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  • 1. [Clinicopathological features and prognosis of colorectal stromal tumor].
    Wang WP; Wang JF; Hu J; Wang JF; Liu J; Kong DL; Li J
    Beijing Da Xue Xue Bao Yi Xue Ban; 2020 Apr; 52(2):353-361. PubMed ID: 32306022
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  • 2. Development and validation of a prognostic model to predict the prognosis of patients with colorectal gastrointestinal stromal tumor: A large international population-based cohort study.
    Li Y; Zhang Y; Fu Y; Yang W; Wang X; Duan L; Niu L; Chen J; Zhou W; Liu J; Wang J; Fan D; Hong L
    Front Oncol; 2022; 12():1004662. PubMed ID: 36408151
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  • 3. Establishment and Verification of a Nomogram for Predicting Survival in Patients with Small Intestinal Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors.
    Lu G; Li J; Wu L; Shi Y; Zhang X; Xia Y; Li L
    Dig Dis; 2022; 40(1):50-61. PubMed ID: 33752202
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  • 4. Comprehensive study of clinical features, prognostic factors, and survival in patients with pancreatic solid pseudopapillary neoplasms based on the 2019 WHO classification.
    Luo W; Chen H; Wang J; Qiu J; Zhang T
    J Cancer Res Clin Oncol; 2023 Oct; 149(13):12393-12404. PubMed ID: 37438539
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  • 5. Development and validation of a prognostic scoring system for patients with colorectal cancer hepato-pulmonary metastasis: a retrospective study.
    Deng S; Jiang Z; Cao Y; Gu J; Mao F; Xue Y; Qin L; Liu K; Wang J; Wu K; Cai K
    BMC Cancer; 2022 Jun; 22(1):643. PubMed ID: 35690752
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  • 6. Prognostic Factors and a Nomogram Predicting Overall Survival and Cancer-Specific Survival for Patients with Collecting Duct Renal Cell Carcinoma.
    Xiao R; Liu C; He W; Ma L
    Biomed Res Int; 2021; 2021():6736008. PubMed ID: 34805402
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  • 7. Identifying the Prognosis Factors and Predicting the Survival Probability in Patients with Non-Metastatic Chondrosarcoma from the SEER Database.
    Huang R; Sun Z; Zheng H; Yan P; Hu P; Yin H; Zhang J; Meng T; Huang Z
    Orthop Surg; 2019 Oct; 11(5):801-810. PubMed ID: 31663279
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  • 8. Construction and validation of a nomogram of risk factors and cancer-specific survival prognosis for combined lymphatic metastases in patients with early-onset colorectal cancer.
    Liu Y; Sun Z; Guo Y; Liu C; Tian S; Dong W
    Int J Colorectal Dis; 2023 May; 38(1):128. PubMed ID: 37183238
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  • 9. Clinicopathological features and prognostic nomogram of giant cell carcinoma of the lung: A population-based study.
    He J; Ni JP; Li GB; Yao J; Ni B
    Clin Respir J; 2023 Mar; 17(3):197-210. PubMed ID: 36718941
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  • 10. Prognostic nomograms for predicting overall survival and cancer-specific survival of patients with very early-onset colorectal cancer: A population‑based analysis.
    Dong B; Chen Y; Lyu G
    Bosn J Basic Med Sci; 2022 Sep; 22(5):803-817. PubMed ID: 35348447
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  • 11. A novel nomogram based on LODDS to predict the prognosis of epithelial ovarian cancer.
    Xu XL; Cheng H; Tang MS; Zhang HL; Wu RY; Yu Y; Li X; Wang XM; Mai J; Yang CL; Jiao L; Li ZL; Zhong ZM; Deng R; Li JD; Zhu XF
    Oncotarget; 2017 Jan; 8(5):8120-8130. PubMed ID: 28042955
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  • 12. A Clinical Model of Bone Angiosarcoma Patients: A Population-based Analysis of Epidemiology, Prognosis, and Treatment.
    Wang B; Chen LJ; Wang XY
    Orthop Surg; 2020 Dec; 12(6):1652-1662. PubMed ID: 32914587
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  • 13. Prognostic nomogram for colorectal cancer patients with multi-organ metastases: a Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results program database analysis.
    Tang X; Hu N; Huang S; Jiang J; Rao H; Yang X; Yuan Y; Zhang Y; Xia G
    J Cancer Res Clin Oncol; 2023 Oct; 149(13):12131-12143. PubMed ID: 37428251
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  • 14. Prognostic model for predicting overall and cancer-specific survival among patients with superficial spreading melanoma: A SEER based study.
    Ji Q; Tang J; Li S; Chen J
    Medicine (Baltimore); 2022 Dec; 101(52):e32521. PubMed ID: 36596029
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  • 15. A Nomogram Predicting the Overall Survival and Cancer-Specific Survival in Patients with Parathyroid Cancer: A Retrospective Study.
    Tao M; Luo S; Wang X; Jia M; Lu X
    Front Endocrinol (Lausanne); 2022; 13():850457. PubMed ID: 35663321
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  • 16. Prognostic nomogram based on the lymph node metastasis indicators for patients with bladder cancer: A SEER population-based study and external validation.
    Li S; Wang Y; Hu X
    Cancer Med; 2023 Mar; 12(6):6853-6866. PubMed ID: 36479835
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  • 17. Development and validation of a nomogram to predict the prognosis of patients with gastric cardia cancer.
    Shi X; Xu L; Ma B; Wang S
    Sci Rep; 2020 Aug; 10(1):14143. PubMed ID: 32839498
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  • 18. Development and validation of a nomogram to predict survival outcome among epithelial ovarian cancer patients with site-distant metastases: a population-based study.
    Wang B; Wang S; Ren W
    BMC Cancer; 2021 May; 21(1):609. PubMed ID: 34034697
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  • 19. Development and validation of a nomogram for predicting survival in patients with gastrointestinal stromal tumours.
    Song W; Lv CG; Miao DL; Zhu ZG; Wu Q; Wang YG; Chen L
    Eur J Surg Oncol; 2018 Oct; 44(10):1657-1665. PubMed ID: 30082175
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  • 20. A prognostic model of patients with ovarian mucinous adenocarcinoma: a population-based analysis.
    Yang L; Yu J; Zhang S; Shan Y; Li Y; Xu L; Zhang J; Zhang J
    J Ovarian Res; 2022 Feb; 15(1):26. PubMed ID: 35168642
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