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  • 1. Stalobacin: Discovery of Novel Lipopeptide Antibiotics with Potent Antibacterial Activity against Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria.
    Matsui K; Kan Y; Kikuchi J; Matsushima K; Takemura M; Maki H; Kozono I; Ueda T; Minagawa K
    J Med Chem; 2020 Jun; 63(11):6090-6095. PubMed ID: 32378891
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  • 2. A novel tool against multiresistant bacterial pathogens: lipopeptide modification of the natural antimicrobial peptide ranalexin for enhanced antimicrobial activity and improved pharmacokinetics.
    Domhan C; Uhl P; Meinhardt A; Zimmermann S; Kleist C; Lindner T; Leotta K; Mier W; Wink M
    Int J Antimicrob Agents; 2018 Jul; 52(1):52-62. PubMed ID: 29649587
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  • 3. Antimicrobial Activity of Telavancin Tested
    Duncan LR; Sader HS; Huband MD; Flamm RK; Mendes RE
    Microb Drug Resist; 2020 Aug; 26(8):934-943. PubMed ID: 32049591
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  • 4. Short cationic lipopeptides as effective antibacterial agents: Design, physicochemical properties and biological evaluation.
    Azmi F; Elliott AG; Marasini N; Ramu S; Ziora Z; Kavanagh AM; Blaskovich MA; Cooper MA; Skwarczynski M; Toth I
    Bioorg Med Chem; 2016 May; 24(10):2235-41. PubMed ID: 27048775
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  • 5. Potent Antibiotics Active against Multidrug-Resistant Gram-Negative Bacteria.
    Otsuka Y
    Chem Pharm Bull (Tokyo); 2020; 68(3):182-190. PubMed ID: 32115524
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  • 6. New Paenibacillus strain produces a family of linear and cyclic antimicrobial lipopeptides: cyclization is not essential for their antimicrobial activity.
    Huang E; Yang X; Zhang L; Moon SH; Yousef AE
    FEMS Microbiol Lett; 2017 Apr; 364(8):. PubMed ID: 28333237
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  • 7. Discovery, Synthesis, and Optimization of Peptide-Based Antibiotics.
    Hanna CC; Hermant YO; Harris PWR; Brimble MA
    Acc Chem Res; 2021 Apr; 54(8):1878-1890. PubMed ID: 33750106
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  • 8. A potent antibacterial activity of new short d-enantiomeric lipopeptide against multi drug resistant bacteria.
    Lee J; Kim S; Sim JY; Lee D; Kim HH; Hwang JS; Lee DG; Park ZY; Kim JI
    Biochim Biophys Acta Biomembr; 2019 Jan; 1861(1):34-42. PubMed ID: 30393205
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  • 9. Synthesis and structure-activity relationship of novel bisindole amidines active against MDR Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.
    Liu Y; Hu X; Wu Y; Zhang W; Chen X; You X; Hu L
    Eur J Med Chem; 2018 Apr; 150():771-782. PubMed ID: 29604581
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  • 10. Telavancin activity in vitro tested against a worldwide collection of Gram-positive clinical isolates (2014).
    Duncan LR; Sader HS; Smart JI; Flamm RK; Mendes RE
    J Glob Antimicrob Resist; 2017 Sep; 10():271-276. PubMed ID: 28735051
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  • 11. Synergistic antimicrobial activity of combinations of sanguinarine and EDTA with vancomycin against multidrug resistant bacteria.
    Hamoud R; Reichling J; Wink M
    Drug Metab Lett; 2014; 8(2):119-28. PubMed ID: 25692301
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  • 12. In vitro activities of telavancin and six comparator agents against anaerobic bacterial isolates.
    Finegold SM; Bolanos M; Sumannen PH; Molitoris DR
    Antimicrob Agents Chemother; 2009 Sep; 53(9):3996-4001. PubMed ID: 19581457
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  • 13. Self-assembling lipopeptides with a potent activity against Gram-positive bacteria, including multidrug resistant strains.
    Azmi F; Elliott AG; Khalil ZG; Hussein WM; Kavanagh A; Huang JX; Quezada M; Blaskovich MA; Capon RJ; Cooper MA; Skwarczynski M; Toth I
    Nanomedicine (Lond); 2015 Nov; 10(22):3359-71. PubMed ID: 26909416
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  • 14. Antibacterial and biofilm disruptive nonribosomal lipopeptides from Streptomyces parvulus against multidrug-resistant bacterial infections.
    Kadaikunnan S; Vijayaragavan P; Rathi MA; Balamuralikrishnan B; Alharbi NS; Gopalakrishnan VK; Purushothaman S; Sivanesan R
    J Infect Public Health; 2024 Mar; 17(3):450-456. PubMed ID: 38262082
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  • 15. Cyathea gigantea (Cyatheaceae) as an antimicrobial agent against multidrug resistant organisms.
    Nath K; Talukdar AD; Bhattacharya MK; Bhowmik D; Chetri S; Choudhury D; Mitra A; Choudhury NA
    BMC Complement Altern Med; 2019 Oct; 19(1):279. PubMed ID: 31640666
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  • 16. Octapeptins: Lipopeptide Antibiotics against Multidrug-Resistant Superbugs.
    Abou Fayad A; Herrmann J; Müller R
    Cell Chem Biol; 2018 Apr; 25(4):351-353. PubMed ID: 29677485
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  • 17. Dilipid ultrashort cationic lipopeptides as adjuvants for chloramphenicol and other conventional antibiotics against Gram-negative bacteria.
    Domalaon R; Brizuela M; Eisner B; Findlay B; Zhanel GG; Schweizer F
    Amino Acids; 2019 Mar; 51(3):383-393. PubMed ID: 30392097
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  • 18. In vitro activity of telavancin compared with vancomycin and linezolid against Gram-positive organisms isolated from cancer patients.
    Rolston K; Wang W; Nesher L; Coyle E; Shelburne S; Prince RA
    J Antibiot (Tokyo); 2014 Jul; 67(7):505-9. PubMed ID: 24824818
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  • 19. A bioinspired peptide scaffold with high antibiotic activity and low in vivo toxicity.
    Rabanal F; Grau-Campistany A; Vila-Farrés X; Gonzalez-Linares J; Borràs M; Vila J; Manresa A; Cajal Y
    Sci Rep; 2015 May; 5():10558. PubMed ID: 26024044
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  • 20. Characterization of the in vitro activity of novel lipoglycopeptide antibiotics.
    Arhin FF; Belley A; McKay GA; Moeck G
    Curr Protoc Microbiol; 2010 Feb; Chapter 17():Unit17.1. PubMed ID: 20131224
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