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  • 1. Ellagic acid-Fe@BSA nanoparticles for endogenous H
    Tian Q; An L; Tian Q; Lin J; Yang S
    Theranostics; 2020; 10(9):4101-4115. PubMed ID: 32226542
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  • 2. Clearable Theranostic Platform with a pH-Independent Chemodynamic Therapy Enhancement Strategy for Synergetic Photothermal Tumor Therapy.
    Chen Q; Luo Y; Du W; Liu Z; Zhang S; Yang J; Yao H; Liu T; Ma M; Chen H
    ACS Appl Mater Interfaces; 2019 May; 11(20):18133-18144. PubMed ID: 31046230
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  • 3. Novel Fe(III)-Polybasic acid coordination polymer nanoparticles with targeted retention for photothermal and chemodynamic therapy of tumor.
    Guo X; Cai Q; Lian X; Fan S; Hu W; Cui W; Zhao X; Wu Y; Wang H; Wu Y; Li Z; Zhang Z
    Eur J Pharm Biopharm; 2021 Aug; 165():174-184. PubMed ID: 34015471
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  • 4. Manganese-containing polydopamine nanoparticles as theranostic agents for magnetic resonance imaging and photothermal/chemodynamic combined ferroptosis therapy treating gastric cancer.
    Chen Z; Li Z; Li C; Huang H; Ren Y; Li Z; Hu Y; Guo W
    Drug Deliv; 2022 Dec; 29(1):1201-1211. PubMed ID: 35403518
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  • 5. Fe-Doped Polyoxometalate as Acid-Aggregated Nanoplatform for NIR-II Photothermal-Enhanced Chemodynamic Therapy.
    Shi Y; Zhang J; Huang H; Cao C; Yin J; Xu W; Wang W; Song X; Zhang Y; Dong X
    Adv Healthc Mater; 2020 May; 9(9):e2000005. PubMed ID: 32181991
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  • 6. Glucose-responsive enzymatic biomimetic nanodots for H
    Xu Y; Bian J; Liu X; Qian Z; Sun M; Zhang C; Pan R; Li Q; Sun C; Lin B; Peng K; Lu N; Yao X; Fan W
    Acta Biomater; 2023 Dec; 172():441-453. PubMed ID: 37802309
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  • 7. A core-shell Au@Cu
    Zhang L; Jiang C; Li B; Liu Z; Gu B; He S; Li P; Sun Y; Song S
    J Nanobiotechnology; 2021 Dec; 19(1):410. PubMed ID: 34876141
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  • 8. Hetero-Core-Shell BiNS-Fe@Fe as a Potential Theranostic Nanoplatform for Multimodal Imaging-Guided Simultaneous Photothermal-Photodynamic and Chemodynamic Treatment.
    Ma S; Xie J; Wang L; Zhou Z; Luo X; Yan J; Ran G
    ACS Appl Mater Interfaces; 2021 Mar; 13(9):10728-10740. PubMed ID: 33645960
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  • 9. Boosting Chemodynamic Therapy by the Synergistic Effect of Co-Catalyze and Photothermal Effect Triggered by the Second Near-Infrared Light.
    Zhang S; Jin L; Liu J; Liu Y; Zhang T; Zhao Y; Yin N; Niu R; Li X; Xue D; Song S; Wang Y; Zhang H
    Nanomicro Lett; 2020 Sep; 12(1):180. PubMed ID: 34138182
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  • 10. A multivalent polyphenol-metal-nanoplatform for cascade amplified chemo-chemodynamic therapy.
    Li S; Zhao Y; Ma W; Wang D; Liu H; Wang W; Peng D; Yu CY; Wei H
    Acta Biomater; 2024 Jan; 173():389-402. PubMed ID: 37967695
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  • 11. Tumor-Specific Endogenous Fe
    Fan Z; Jiang B; Zhu Q; Xiang S; Tu L; Yang Y; Zhao Q; Huang D; Han J; Su G; Ge D; Hou Z
    ACS Appl Mater Interfaces; 2020 Apr; 12(13):14884-14904. PubMed ID: 32167740
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  • 12. Tumor pH-responsive metastable-phase manganese sulfide nanotheranostics for traceable hydrogen sulfide gas therapy primed chemodynamic therapy.
    He T; Qin X; Jiang C; Jiang D; Lei S; Lin J; Zhu WG; Qu J; Huang P
    Theranostics; 2020; 10(6):2453-2462. PubMed ID: 32194812
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  • 13. Photothermal Fenton Nanocatalysts for Synergetic Cancer Therapy in the Second Near-Infrared Window.
    Sun H; Zhang Y; Chen S; Wang R; Chen Q; Li J; Luo Y; Wang X; Chen H
    ACS Appl Mater Interfaces; 2020 Jul; 12(27):30145-30154. PubMed ID: 32515573
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  • 14. Chiral Cu
    Liu Y; Li H; Li S; Zhang X; Xiong J; Jiang F; Liu Y; Jiang P
    ACS Appl Mater Interfaces; 2021 Dec; 13(51):60933-60944. PubMed ID: 34923825
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  • 15. Cu-Doped black phosphorus quantum dots as multifunctional Fenton nanocatalyst for boosting synergistically enhanced H
    Li H; Liu Y; Li S; Zhang S; Huang B; Cui R; Liu Y; Jiang P
    Nanoscale; 2022 Mar; 14(10):3788-3800. PubMed ID: 35188517
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  • 16. Near infrared II excitation nanoplatform for photothermal/chemodynamic/antibiotic synergistic therapy combating bacterial biofilm infections.
    Wang X; Zhang C; He L; Li M; Chen P; Yang W; Sun P; Li D; Zhang Y
    J Nanobiotechnology; 2023 Nov; 21(1):446. PubMed ID: 38001486
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  • 17. Copper-based theranostic nanocatalysts for synergetic photothermal-chemodynamic therapy.
    Zuo W; Fan Z; Chen L; Liu J; Wan Z; Xiao Z; Chen W; Wu L; Chen D; Zhu X
    Acta Biomater; 2022 Jul; 147():258-269. PubMed ID: 35605954
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  • 18. Tumor Cell Targeting and Responsive Nanoplatform for Multimodal-Imaging Guided Chemodynamic/Photodynamic/Photothermal Therapy toward Triple Negative Breast Cancer.
    Li L; Li J; Hu R; Zhang X; Ding L; Ren G; Liu W; Wang H; Wang B; Zhang C; Diao H
    ACS Appl Mater Interfaces; 2023 Jun; 15(23):27706-27718. PubMed ID: 37261936
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  • 19. 2D Cu-Bipyridine MOF Nanosheet as an Agent for Colon Cancer Therapy: A Three-in-One Approach for Enhancing Chemodynamic Therapy.
    Wang C; Xue F; Wang M; An L; Wu D; Tian Q
    ACS Appl Mater Interfaces; 2022 Aug; 14(34):38604-38616. PubMed ID: 35979620
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  • 20. Hemoglobin Nanocrystals for Drugs Free, Synergistic Theranostics of Colon Tumor.
    Zhou R; Xu H; Qu J; Ohulchanskyy TY
    Small; 2023 Feb; 19(8):e2205165. PubMed ID: 36508710
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