; Zolotukhin S; Sovpel O; Sovpel I; Zykov D; Rublevskiy I; Klochkov M; Prado AP; He M; Tsarkov P
    Trials; 2024 Jul; 25(1):438. PubMed ID: 38956698
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  • 6. [D2 and D3 lymph node dissection for colon cancer].
    Kit OI; Gevorkyan YA; Karachun AM; Soldatkina NV; Bondarenko OK; Kolesnikov VE
    Khirurgiia (Mosk); 2024; (7):25-35. PubMed ID: 39008695
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  • 7. Postoperative morbidity and mortality after mesorectal excision with and without lateral lymph node dissection for clinical stage II or stage III lower rectal cancer (JCOG0212): results from a multicentre, randomised controlled, non-inferiority trial.
    Fujita S; Akasu T; Mizusawa J; Saito N; Kinugasa Y; Kanemitsu Y; Ohue M; Fujii S; Shiozawa M; Yamaguchi T; Moriya Y;
    Lancet Oncol; 2012 Jun; 13(6):616-21. PubMed ID: 22591948
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  • 8. Laparoscopic sentinel node navigation surgery versus laparoscopic gastrectomy with lymph node dissection for early gastric cancer: short-term outcomes of a multicentre randomized controlled trial (SENORITA).
    An JY; Min JS; Hur H; Lee YJ; Cho GS; Park YK; Jung MR; Park JH; Hyung WJ; Jeong SH; Kim YW; Yoon HM; Eom BW; Kook MC; Han MR; Nam BH; Ryu KW;
    Br J Surg; 2020 Oct; 107(11):1429-1439. PubMed ID: 32492186
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  • 9. [Short-term outcomes of complete mesocolic excision for right colon cancer].
    Rasulov AO; Malikhov AG; Rakhimov OA; Kozlov NA; Malikhova OA
    Khirurgiia (Mosk); 2017; (8):79-86. PubMed ID: 28805784
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  • 10. Indocyanine Green Fluorescence Imaging-Guided Laparoscopic Surgery Could Achieve Radical D3 Dissection in Patients With Advanced Right-Sided Colon Cancer.
    Park SY; Park JS; Kim HJ; Woo IT; Park IK; Choi GS
    Dis Colon Rectum; 2020 Apr; 63(4):441-449. PubMed ID: 31996582
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  • 11. A novel hand-assisted laparoscopic versus conventional laparoscopic right hemicolectomy for right colon cancer: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.
    Yang X; Wu Q; Jin C; He W; Wang M; Yang T; Wei M; Deng X; Meng W; Wang Z
    Trials; 2017 Jul; 18(1):355. PubMed ID: 28747220
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  • 12. Comparing 5-Year Survival Rates Before and After Re-stratification of Stage I-III Right-Sided Colon Cancer Patients by Establishing the Presence/Absence of Occult Tumor Cells and Lymph Node Metastases in the Different Levels of Surgical Dissection.
    Banipal GS; Stimec BV; Andersen SN; Faerden AE; Edwin B; Baral J; Nesgaard JM; Benth JŠ; Ignjatovic D;
    J Gastrointest Surg; 2022 Oct; 26(10):2201-2211. PubMed ID: 36036877
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  • 13. Prospective randomized controlled trial to compare laparoscopic distal gastrectomy (D2 lymphadenectomy plus complete mesogastrium excision, D2 + CME) with conventional D2 lymphadenectomy for locally advanced gastric adenocarcinoma: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.
    Shen J; Cao B; Wang Y; Xiao A; Qin J; Wu J; Yan Q; Hu Y; Yang C; Cao Z; Hu J; Yin P; Xie D; Gong J
    Trials; 2018 Aug; 19(1):432. PubMed ID: 30092843
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  • 14. Randomized clinical trial comparing survival after D1 or D2 gastrectomy for gastric cancer.
    Degiuli M; Sasako M; Ponti A; Vendrame A; Tomatis M; Mazza C; Borasi A; Capussotti L; Fronda G; Morino M;
    Br J Surg; 2014 Jan; 101(2):23-31. PubMed ID: 24375296
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  • 15. Complications after open and laparoscopic right-sided colectomy with central lymphadenectomy for colon cancer: randomized controlled trial.
    Lygre KB; Eide GE; Forsmo HM; Dicko A; Storli KE; Pfeffer F
    BJS Open; 2023 Jul; 7(4):. PubMed ID: 37643373
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  • 16. Impact of D3 lymph node dissection on survival for patients with T3 and T4 colon cancer.
    Kotake K; Mizuguchi T; Moritani K; Wada O; Ozawa H; Oki I; Sugihara K
    Int J Colorectal Dis; 2014 Jul; 29(7):847-52. PubMed ID: 24798631
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  • 17. Laparoscopic Complete Mesocolic Excision for Stage II/III Left-Sided Colon Cancers: A Prospective Study and Comparison with D3 Lymph Node Dissection.
    Feng H; Zhao XW; Zhang Z; Han DP; Mao ZH; Lu AG; Thasler WE
    J Laparoendosc Adv Surg Tech A; 2016 Aug; 26(8):606-13. PubMed ID: 27183112
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  • 18. A Proposal for Novel Standards of Histopathology Reporting for D3 Lymphadenectomy in Right Colon Cancer: The Mesocolic Sail and Superior Right Colic Vein Landmarks.
    Garcia-Granero A; Pellino G; Giner F; Frasson M; Grifo Albalat I; Sánchez-Guillén L; Valverde-Navarro AA; Garcia-Granero E
    Dis Colon Rectum; 2020 Apr; 63(4):450-460. PubMed ID: 31996584
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  • 19. Three-field versus two-field lymphadenectomy in transthoracic oesophagectomy for oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma: short-term outcomes of a randomized clinical trial.
    Li B; Hu H; Zhang Y; Zhang J; Miao L; Ma L; Luo X; Zhang Y; Ye T; Li H; Li Y; Shen L; Zhao K; Fan M; Zhu Z; Wang J; Xu J; Deng Y; Lu Q; Li H; Zhang Y; Pan Y; Liu S; Hu H; Shao L; Sun Y; Xiang J; Chen H
    Br J Surg; 2020 May; 107(6):647-654. PubMed ID: 32108326
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  • 20. Quality control of lymph node dissection in the Dutch Gastric Cancer Trial.
    de Steur WO; Hartgrink HH; Dikken JL; Putter H; van de Velde CJ
    Br J Surg; 2015 Oct; 102(11):1388-93. PubMed ID: 26313463
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