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  • 1. Polypharmacy, Inappropriate Medication Use, and Drug Interactions in Older Korean Patients with Cancer Receiving First-Line Palliative Chemotherapy.
    Hong S; Lee JH; Chun EK; Kim KI; Kim JW; Kim SH; Lee YG; Hwang IG; Kim JY; Koh SJ; Ko YH; Shin SH; Woo IS; Kim TY; Baek JY; Kim HJ; Kim HJ; Lee MA; Kwon JH; Hong YS; Ryoo HM; Kim JH
    Oncologist; 2020 Mar; 25(3):e502-e511. PubMed ID: 32162799
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  • 2. Polypharmacy, Potentially Inappropriate Medications, and Drug-Drug Interactions in Vulnerable Older Adults With Advanced Cancer Initiating Cancer Treatment.
    Ramsdale E; Mohamed M; Yu V; Otto E; Juba K; Awad H; Moorthi K; Plumb S; Patil A; Vogelzang N; Dib E; Mohile S
    Oncologist; 2022 Jul; 27(7):e580-e588. PubMed ID: 35348764
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  • 3. Potentially inappropriate medication use in older patients with breast and colorectal cancer.
    Karuturi MS; Holmes HM; Lei X; Johnson M; Barcenas CH; Cantor SB; Gallick GE; Bast RC; Giordano SH
    Cancer; 2018 Jul; 124(14):3000-3007. PubMed ID: 29689595
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  • 4. Prescription of potentially inappropriate medication in Korean older adults based on 2012 Beers Criteria: a cross-sectional population based study.
    Nam YS; Han JS; Kim JY; Bae WK; Lee K
    BMC Geriatr; 2016 Jun; 16():118. PubMed ID: 27255674
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  • 5. Association of polypharmacy and potential drug-drug interactions with adverse treatment outcomes in older adults with advanced cancer.
    Mohamed MR; Mohile SG; Juba KM; Awad H; Wells M; Loh KP; Flannery M; Culakova E; Tylock RG; Ramsdale EE
    Cancer; 2023 Apr; 129(7):1096-1104. PubMed ID: 36692475
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  • 6. Association of inappropriate polypharmacy with emergency department visits in older patients receiving anti-neoplastic therapy: a population-based study.
    Suh Y; Ah YM; Lee E; Lee JY
    Support Care Cancer; 2021 Jun; 29(6):3025-3034. PubMed ID: 33037903
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  • 7. Potentially inappropriate medication use as predictors of hospitalization for residents in nursing home.
    Chae HW; Zhao J; Ah YM; Choi KH; Lee JY
    BMC Geriatr; 2023 Aug; 23(1):467. PubMed ID: 37532993
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  • 8. Polypharmacy and potentially inappropriate medication use in older adults with cancer undergoing chemotherapy: effect on chemotherapy-related toxicity and hospitalization during treatment.
    Maggiore RJ; Dale W; Gross CP; Feng T; Tew WP; Mohile SG; Owusu C; Klepin HD; Lichtman SM; Gajra A; Ramani R; Katheria V; Zavala L; Hurria A;
    J Am Geriatr Soc; 2014 Aug; 62(8):1505-12. PubMed ID: 25041361
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  • 9. Polypharmacy, potentially inappropriate medications and drug-drug interactions in geriatric patients with hematologic malignancy: Observational single-center study of 122 patients.
    Leger DY; Moreau S; Signol N; Fargeas JB; Picat MA; Penot A; Abraham J; Laroche ML; Bordessoule D
    J Geriatr Oncol; 2018 Jan; 9(1):60-67. PubMed ID: 28851511
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  • 10. Severe drug interactions and potentially inappropriate medication usage in elderly cancer patients.
    Alkan A; Yaşar A; Karcı E; Köksoy EB; Ürün M; Şenler FÇ; Ürün Y; Tuncay G; Ergün H; Akbulut H
    Support Care Cancer; 2017 Jan; 25(1):229-236. PubMed ID: 27619388
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  • 11. The Changes in Medication Prescribing Among the Older People with Cognitive Impairment in the Acute Care Setting.
    Ruangritchankul S; Peel NM; Shafiee Hanjani L; Gray LC
    Clin Interv Aging; 2020; 15():865-876. PubMed ID: 32606626
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  • 12. Potentially inappropriate medication (PIM) use and severe drug interactions (SDIs) in older adults with cancer.
    Lavan AH; O'Mahony D; O'Mahony D; Gallagher P
    J Geriatr Oncol; 2021 Jul; 12(6):872-880. PubMed ID: 33648904
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  • 13. Polypharmacy and potentially inappropriate medications among elderly patients in the geriatric department at a single-center in China: A retrospective cross-sectional study.
    Tao L; Qu X; Gao H; Zhai J; Zhang Y; Song Y
    Medicine (Baltimore); 2021 Oct; 100(42):e27494. PubMed ID: 34678882
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  • 14. Associations of Polypharmacy and Inappropriate Medications with Adverse Outcomes in Older Adults with Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
    Mohamed MR; Ramsdale E; Loh KP; Arastu A; Xu H; Obrecht S; Castillo D; Sharma M; Holmes HM; Nightingale G; Juba KM; Mohile SG
    Oncologist; 2020 Jan; 25(1):e94-e108. PubMed ID: 31570516
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  • 15. Application of three different sets of explicit criteria for assessing inappropriate prescribing in older patients: a nationwide prevalence study of ambulatory care visits in Taiwan.
    Chang CB; Yang SY; Lai HY; Wu RS; Liu HC; Hsu HY; Hwang SJ; Chan DC
    BMJ Open; 2015 Nov; 5(11):e008214. PubMed ID: 26546136
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  • 16. Epidemiology and associated factors of polypharmacy in older patients in primary care: a northern Italian cross-sectional study.
    Piccoliori G; Mahlknecht A; Sandri M; Valentini M; Vögele A; Schmid S; Deflorian F; Engl A; Sönnichsen A; Wiedermann C
    BMC Geriatr; 2021 Mar; 21(1):197. PubMed ID: 33743582
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  • 17. Prevalence and Predictors of Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use Among Elderly Patients Using Updated Beers Criteria 2019: A Single Centered Retrospective Analysis.
    Chinthalapudi SS; Cheeti S; Bajpai A; Deepika S; Thunga G; Rashid M; Acharya RV; Nair S
    Curr Drug Saf; 2022; 17(1):24-33. PubMed ID: 33902417
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  • 18. Potentially inappropriate prescribing and drug-drug interactions among elderly Chinese nursing home residents in Macao.
    Lao CK; Ho SC; Chan KK; Tou CF; Tong HH; Chan A
    Int J Clin Pharm; 2013 Oct; 35(5):805-12. PubMed ID: 23812679
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  • 19. Assessment of prescribing potentially inappropriate medications listed in Beers criteria and its association with the unplanned hospitalization: a cross-sectional study in Lahore, Pakistan.
    Sarwar MR; Dar AR; Mahar SY; Riaz T; Danish U; Iftikhar S
    Clin Interv Aging; 2018; 13():1485-1495. PubMed ID: 30214169
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  • 20. Identifying potentially inappropriate medication (PIM) use in geriatric oncology.
    Miller MG; Kneuss TG; Patel JN; Parala-Metz AG; Haggstrom DE
    J Geriatr Oncol; 2021 Jan; 12(1):34-40. PubMed ID: 32571665
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